Men's Cotton Thermal - Long John


Long John allows you to move freely while keeping your body at a constant temperature. The mixture of cotton and polyfill allows your skin to breathe freely. This cotton bottom is perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoors, works in the outdoors or even for those who just want to feel comfortable.

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  • Manufactured with Premium quality fabric
  • Lightweight and flexible for enhanced comfort
  • Use of Polyester cotton fabric for that soft velvety feel
  • Soft brushed inner surface absorbs moisture from skin
  • Enhanced Insulation with polyfill wedged between two layers of cotton


Suitable from 15°C to 8°C
270 Gram
Cotton & Polyfill


  • Dry cleaning.
  • Machine wash on the wool cycle.
  • Handwash using Ezee or Genteel liquid detergent. Don't squeeze or hang after wash.

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