Kosha Covid19 FAQ

Hello there, 

We are so happy that you are looking to shop our thoughtfully designed, feature rich collections. Your support means a lot to us during these unprecedented times, as it helps us contribute to taking care of our factory workers, designers, staff and keep our small business afloat. We hope you are well and assure you that we are taking utmost care and precautions while fulfilling your order.

We are members of the Retailers Association of India (RAI) and are adhering to their mandates for order fulfillment. You can see the detailed document here

In addition, below are some of the frequently asked questions you may have. 

In addition, below are some of the frequently asked questions you may have. 

Will my order be safe? What is Kosha doing for the hygiene & sanitation of products?

  • All products currently available on our website were crafted and delivered to our warehouses and added to our inventory in Mumbai before 29th February 2020, which means the products were safely procured before the Lockdown began. 
  • Our staff that will be handling your order in terms of packaging or delivery vendor interaction have been trained on the necessary steps and have been provided with gloves, face masks, face shields and sanitizers, to ensure minimal interaction with the products.
  • We have cross checked with our delivery vendors on their processes for shipping and order fulfillment as well to ensure safe transportation of your Kosha purchase. We use Blue Dart & FedEx for our deliveries. Here are the links to the measures they are taking as well: Blue DartFedEx
  • To ensure the hygiene is maintained with our products in our warehouses and stores, we are not accepting returns on items sold until further notice. This further reduces the chances of already sanitized items interacting with the virus. We understand this might be concerning for you, and therefore are happy to help you with questions on size, product features, climate calibration, etc. 
What precautions can I as the customer take while collecting my Kosha order?

Our top tip is to let the package be unopened and untouched for 8 hours after collection / delivery. Open the package only after 8 hours while taking necessary precautions. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, to reduce risk of spreading the virus we are not accepting returns on orders. However, we are happy to help with any queries you may have prior placing the order.

Equally important is to ensure that you have taken necessary precautions such as wearing gloves and a face-mask while handling the package. Also, using alcohol based sanitizers after touching the outer packaging. 

As an extra precaution, we are only accepting online payment options such as Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card, eWallets and Bank Transfer. You can also redeem your Kosha Vouchers.

We have deactivated the Cash On Delivery option for the time being as we are following contactless delivery. 

In case of any further assistance, we would be happy to help. Please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp on +91 98209 99006. We are available on this number from Mondays to Saturdays 1030am to 6pm and on Sundays 12noon to 6pm, Indian Standard Time. You can also reach us via email at

We look forward to your Kosha purchase. 

Wishing you good health ~ ♡ Team Kosha