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Sky Merino Wool Basket Knit Muffler | KIds

Attractive Sky Blue Merino Wool Basket Knit Muffler for Kids. Protects well from chilly winters. Complements well with Kosha wool coats and can be worn for occasions or leisure. Designed for all age groups.

Rs.1,800.00 Rs.1,530.00
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  • Designed for all age groups
  • Protects well from chilly winters
  • Attractive Basket Knit Kosha Muffler for kids
100% Merino Wool
Stay warm in winters by wearing the right layers. The air trapped between layers retains our body heat. When worn as is, it is suitable for 15°C to 10°C* With layers, is can be worn in temperatures from 10°C to -20°C* * Depending on one’s individual resistance to cold, the weather and acclimatization.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Machine wash on the wool cycle.
  • Handwash using Ezee or Genteel liquid detergent. Don't squeeze or hang after wash.
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