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Jayesh Morvankar

Jayesh | Fitness Crusader, Mountaineer, Entrepreneur

Jayesh is the Founder of Odati Adventures. As a runner, cyclist, mountaineer, entrepreneur, he has climbed Chamser Kangri, Dzo Jongo, Lobuche East and attempted Mt. Everest reaching beyond Camp 3.

Jayesh got on the saddle while in college and off it only to haul a backpack to the top of summits. An Engineer and then an MBA, he quickly quit his corporate job to turn to the outdoors. As a certified mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, he has trekked thousands of kilometers in Indian and Nepal Himalayas. Absolutely thorough with his technique, he believes that safety comes first, when pursuing any outdoor adventure. Over the past 20 years, Odati Adventures has enabled over 5,000 people to explore the outdoors in a conscious and responsible manner.

He dreams of a world where people take to nature to explore, enjoy and learn from it and not exploit!

When not outdoors, you will find Jayesh somewhere on the map, planning some more unique journeys to take people on or with a group of family or friends sharing experiences and discussing the next adventure!

Your goal: To experience as many terrestrial aspects of the outdoors and bring them to those who love to be amidst nature and enjoy its real beauty.

Your fitness mantra: Be fit always! If you have to experience life in the outdoors (and in general), fitness (mental and physical) is the prime element. Because you will never know when an opportunity presents itself and you should be ready to go always! There are many ways to stay fit, experiment with what you like and likely to be committed to and you will find the right formula. Let fitness bring joy within you and not be for others to see.

A tip / lifestyle change that we can make towards leaving the world a better place:

Heed to your needs; shelve the wants. Wants are easy to give into giving momentary joy, are temporary and a burden. No use carrying that load.

Stay simple, stay happy!

Am not a minimalist, but have always been weighing my needs and wants. Been very happy with this approach.

A lesson learnt from the pandemic: Hold your head high and bear the grind. The pandemic is a reset button for us. It's likely that those who are genuine will stay long and those who were not may perish. The pandemic has brought about a sense of balance between what's good and what's not. For those who discover the difference will be happy for a long time to come. You don't get a pandemic very often to teach valuable lessons. Believe in your goals!

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