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Ski Parkas

  • Apr 20, 2015
Snow Jacket or Windproof Jacket


A Parka is a large, windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather. A ski parka is worn while going for ski sports. It has multiple layers of insulating material. When you go skiing, you must protect yourself from the extreme elements you may encounter, such as snow, sleet, rain and wind.

Dressing up for skiing would basically mean dressing in layers that will keep you dry, warm and protected under a variety of conditions while you enjoy your sports. When choosing a ski parka, you have to keep in mind the kind of activities you will undertake, the layers you need and the climatic conditions of your skiing area.

Features and uses of the features

The features of a garment like a ski parka are defined by the materials used in making it; and the usefulness of these features, like layering, insulation, the warmth that it provides (despite the outer climate) and comfort.

A skier may want to consider features like vents, pockets, zippers, storm flaps, seams, weaves, layers, and hoods while buying a parka. Some of the different materials used as insulators for the inner layers are goose down, synthetic fill, thinsulate, wool & fleece. The outer layer protects the wearer from snow, wind, rain, breeze and it consists of insulated jackets, shells/non-insulated jackets, pants and one-piece suits. All of these features combined together, are designed to protect against extremely cold climatic conditions, with the sole purpose of giving warmth and protection to the wearer.

The fabrics used, undergo treatments to make them durable, fairly water resistant and are made mostly from tightly woven nylon, polyester or their microfibers for the outer covering and lightweight, breathable and thermal materials for the inner layers. These factors depend on the nature of the fabric and weave.


If style is a concern, the wearer need not worry. Parkas are quite stylish and one can make one’s own style statement if the parka is carefully chosen with respect to design, fitting, colour and features. Both men and women can make individual style statements according to the types they choose. Many parkas are fitted with belts or other design elements & accessories, so you can feel warm and look stylish too.


Variants in Ski Parkas depend largely on the fitting, length, insulation layers and the warmth that they provide. There could be many varieties, for example the 3-in-1 types, 2-in-1 style, one piece suits, soft shell jackets, slim fit parka, regular or loose fit parkas, insulated or insulator types, parkas with insulation layering, parkas with seams, parkas with wrist gaiters and sufficient breathability. The best suited ones as per the seams is the “fully taped seams” parka jacket, since it completely water-proofs the garment, protecting perfectly against moisture penetration in extremely wintry and snowy weathers.

Classic and stylish winter parkas for all

These classic insulators must be owned by every skier and can also be distinguished according to the gender that’s going to wear them: Men’s ski parka, women’s ski parka and kid’s ski parka. These are Chic and stylish to keep you warm and comfortable even in freezing temperatures. Whether it is an expedition trip with friends in the snow or a romantic night out under the clear sky exploring the countless stars, these garments will ensure that you create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

April 16, 2015


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