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6 winter essentials for Men

  • Feb 27, 2016

The clocks have gone back, and the days are much shorter now — that means it’s only going to get colder from here on out. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to prepare your closet for winter’s typical, and sometimes plain brutal, temperatures. A warm parka, a pair of weather-resistant boots, and a couple of accessories to help your body retain heat for when you’re outside — there’s nothing exceedingly revelatory here. If you’re looking for some new items to supplement your existing threads, or you’re looking to replace a few of last year’s favourite pieces, you’ve landed your plane. We have the 6 things that will complete your seasonal wardrobe and still keep you in vogue.

1. Gloves: With your neck warm and toasty in that scarf, your hands are bound to get jealous. Keep your mitts happy with a dapper pair of woollen gloves. They are a timeless menswear staple that serve a purpose and look great at the same time.

2. A scarf: A bright scarf will add a boost of colour to a dark jacket. Wear it however you want, it will never go wrong. In the middle of winter, a scarf with a bit of colour and texture can help wake up your look, especially since your coat is probably black or blue or even grey. Look for playful patterns like checks and plaids to give your style some depth. Our neck shouldn’t have to face the ravages of winter weather alone. Protect it with one of the most versatile of all men’s wear accessories: the scarf. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your neck wear.

3.  A Cardigan/Pullover: Instead of rocking a jacket or fleece, invest in a heavy knit cardigan or pullover to wear throughout winter. Like said by all, winter is all about layering your clothes, then layering them some more. Sweaters are essential mid-layers for keeping warm this winter. There are tons of styles and materials to choose from at www.prrems.com to go with that scarf. This mid layer will keep the frostbites away but the ‘style’ will never go.

4. Socks: Most of you lads don’t even consider foot care in your wardrobe but one of the most essential items in your lookbook should be a pair of socks. Be it quirky or simple, own them. If you are looking for a subtle, appropriate way to integrate colour into a suit or some other formal outfit, look down. A small glimpse of paisley or houndstooth at your ankles can be a fun touch. Socks are rarely given the attention they deserve, but we would be lost without them. They are treated as an afterthought, despite the fact that they serve both a practical purpose and a fashionable function. Wool socks are hard wearing and warm, making them an ideal purchase for your winter wardrobe. Play with colour or pattern for a little pick-me-up during the dreary winter months

5.  A Beanie: Casually cool and subtly stylish, a beanie is the perfect head gear for an off-duty day. The beanie was originally a working apparel associated with blue-collar labourers, but now it’s an easy option for anyone looking to keep the chill at bay and add a little extra style to an outfit. It’s an old wives’ tale to say that we lose 80% of our body heat through our head, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cover it up when single-digit weather strikes. Wearing a hat or a pair of earmuffs is just plain practical. And sometimes the beanie in question is pretty stylish, too.

6. Boots: Let’s not forget about the feet, again. A good pair of boots is absolutely essential come winter time. Go for something a little more rugged that looks like it could take a beating. Boots can be tough and masculine, but surprisingly capable of being dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion. The weather forecast is about as predictable as, well, the weather. This winter (and every winter), you should have a reliable pair of snow boots on your shoe rack — to combat the freezing rain, snow, sub-zero wind chills, and whatever else Mother Nature churns out.

These are the must-haves you need in your closet to make it through the frigid days ahead. We hear you, guys — men get cold during winter, too. In the same vein as our cold-weather survival kit for the ladies, use the list to stock up before the mercury drops. Since you’re going to end up splurging on these vital accessories at some point during these cold winter months, you might as well be prepared.


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