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Girl Gang Adventure Plan! Gear? Read To Know More

  • Dec 14, 2017
Hiking Pants worn in Manali, best for outdoor adventure activities

The Evolution

It was only until the mid 20th Century, the first pair of pants was being sported by women. In 1851, Elizabeth Smith Miller was the first-ever women to wear pants who had herself designed a pattern of ballooned trousers with sealed hems on the ankles. Her inspiration for this attire came from the Turkish trousers while on a trip to the Europe as a solution to her inconvenient dressing while she would do gardening or everyday other tasks.

Kosha - Smith Miller is the first-ever women to wear pants & her pants were known as The Bloomer Costume

Pants when first adopted by the women were intended to be very casual in the 1920-30s. But with the growing popularity of skiing then, women began wearing ski trousers similar to those being worn by men which were commonly made from wool and had zippers in the lower legs to allow for better movement on the slopes.

With the advancement in the technology of materials, pants today are made of nylon and are extremely light-weight coupled with smart in-built features for protection against wet and cold weathers. Depending on the season in which you will be hitting the trails, thickness and breathability of the pants matters as well.

Not being restricted to men’s clothing gear, today the modern women needless to say, has a variety of options to choose the best fit for her. A great pair of activity or hiking pants specific to women’s body helps freedom of movement with optimum comfort and increases performance in a variety of environments.

Women are Built Different.

For the right combination of trail performance and comfort, Kosha’s women pants have been designed for hiking and trekking with durability over a long haul.

Built for Unconstrained Movement

 Kosha Hardshell Waterproof Pants

 Made from 100% Nylon with PU Breathable coating, the Kosha Hardshell pants have been designed specifically to suit women’s trekking needs that boast a variety of built-in features. Technically designed as a climbing pant, their flexibility and feature set like zipper on the sides makes them an excellent choice for hiking and backpacking.

Kosha Hardshell Hiking Pant for Women Beige & Coral

Kosha Hardshell Waterproof Pants Comes in peach, purple and black color


With Layer: Up to 5 to -20° C | Without Layer: 15 to 5° C

557 Gram

Waterproof upto 8000 mm & Breathable upto 5000 g/m2 per 24 hours


Design Features

Gaiters on Hem

Kosha Hardshell Pants for Women with Hem Gaiters

Gaiters on hem or the ankle prevent from snow or rainwater entering in shoes keeping your feet dry

Solution with Built-In Gaiters

Gaiters on the hem help you remain dry and thigh vents provide ventilation during long treks. These pants are ideal for trekking in the snow. They allow you to move your legs freely without getting your shoes wet.
The pants have been incorporated with intelligent small details that help improve mobility to a great extent. The bottom section of the pants has a narrow zipper that runs from the calf to leg ending transforming the section into an outer covering of gaiter that protects your legs from brush-filled trails, both in the mountains or the jungle.
Cinch cords – In addition to the protecting your boots, the leg endings are equipped with elastic cords that can be fastened on the bottom leg to prevent snow or bushes forcing its way into the boots.
Waterproof Storage Pockets –Two large leg pockets with zipper will help you store items in them like map, compass, lip balm, tissues and more without having to worry about the items getting wet.

In colder weather conditions, the trousers can be worn over a base layer and the zippers along the thighs opened for ventilationKosha Hardshell Pant for Women with Thigh Vent Zips for Ventilation and Breathability

Thigh vents allowing a good ventilation and breathability


A key feature of any outdoor gear is Breathability.  As we hike up on the mountains, our bodies generate heat leading us to sweat in order to regulate our body temperature to cool back down. The accumulation of the sweat in the clothing is potentially more harmful than causing odorous discomfort. Temperatures in the mountains can change quickly, and wet clothing could even lead to hypothermia.
While we tend not to sweat as much from the lower half of our body, good ventilation will help to prevent discomfort and “crotch rot” which is something many hikers are familiar with, both men and women.
Good hiking pants achieve breathability function owning to the materials used along with a combination of secondary features to allow good air flow helping to cool down the overall body.

Fabric and Fitting

Fabric is another big factor for comfort and movement. The flexibility of the pants determines your movement and so you will need a fabric that will stretch with you as you go hiking or even rock climbing. Kosha hiking pants are made from 100% nylon which is strong, machine washable, waterproof, and most of all elastic.
To make sure of the fitting, you will have to try out the hiking pants yourself with a little “squat test” by putting them on.

Women size – 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

Girls sizes – 32 and 34

Size Chart For Women to Choose the Right Pick

Make sure of the correct sizing while picking up the pants and check if the material pinches or stop you in any way. Bend over and check if you can go low in them.
Testing these ways in a dressing room could help select the correct size and fitting.


Another detail for comfort is the waistband.
Elastic at the waist gives a better grip to tighten the pants without having to worry about wearing a belt, which is usually not that comfortable under a backpack.Kosha Hardshell Pant for Women with Elastic waist line for comfort grip

[Elastic waist line for comfort grip]

Comes with single jersey lining which is comfortable against our skin and reduce chaffing.

How is Women’s Hiking Gear Actually Different from Men’s

Women’s bodies differ than that of a man and are also shaped differently and so the gear needs to be designed accordingly. Women are much shorter usually, have wider hips and tapering narrow towards the heel.  Owning to such physical differences, companies are making technical changes to producing apt adventure clothing gear for women. Minute details such as placement of the pockets and hem length are being constantly adjusted to revolutionize the way modern women benefit from comfort  while they are participate in tough adventures.

Middle or the core: What’s the big difference?

Women have lower body temperatures than men and are always feeling a notch colder too. The gear designed to keep the men warm isn’t always best suited for women. The way to their warmth is by the core as for the women who tend to have a physiological need of the body due to their childbearing capabilities, the entire body focuses on pushing all the body resources such as blood and warmth towards the core. This is also why they are much colder on hands and feet.

What to wear inside the hiking pants?

Inner bottom: When temperatures are below 5° C, during a hiking trail in winters, you can wear thermal leggings inside the hiking pants. Buy proper hiking pants which are breathable and dry-fast.

Also, along with thermal leggings you can wear fleece pants when camping at night, especially if you are on colder mountains.

Merino Wool Thermal Pants  Kosha Fleece Lined Pants

These Hiking Pants are also available for men, the picture shows Jayesh Morwankar, founder of Odati Adventures; wearing them on his summit to Mount Elbris.

Jayesh Morwankar wearing Kosha Hardshell Pants on his summit to Mount Elbris July 2017

We have studied and designed our adventure wear specifically for women, including base layers, fleece lined pants and waterproof shell pants keeping in mind the range of movements for a lady. Our hiking pants have traveled extensively and have been tested for months while doing a variety of activities from day trip to long hikes – climbing, running and even biking. Each of the pair of pants were evaluated for their comfort, mobility and in-built features including water resistance and drying period.  All of our efforts will help you select your next pair for hiking through mountains or snow-clad terrains; Kosha will keep you covered.


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