5 Ways to Choose the Best Winter Parka for Women

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Not if you are well-equipped with the best warm clothing that is sure to make your winters cosy and comfortable. Long or short, in blues, creams or greens, there an eternal winter charm to the age-old parka that has been a clothing staple in the freezing parts of  Europe and North America for centuries.

Over the years, parkas have become a style statement with a fan following consisting of models and movie stars. There is no denying about the casual yet warm look that a good parka can add to a sombre winter ensemble. Read through our quick list of five important features that make the best winter parka for women.

The long and short of it

One of the key aspects to consider while buying a parka is how you plan to use it. If versatility is what you are looking for on that all-important business trip to London in the peak of winter, you will prefer the Alaskan Parka available in the earthy tones of beige, black and rust. Not only will this hip-length parka protect you from the rain and snow, it even allows for more leg movement during an impromptu weekend camping trip.

If you don’t have any winter overnights planned but want to hit the town with confidence while you run errands in the cold, a long, stylish parka will suit you better. Longer parkas cannot be used for camping and hiking trips, but the additional length makes them warmer overall than shorter parkas.

All Weather Jacket

Kosha: We are the best makers of winter wear in India, with a legacy of over 25 years. Every garment is thoughtfully designed, tested and graded for warmth. We help buyers make a decision on the layers you need based on the temperature and weather of the place. Reach out to us for a free consultation on our helpline / whatsapp +919820999006 and our winter wear expert will be happy to help you. Best sellers: Baselayers | Travel sweatshirt | Beanies | Touch enabled gloves | Wool socks

Fabric fundamentals

Perhaps the most important feature of a warm winter parka is the fabric it is made out of. The outer layer or shell of the parka is generally made of a synthetic material such as Nylon, thereby offering better wind and water resistance. This inherent simplicity of the outer shell creates a reliable and versatile layering for your parka. It can also include additional features such as waist and wrist gaiters, goggle pockets, or headphone ports that enhance your parka’s functionality, making it perfect for skiing or snowboarding during your next Swiss sojourn.

The inner lining of the parka is the essential element that gives you a warm, cosy feeling even during the harshest of winters. Canada All-Weather Parka is one such soft-shell parka that is equipped with a 100% polyester fleece inner lining for complete warmth and comfort. This parka also comes with a detachable hood with synthetic fur lining inside and around the rim for that touch of winter elegance. You may even tighten the hood drawstring to guard yourself against strong wind or rain.

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Cut to perfection

While getting into the nitty-gritties of parka construction is not everyone’s cup of tea – certainly not those of us from the tropics – leave it to us to explain the two main methods that separate a good parka from a great one. The sewn-through method is generally seen in lightweight parkas where the inner and outer linings are merely stitched together with the insulating material stuffed in between. While these parkas are less expensive and lighter in weight, they offer lesser warmth and comfort.

If better insulation is what you are seeking, opt for the box-baffle sewn parkas that are designed with more insulation evenly spaced and stitched, thereby creating a warmer and more thermally-efficient parka. A box-baffle parka may be a tad more expensive than its sewn-through counterparts, owing to the complexity of its design and overall performance.

Style Quotient

Who says a parka is all function and no fashion? A well-cut pair of denim, multi-coloured top, minimalist jewellery and lots of imagination – that’s all you need to add that extra oomph to your winter parka. Wear the Queensland Snow Coat over silk blouses, t-shirts, jumpers, posh tops or grunge and vintage shirts. Jazz up your winter evenings with this warm but stylish parka available in audacious colours of dark pink, beige and gold. Pair it with pair of warm leggings and classy high boots for the maximum style quotient.

A truly warm parka gives you the freedom to go easy on your main ensemble for the winter evenings. Consider a shift dress, ankle-length fur boots and floral accessories for a night out on the town even during the cold windy days. Your warm parka should guard you against the winter fury until you reach the cosy environs of the party venue. Bright scarves and stoles are essential fashion elements that are sure to jazz up your winter evenings.

All Weather Snow Coat

Dress for the occasion

The only reason why parkas have become integral to the winter wear collection is due to its dual role as a functional yet stylish piece of clothing. Hence, a minimalist, feature-lacking parka won’t do you much good against the powerful forces of rain and snow. It is indeed difficult to pack separate winter gear for formal and casual occasions, considering the significant amount of weight that a good winter coat will add to your baggage. Hence, try the London All-Weather Coat that is warm enough to battle any weather conditions and stylish enough jazz up your winter holidays.

The thigh-level length of this beautifully versatile parka allows for complete warmth while also scoring high on the style factor. Designed with zipper pockets and a detachable hood, this all-weather coat is surely among the best winter parkas for women. Come and explore the world of Kosha parkas for women here.

Winter Coat



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