Autumn clothing and style guide

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Walking amidst roads lined with maple trees in colours of Autumn is a compelling reason to pack our bags. Remember seeing the picture of Mt.Fuji against red leaves, the view of parks in Kashmir carpeted in golden and orange Chinar trees or a quick view from a friend’s photo of a town in Austria during fall season? 

That view of the leaves changing colour from green to shades of Autumn is a phenomenon of nature to be experienced. I often wonder that leaves in shades of brilliant scarlet, glowing yellow, golden bronze, purplish red look so beautiful in pictures, then how beautiful would they look in person. If you are planning a quick trip before winter sets in, check out our clothing and style guide for the fall season. 

Autumn clothing and style guide

Essential autumn clothes to buy | Colours for autumn clothes to stand out | Layering tips for autumn outfits 

Autumn in India
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Autumn in India

Tis the season to tuck in to our sweatshirts and binge watch Autumn in New York, Good Will Hunting, Sweet November as we watch the leaves turn from green to orange to a deep red. 

The last 2 years have ensured that quick international travel is out of bounds for most Indians. As borders are opening up slowly and confidence to travel is on the rise, we bring you key trends to look out for and style your wardrobes for the fall season. Combine what you have in your wardrobe and lookout for a sale to place your orders for others. 

Colours of nature in shades of green, blue, yellow, brown will take centre stage. The longing to be amidst nature is ever more, after being locked in our homes for so many months. 

We saw Jennifer Lopez in Dolce and Gabbana’s forest inspired collection. Coach has recently launched their winter range in shades of brown. Style your autumn outfits in blue / green and co-ordinating them with accessories in tan. 

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn

If there is one garment that is a must have for the autumn season, it has to be an organic cotton sweatshirt. It is the go-to garment for feeling cozy on flights, slipping on over a dress, combining it with jeans or chinos, or simply chilling and Netflixing at home. Opt for a sweatshirt with sufficient pockets to keep your knick knacks and a chin guard so as to not hurt your neck. 

Packing tips for autumn travel – Multi functional clothing 

The charm of travelling during the autumn season is unmatched to any other, especially if you visit a place where nature comes alive in colours of autumn. It is the bridging season between summer and winter, therefore, the temperatures are beginning to drop, but it is not freezing like winter. 

If you are packing your bags for a week’s vacation to temperatures ranging from 15°C to 5°C, where the weather will be dry, slight breeze, we recommend carrying clothes that are multi-functional. Since these garments serve multiple purposes, you have to pack less. 

Reversible Merino Wool Sweater

Reversible Merino Wool Sweater

Layering is a fantastic way to amp up your style quotient and stay cozy in autumn or winter. Stylist Shikha Dhandhia recommends using contrasts while layering. 

You can combine a fitted top with a flowy jacket, a sleeveless dress with a full sleeves sweatshirt or an Indian kurta with a modern cropped trench coat. Style your trench coat with a belt cinched on the waist to add that dash of style. 

Autumn Clothing

Enjoy the process of experimenting with your style and outfits. Share your autumn looks with us on Instagram by using #AutumnStyleWithKosha. 

Five countries that are open to Indians and experience a beautiful autumn season are Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Albania. 

Here’s a minimal and lightweight packing list for your autumn travels: 

Track Suits in Organic Cotton: 

Co-ordinated tracksuits are making a style statement, whether it is at the airport, chilling at home or an evening out. Tracksuits will be in vogue for styling autumn winter outfits with panache. Perfect for temperatures from 15°C to 5°C, depending on our resistance to cold. 

Start your trip wearing a sweatshirt and jogger pants for your journey, at the airport or enroute the road trip to the mountains. Opt for jogger pants with a grip at the ankle, this gives a smart, chic look. We recommend ordering joggers in a size larger, for that comfort fit and cool look. 

Kosha’s Organic Cotton Hoodies & Joggers

Match the jogger with a printed / graphic top. You can also opt for tops in pop colours that make the outfit look attractive. Layer the top with a sweatshirt to complete the look. 

Opt for sweatshirts that have pockets to keep multiple essentials, from your passport, sanitizer, energy bars, earphones, wallet, keys and more. Kosha’s sweatshirt has a special pocket to store your airpods or pull out your earphone wires. 

The tracksuit look goes well with sneakers / sports shoes or comfortable boots. It is a good idea to match the colour of your shoes and accessories. You can also co-ordinate the colour of your footwear with your top. 

Sneakers in pop colours will add oomph to your autumn look, while boots in tan colour will lend a classy look. Take your pick. 

We recommend choosing flame orange or a golden yellow for your footwear and accessories, as an inspiration from the beautiful colours of autumn. 

All-weather Accessories

All-weather Accessories

Wearing one pair and packing another will be good for a trip for 1 to 3 weeks. The best part about a tracksuit is that it can be worn as a tracksuit or wear the jogger and sweatshirt separately, giving you multiple outfit options and looks.     

Full Sleeve T-shirts & Supima Cotton Pullover – 

Pack in 3 to 4 tops / full sleeve tees if you are packing for a week or two. Always include a pullover, preferably in cotton. The temperatures are not as cold to pull out those thick woollen sweaters, therefore a cotton pullover lends that perfect balance to stay warm, without feeling uncomfortable. 

Kosha’s Supima cotton pullovers in autumn colours of Scarlet Pink and Golden Yellow are apt to pair with a pair of jeans and boots. Imagine walking through the parks with a carpet of leaves in autumn colours, don’t forget to take a picture for memories of a lifetime. 

Warm Pullovers

Warm Pullovers

Do share your pictures with #AutumnStyleWithKosha. We look forward to hearing your stories. 

Supima cotton is a premium variety of cotton, grown in certain parts of the world like South America and Egypt. The yarn has a natural lustre and is stronger than traditional cotton, making the garment more durable. 

It is a good idea to air dry your tops after wearing them for one or two days. One doesn’t sweat much in temperatures in autumn. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash your clothes as often. 3 to 4 tops will give you options to experiment with and ensure your bag doesn’t get too heavy, even when you are travelling for a longer workation. This will make a very cool addition to your autumn clothing and style guide.

Merino Wool T-Shirts – 

When talking about autumn clothing and style guide, an offbeat, yet very important addition to your autumn wardrobe is a t-shirt in a merino wool blend. The best part about merino wool is that it is temperature regulating i.e. it will keep you cozy in a heated room or the cold outdoors. Layer this with a pullover or a sweatshirt, depending on the occasion. 

Woolen Thermals

Merino wool thermals

A merino wool t-Shirt is a must have in your packing essentials for autumn and winter, due to its versatility. A great option to wear at night, in case the temperature drops below 5°C. 

If you are into active sports, Kosha’s base layer in merino wool and bamboo is great for that morning jog or a cycling tour, when exploring parts of Europe and the Indian Himalayan mountains during September to December. 

Opt for base layers that double up as a thermal or a t-shirt, giving you the flexibility to layer as per the warmth and style you prefer. 

Cushioned Cotton Socks – 

I love wearing socks that give me the feeling of walking on a lush carpet. Wearing the right socks are a great way to not only take care of your feet, but also to ensure you don’t feel fatigued after a day of exploring the sights and sounds of the autumn season. 

Look for socks that are breathable, that have an arch support, that are soft on the calves / ankle and have cushion on the pressure points of the feet. Cotton socks are great for temperatures from 25°C to 5°C. 

If you are packing for a week, 3 pairs of socks will be good. For a trip that is 2 weeks or longer, we recommend 5 pairs of socks.

Choosing the right pair of socks to style your autumn outfit can be a lot of fun. It is a good idea to choose ankle length socks in a contrasting colour to your sneakers. You can also match the colour of your socks with the colour of your top. 

With a tracksuit and sneakers, you can choose ankle length socks or no show socks depending on your preference. If you are wearing jeans, coordinate them with boots and pick socks that are above ankle length, to ensure you don’t get shoe bites. 

Beanies – 

A beanie can instantly change the look of an ensemble. Wear it the slouchy way with the tracksuit and sneakers, a.k.a. Ranveer Singh’s rapper style. Or wear your beanie as a half cap with boots, jeans, a top and a sweatshirt. It is the style of a gentleman. 

Comfortable Beanies – A must-have autumn clothing and style guide recommended

Make sure to keep your ears covered with the beanie or winter cap; it blocks the wind from entering the years, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable. 

Style tip: Go that extra length and pack your beanie, top and socks in the same colours. Pair this with the tracksuit in a contrast colour. 

Two caps / beanies are perfect for packing for your autumn season travels. They give the flexibility to match with different outfits. Choose reversible beanies, giving you two colour options in one cap. 

It may seem unnecessary to carry a beanie for a trip in autumn, since most of us travel from tropical places, it takes time to adjust to the cold. Hence it is better to go well prepared, so as to enjoy the experience of the cold, without a fear of freezing. 

Jeans – 

For temperatures ranging below 15°C, denim jeans are an ideal option to feel comfortable and warm. They can be heavy and therefore, we recommend packing 1 pair of denim pants only. 

Take your favourite pair of jeans and combine them with boots, full sleeve shirts worn over a Merino wool t-Shirt. You can also style your jeans with a front open sweatshirt worn over a t-shirt. 

The season of autumn / fall is dry. Therefore, chances of clothes getting wet is minimal. A balanced clothing checklist for a  week vacation can be as below: 

Autumn Clothing & Style Guide For Him and her:  

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 Full sleeve shirts/ t-shirts / tops 
  • 1 Merino wool base layer  
  • 1 Supima cotton pullover 
  • 2 caps 
  • 3 to 4 pairs of socks 
  • 3 to 4 sets of undergarments 
  • 1 or 2 dresses / trousers / skirt depending on your style 

Pack in some jewellery / accessories / make up to add that personal touch and pop in your photographs and memories that you will create. 

Autumn Clothing and Style Guide

5 packing tips that make travel stress free: 

  1. Take a quick view of the temperature and weather of the destination you are traveling to. Decide your layers based on that and not based on the location you are currently in! 
  2. Have a packing checklist so that you don’t forget anything, including a universal adaptor. Have a different checklist for your handbag and for your check in bag.
  3. Roll your clothes so as to take up less space 
  4. Remember to pack in a bottle that you can refill. Carry a small spoon to reduce the consumption of plastic spoons 
  5. Weigh your bag to make sure it is within the baggage limit permitted by the airlines. Do keep some space to bring back your shopping. Or pack in a foldable bag that can come in handy on your return.  
  6. Very important: Have printouts of your RT PCR test certificate and the Air Suvidha form handy at all times. 

Style Tip For Plus Size: Autumn Clothes

When you shop for clothing, keep in mind to enhance your strong points. Choose a jacket style that you can cinch on the waist. Straight pants are a better choice for plus size. 

While you shop for the main layers, don’t forget winter accessories as part of your clothing. Look for new arrivals for the autumn-winter collection for autumn clothing and style guides. 

Where to buy autumn clothes for travel

The theme for c autumn clothing and style guide in 2021 is responsible, thoughtful fashion. The United Nations has introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for governments, corporates and individuals to implement, to ensure we make our planet healthy, reverse climate change and global warming. 

SDG 12 is for ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, so as to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. 

Kosha Winter Layers

Kosha Layers

We can bring about monumental change with collective action. Collective action towards conscious consumption. Collective action towards nudging brands to adopt eco-conscious practices and encouraging them when they do. Make the choice to buy when you need something, not just because you are keeping track of an upcoming sale. Here are few questions you can ask to help you make a conscious decision; before you hit the buy now button this season: 

Am I buying this garment / product because it is on a deal in a sale? 

Is this garment / product good for the planet? 

Has it been produced keeping in mind eco-conscious practices? 

How long will this garment / product last me? 

If I choose to discard this garment, how will I discard it? 

The shift towards making responsible fashion choices is gradual. When you think of price, also think of how long you can use the garment for. This not only ensures you buy good quality, plus you do your bit to make our planet a better place. 

Here are 5 homegrown brands that are trying to adopt sustainable practices in their business and help their customers make thoughtful choices towards adding a new addition to your autumn wardrobe. 

Colourful Kosha layers for Autumn


A brand conceptualised in Auroville, slow living is deeply entrenched in their way of being. Founded by Uma Prajapati, a fashion designer and a  social entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, they work with artisans from Varanasi, Madurai and families affected by the tsunami. They have an eclectic collection of tops, skirts, pants, shirts, dresses allowing you ample options to experiment with layers and enjoy the colours of autumn. They also have upcycled dresses to choose from or give you inspiration to upcycle pieces from your own wardrobe. 

  1. Dhuri  

Started by Madhurima Singh, Dhuri is a brand that uses fabrics made from eucalyptus, banana, soya protein, bamboo and other natural yarns. They work with organic dyes made from pigments in flowers, fruits, seeds and vegetables. Their USP is creating a beautiful balance by using traditional fabrics and dyeing techniques and styling the garment in contemporary silhouettes. 

  • Kosha

The desire to create a brand that is global, yet rooted in making in India resulted in the launch of Kosha. Kosha is a Sanskrit word that means layer / sheath. They specialise in all the layers for layering in winter. Thermal tees, sweatshirts in organic cotton, all weather jackets and accessories in merino wool, it is a one stop place for your winter travel needs. Their repair shop initiative gives you the option to get your clothing repaired for a marginal cost. This ensures that your garment can be worn much longer and reduces the clothing that ends up in the landfill.  

  • Tree Wear 

They make t-shirts in organic cotton and personal care products with zero chemicals. Their hand sanitizers contain absolutely no alcohol, smell lovely and feel great on the skin. They are working on principles of low impact manufacturing and supporting planting projects in Rajasthan and West Bengal. 

  • I Wear Me 

Started by Hina, a graphic artist, this brand makes fun t-shirts in organic cotton. Fair trade practices and making ethical clothing is their philosophy. They are encouraging customers to make a shift towards organic cotton, so that this collective change can influence farmers moving towards growing organic cotton. 

There are certifications that validate the yarn used in your garments. Organic cotton yarn is certified by GOTS standard i.e. Global Organic Textile Standard that covers all aspects of the production of all natural fibres of organic status including textile processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, exportation, importation and distribution. Look for points in the garment label to make a responsible shopping decision. 

Comfortable Winter Layers

Comfortable Layers

When you choose to shop from these brands, you are not only making a conscious consumption choice, but you are also supporting a local business. Encouraging brands that are making efforts to stay environmentally friendly is a starting step towards building a sustainable future. 

If you would like us to style your look for an upcoming trip, email us at and we will help you put together a rockstar ensemble. You can also help your friends and family stay stylish by sending them Kosha’s gift card. Shipping for orders is available pan-India. 

Enjoy the colours of autumn and don’t forget to share your autumn stories on Instagram tagging @koshatravelwear or use the #AutumnStyleWithKosha.

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