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Merino wool thermals

If you are new to layering and would like to know more about the best thermal wear in India or more about different woolen winter wear, then you have come to the right place.

What do you like about winter the most? The sparkly snow, the crisp wind, the snuggly mood, the whisper of holidays, or (wait for it…) that warm hug of hot chocolate? I know. There are so many things to love about winter. But do you know I was not a fan of winter until very recently? Main reason? You guessed it, the cold. 

As someone who was not gifted with tough skin(literally), it was common for me to start shivering as soon as the first winter breeze blew. So what changed? Well, I did my research and found out about winter layering and the basics of winter clothes. I discovered the cozy world of thermals and it has never been the same. 

Best thermal wear India – How to choose the best woolen thermal wear in India?

Alright. Let us start with the basic question. What exactly is thermal wear? 

Thermal wear, also known as the base layer is a piece of clothing that is worn over your undergarments that offer protection against cold. It is the first article in the winter layering system, followed by your mid-layers- hoodies and pullovers, followed by your outer layer – the likes of jackets and coats. You would also need accessories- gloves, socks, and mufflers to protect your extremities from cold. 

Now that we have covered the basics, let us dig a bit deep in. Why is thermal wear so important?

Let me give you an example. Imagine you are in the Himalayan valleys trying to get ready for your awesome trekking experience. Usually, in the Himalayan trekking expeditions, you would have already been covered in your woolen thermal wear, followed by the mid-layer of your choice and a snow-proof hardshell jacket for warmth. 

Now, let the trek begin. As you can imagine trekking is an activity that would require some energy and at some point, you are bound to start sweating even in the cold temperature. So, what you need in this scenario is a set of clothing that is quick-dry, moisture-wicking but at the same time non-compromising when it comes to keeping your body warm. If not, you would be covered in sweat under your layers which can not just be absolutely uncomfortable but also itchy, and even lead to serious health conditions like hypothermia. Now that is exactly where your thermal or base layer comes into play.

Warm Thermal Wear

Warm Thermal Wear

The primary duty of thermals as you might have already deducted from above it to keep your body warm and dry- dry being the keyword. Since the base layer is worn above your undergarments it is closer to your body and needs to be capable enough to absorb the sweat quickly and dry even quicker. 

Wool is among the favorite choices of designers when it comes to thermal wear. Due to the fabric structure of wool, it has the innate ability to trap air between its fibers easily as compared to other fabrics like cotton. Woolen thermal wear also guarantees quick moisture-wicking but pure woolen fabrics often lead to itchiness.

 Kosha, the Mumbai-based winter and travel wear brand, founded in 2017 invented a unique fabric composition to tackle this problem. They merged merino wool, one of the most sought after and premium wool in the industry with bamboo, to come up with an organic blend that is extremely moisture-wicking, facilitates rapid drying, is temperature regulating, lightweight, and odor-free. 

Kosha - One of the popular thermal wear brands India

Kosha – One of the popular thermal wear brands in India

One of the reasons it can be regarded as the best thermal wear in India is because of how effectively they provide warmth up to -20℃ with appropriate layers to accompany them. They are also sustainable and have an eco-conscious packaging approach.

Now that you have an understanding of base layers or thermal wear, here is my list of the best thermal wear in India. I have also included other layers that can keep you warm with your thermal wear to offer a complete package of winter layering.

Kosha Woolen Thermal Top 

Let me start from the top (literally). 

When you are out in the cold, choosing the best thermal top can make a huge difference for your entire trip. Depending on the temperature, your thermal wear should be able to modify its capacity in keeping you cold. You do not want to start sweating and feel your armpit wet when you enter a cozy tea house just because you are wearing your woolen thermal wear. You would want something comfortable that can keep you warm but not too warm. 

Something comfortable but not too snug. Breathable and soft on the skin. The thing about the base layer is that unlike all other layers(hoodies, sweaters, or jackets), it is difficult to remove the thermal just because you are hot. You will have to remove all your other layers to remove your base layer and that too if you did, it would be difficult to carry out. So your thermal top needs to be lightweight, quick-dry, and easy to carry.

Merino Wool Bamboo Blend Thermal Top

Merino Wool Bamboo Blend Thermal Top

Kosha’s merino wool and bamboo blend thermal top is one of the most multifunctional thermal wear available out there. It is designed in such a way that it can be worn not just as thermal wear but also as a T-Shirt when the situation demands. If you are out on a winter day at 10℃, Kosha’s thermal top would keep you warm and dry with the layers. But if you are feeling hot, you can always remove the layer and wear the thermal on its own.

The design and attractive colors(olive, sky, blue, oatmeal, wine red, etc) that it comes in make sure that you would not stand out but rather look like you are out on a day in your regular Tee. 

You can wear the same thermal at 20℃ or -10℃ with layers. It is also antibacterial, odor-free, and a fabulous fit. You can also have your pick between half and full sleeves from the website.

Another great thing is that they come in a cute sustainable package made of undyed organic cotton. This not just helps in reducing their carbon footprint but also makes a great convenient way of carrying them during travel.

You can check out Kosha’s woolen thermal top here.

Kosha Woolen Thermal Bottom

Now that the top is covered, it is time for us to talk about the bottom.

Comfortable Woolen Thermal Bottom

Comfortable Woolen Thermal Bottom

One thing that I always miss when thinking of thermals is to look into the thermal bottom. It is as if I think of my bottom half as cold-proof(just kidding!). But in reality, we often forget to invest in foolproof thermal bottoms when purchasing winter wear. Jeans or denim material can offer you protection till around 15℃ but anything below that would ideally require you to wear a woolen thermal bottom.

Thermal bottoms or leggings are that you can wear underneath your normal bottom wear to protect your legs. Just like the thermal top, they need to be skin-friendly, must be able to absorb moisture fast, and have efficient temperature regulating properties. 

Since you would be layering yourself with normal clothes, the fit of the thermal bottom is also important. You do not want something that is saggy or too fit that stops you from breathing. You would need something that can hug your body comfortably and at the same time provide room for movements. If you are into adventure or activities, choosing a thermal bottom that is flexible and movement-friendly is very important. 

Kosha’s thermal bottoms are made of the same blend of merino wool and bamboo. The presence of elastance in small quantities in the thermal bottom helps in acquiring that flexibility needed without suffocating the body. They are also very lightweight, anti-bacterial, and odor-free. Apart from the standard colors of black and white, Kosha’s thermal bottom has also explored other colors like oatmeal, blue, olive, charcoal, and so on. 

Just like the woolen thermal top from Kosha, the thermal bottoms also come in a travel-friendly organizing packaging that contributes to making your next adventure pleasurable without harming the environment. 

Check out the brilliant thermal bottoms here.

Kosha’s On the Go Hoodies & Supima Pullovers

As I had denoted before in the previous section, thermals work well when they are layered properly. The main purpose of thermal is moisture-wicking, so if you are at a temperature below  10℃, just wearing a thermal might now help. You will have to add layers to your winter apparel to feel comfortable. 

Stylish Pullover for your best Thermal Wear

Stylish Pullover for your best Thermal Wear

Hoodies and pullovers are part of the mid-layers in the winter layering system. They are worn after the thermals are worn. It is not mandatory to wear your Hoodies or Pullovers when you are wearing a base layer. The purpose of wearing a mid-layer is to add extra warmth. They are the ones who are in charge of trapping the warmth by providing extra layers between your body and the outside.

On the go hoodies from Kosha is one of the multipurpose hoodies that can be used not just with the base layer but also worn as an all-weather comfort layer. Made in 100% organic cotton, they are super soft and can make you feel warm at normal temperatures. 

Designed with 3 pockets to keep your items safe and secure, they also have a thumb hole to make sure your hands are covered. Adjustable hoodie with cinch cord and chin guard, they are completely breathable and have light moisture-wicking properties.

Another piece of mid-layer item from Kosha that can be teamed with your base layer is the Supima pullovers. Supima is a premium cotton brand that has superfine fibers which give the fabric a silken texture. They are an excellent addition not just as a mid-layer but also as a comfortable pullover that can be worn for your work-from-home days, or staycation plans. 

The bright and attractive colors of the pullover make it extra tempting to be donned as a fashionable piece on its own.

You can check out the hoodies here and pullover here.

Kosha Merino Blend Reversible Sweater for Men

Another item to compliment your thermal wear.

Reversible Sweater for Men

Reversible Sweater for Men

Hoodies and pullovers might not be for everyone. Some people like to keep it a bit formal at events with a well-knitted woolen sweater over their woolen thermal wear. Sweaters are part of the mid-layer winter wear which helps in trapping the heat of the body from escaping. 

Used for warmth, sweaters followed the traditional path of woolen fabric with bland colors. 

But now as the fashion world is seeking an opportunity to mix fashion and comfort, many brands have opened up their horizons and started exploring options for their sweaters.

Always looking forward to providing comfort with the invention, Kosha’s new merino blend reversible sweater for men is one of the most comfortable mid-layers. Combined with acrylic, these sweaters are soft on the skin and durable. Another interesting feature of these sweaters is that they are reversible. All of these sweaters come in two colors which can be switched by turning the garment inside out as and when the mood suits. The inbuilt properties of merino wool provide moisture-wicking properties and odor-resistant features to the garment. 

The classic crew neck fit of the garment is another feature that makes it a favorite. Designed in a regular fit, the sweater can be worn under a shirt or a T-shirt but also would look fine on its own. 

You can get this reversible sweater from here

Kosha Merino Blend Cardigan for Women

Don’t think that we missed out on the ladies by introducing reversible sweaters for the men. For the ladies who want to add oomph to their outlook and keep it classy in winter clothing, they can always use a cardigan. Cardigan is also part of the winter clothing. Where sweater is a closed knitted woolen garment, cardigans are usually knitted woolen winter wear with front open closure. 

Warm wear for ladies

Warm wear for ladies

Kosha designed the merino wool blend cardigan keeping in mind its versatility and multi-functionality. Cardigans are a timeless classic that can be worn with both western and traditional ethnic wear during the winter season. 

Apart from providing that much-needed warmth, it also helps in adding an extra layer of sophistication to your outlook. Kosha’s sweater can be used up to 10℃ on its own and anything below that would require the addition of layers. The V-neck cardigan comes in Charcoal and Maroon.

You can find more cardigans here.

Kosha Fleece Lined Hooded Parka Jacket 

One of the most important layers in winter wear that can be worn over your best thermal wear in India is a parka jacket. The jacket is part of the outer layers of winter clothing and is very essential in protecting us from external factors. Even if you are covered in great thermal wear and dozens of mid-layer, if you do not have a good shell layer, it can be very difficult in wind, snow, or rain. 

Stylish Hooded Parka Jacket

Stylish Hooded Parka Jacket

Any temperature below 8℃ requires a good shell layer as it can get windy and snowy past that. Depending on your travel demands, it is important to invest in a good jacket, preferably with a hood as it can protect your ears and head.

Kosha introduced the fleece-lined hooded parka jacket to provide not just warmth but also making travel much easier. Designed with multiple pockets for storage and polyester fleece fill for warmth, they can keep you comfortable at up to -20℃. 

Tested and proven on their ability to withstand cold, the fleece-lined jackets are a must-have when you are looking for something stylish yet comfy. Launched in the classic colors beige, black and red, the jackets are wind, water, and snow resistant. With a front zip closure, these jackets also come with a detachable fur hood and fur for extra warmth.

Check out these trendy jackets here.

Kosha Merino Wool Accessories 

Accessories form an important part of winter layering. The importance of protecting your extremities play a major role in keeping the cold at bay. Neck, ears, thoughts, hands, and feet are parts of the body that get exposed to the cold a lot but still are not covered enough. Good woolen accessories can work wonders in not just providing warmth but also can elevate the look as such. 

All weather merino wool accessories

All-weather merino wool accessories

Kosha keeps a great collection of merino wool accessories. Merino wool is considered one of the finest wool because of its fabric structure. Kosha’s merino wool accessories mainly involve technical socks, waterproof gloves, caps, and mufflers. 

Investing in good-quality technical socks is essential for your winter travel packing, especially if you are looking forward to enjoying outdoor activities like trekking or hiking. 

Kosha’s merino wool socks are designed such that it provides a great fit in addition to reducing the chances of getting slippery. The good grip with breathable pores makes it an excellent companion for your winter trips. These socks are also anti-bacterial and quick dry which is a big reason for them being a favorite of travelers.

Water-resistant and touch screen gloves are the new normal gloves. Both of them have become a huge part of life that we do not want to remove our gloves every time we operate our phones. Kosha’s gloves are designed such that it provides the maximum cushion to our fingers and has an ultra touch-sensitive outer coating.

Caps and mufflers are used in covering up our heads and throat from the wind and chill. It is very easy to get sick while our head or throat is exposed to the cold so using good quality caps and mufflers like that of Kosha’s is important.

You can browse through the merino wool accessories here. 

Dixcy Scott Thermal Wear

Another important brand that provides great quality thermal wear is Dixcy Scott. Regarded as one of the best thermal wear in India, they provide thermal wear for all sizes and ages.

Their products are made of technical features that are designed to be snug but not too restricting. Easy to blend in with whatever outer layer you are wearing, these thermals are especially useful if you are wearing well-fitted clothes. 

Some of the features of Dixcy Scott include 4-way stretchability, ease of blending in with outer layers, and their anti-odor feature.

Jockey Winter Wear

One of the most common names in the world of textile, Jockey is not a newcomer in thermals. They have been around in the clothing industry for decades and are an established leader in the undergarments market. 

Jockey provides comfortable and best fit thermals for men and women. Their brand value and trustworthiness are what make the customer go back to them again. Their thermals are made of cotton with a mixture of viscose and polyester. Their most popular thermals are the capris that continue to stay in style even after a long time.

Neva Thermal Wear

As the name suggests, Neva kids winter wear is a brand that focuses solely on providing thermal wear for babies and kids. 

They design woolen thermals for kids below the age of six. What makes them stand out is that they provide special attention while designing the thermals for kids considering their age and easy susceptibility to falling sick. So, the thick layers of Neva’s thermals make sure their chest and back are covered properly. 

They are also designed such that it does not make the child feel suffocated or tightly wrapped in the layers. They come at sensible prices and have been recognized as one of the best thermal wear for kids.

Which is the best thermal wear brand in India?

Thermals are and always will be a must-have if you want to keep yourself warm and comfortable in the winter. The thermal you choose should mainly be dependent on their fabric if they are lightweight or not, their ability to absorb moisture, and ease of packing and carrying for traveling. 

There are numerous brands out there that can fall under some of the best thermal wear in India. But if you are looking for something sustainable, durable, lightweight, and made of premium fabric, you can always check out Kosha to know more here.



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