Easy fashion tricks for Christmas

The year is coming to an end bringing the last festive season of the year. Christmas is a time of celebration and what better way to bring it in than dressing right for the occasion even if you are not going out. Not to forget the weather and dress accordingly. We’ve made you a fashion guide on how to dress for Christmas and stay warm and cozy at the same time.

Layering is essential when you want to dress for a festival in cold winter months and layering with the right items is the key. Nobody wants to look poofy under all those layers and ruin the look. Kosha’s merino bamboo thermals add the perfect base layers as they are thin, yet keep you warm and can also be doubled up as t-shirts and leggings. Let’s not forget the charm of winter fashion is the layering that enables you to add textures, colors and character to your outfit.

Once the base is taken care of, the next focus should be on the main outfit. If you have nailed your base layer, nothing should stop you from adding colourful summer pieces like a dress or a skirt paired with a pullover. The Supima Cotton pullovers are unisex and perfect for styling with contrasting / neutral jeans or pants for men. A simple yet the perfect outfit for those Christmas parties.

Add colour to your winter wardrobe with the Kosha’s Supima Pullover for Him & Her.

Since it’s the festive season, some of us like to go all out and the right way to do it is incorporating patterns that are doing the rounds in the fashion world. Merino wool argyle pullovers are the perfect ones to make a statement without even making an effort. Paired with a plaid skirt or pants adds the perfect dose of Christmas cheer.

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Incorporating Christmas colors in your outfit can be a great way to gear up for the festive season. However, having a balance is also important and not go overboard with the usual colors. Enter neutrals that can be used to balance the whole look. Opting for a statement piece with a bold color can make you stand out as well. Like opting for a puffer jacket and keeping the rest of your outfit neutral with a high neck pullover.

Be ready for any adventure with Kosha’s feature-rich jackets for Him & Her.

Last but not the least is accessorizing to tie everything together. Let’s start with the right type of woollen winter caps. Woollen pompom beanies seem like the perfect choice when it comes to festivities. Cotton skull caps are also very trendy these days and can add the right amount of color and style to a monochromatic Christmas look. If your outfit has a lot of color or patterns going on, then it would be appropriate to keep the color of the beanie neutral. Similarly if you have a monochromatic look going on then a pop of color wouldn’t hurt.

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Hand gloves are also a great way to elevate your look and stay warm. Even though winter in India varies from place to place, the Northern parts can find this trick useful. Much like the woolen caps, hand gloves can be a source of color and style coupled with functionality. A little technology is a bonus like touch screen winter gloves with Kosha’s merino wool touch enabled gloves.

Toast your hand with the comfy and cozy Gloves for Him & Her.

Color blocking has been a prevalent trend for a few years now, and a subtle way to do it would be with your socks. Merino wool winter socks to add the color and warmth to the outfit.

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Christmas is the holiday season to go all out with colors and sparkles and bling. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your style. Even though the tips we’ve listed are all on trend for winter 2020, it doesn’t mean you have to conform to them. Fashion is a way of expressing oneself and the holiday season is your chance to do it too. Let us know how you dressed up this Christmas by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram!
This article is written by Team Kosha member Deasi Roy.

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December 14, 2020



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