Explore the coldest pockets of the world with the 4 in 1 jacket!

Your next trip is going to be unforgettable. The Ski holiday in Aspen, Colorado is what you have been waiting for since months! The majestic Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, with the surreal skies will be something that will be etched in your mind forever. Just like Colorado, Wisconsin is a paradise for hiking and cross country skiing. This rugged state in North America is a white wonderland in winter, with heavy snowfall creating grounds for skating and abundant slopes for skiing. The temperatures in Wisconsin can go as low as -20°C. The thought of outdoor activities in such low temperatures surrounded by snow can be daunting, this is where the importance of protective winter wear comes into the picture. With your mind absolutely thrilled and excited, you will need to ensure your body is prepared too, for one cannot survive this extreme cold without sufficient protection.

Walking around Cologne, Germany, the Christmas markets have enthralled your senses. Captivated by the sights and sounds, you take in the magical ambience with wine and potato cakes. But what if all you can think about is your numb fingers, while you are shivering to no end? That would dampen the Christmas spirit, don’t you think? This is when you need to protect your body, and be able to enjoy the chillness around.

The standard way to keep your body protected is by layering yourself adequately. The base layer consisting of thermal wear is the one that is closest to your body. In low temperatures like in snow-covered Colorado, woollen thermals are necessary. The next is your mid-layer, consisting of jackets, hoodies and sweaters. When you witness heavy snowfall or rain, the outermost layer, that is, the shell layer becomes a must, which could be snow proof jackets, windcheaters, or waterproof jackets.

For a trek in Leh or camping in Norway, it is the sturdy and suave 4 in 1 Jacket which is the perfect attire for the whitest, coldest regions in the world. This dual-layered jacket with a detachable hoodie will protect you from the fierce cold winds of Canada or the heavy snowfall in Moscow. This is basically two jackets in one, a reversible, sleeveless jacket inside, and a full sleeve jacket as the outer layer. The four different ways to wear this are:

Winter Snow Jacket

>Outer full sleeve jacket along with the sleeveless jacket inside

>The sleeveless jacket by itself

>Reversed side of the sleeveless jacket

>The full sleeve jacket by itself

When you are dealing with fierce, brutal, chilly winds in Moscow, you would want to appreciate the architecture in Kremlin Square, rather than cursing the cold and being indoors. This jacket will ensure you don’t feel frazzled by the winds. Wear both the jackets together as one in case the temperature dips below -5 degrees. In the case of mild winters like in Ooty, the full sleeve jacket by itself is sufficient for protection while you enjoy your favourite winter sports. With ribbed sleeves and a detachable hoodie, this jacket is suitable for casual and semi-casual occasions.

For an evening in the lush green tea plantations of Darjeeling, the sleeveless jacket can be worn along with other base layers, to keep yourself warm. The sleeveless jacket has a waterproof layer on the outside with fleece lining. Hence, it can be worn for mild rain or snowfall, where the temperatures aren’t below 0°C, with layers. Since it is reversible, one can wear it with the fleece lining on the outside, for a smart look. The zip runs from base to the neck, which can be folded midway like a collar. The collar can be folded to reveal the reversible portion of the jacket, with a contrasting colour.

Just like the 4-in-1 jacket for men, the same is designed for women too. With quilting on the outside and welt pockets on either side, this jacket looks trendy and chic. The princess line seams on the bodice create a slimming look. With Taffeta lining, the jacket is soft and comfortable, without creating friction with the other layers of clothing. This has a detachable three panelled hood, which ensures a snug fit.

For your next women’s trip to Iceland, make sure you have this chic jacket, which can be worn without the inner sleeveless jacket in case of mild winter. This jacket features a turtle neck which protects your neck well. Fight the windy winters in style with this 4 in 1 jacket.

Layer the jacket with a pair of woollen gloves, to protect your hands from going numb. Often, we wear the perfect winter gear to protect our body. But one must make sure that the head, ears, hands and feet are well protected. Heat usually escapes from the head, thus remember to wear the hood.

For mild winter you could detach the hood and wear a light ear-band. If you are wearing only the sleeveless inner jacket, then a bright printed pure wool beanie or a trendy Argyle print cap will be perfect to add more colours to your outfit. While exploring the forests of Western Australia, the sleeveless jacket, colourful cap and bright printed socks will keep you warm and stylish. Add a trendy wool muffler to complete your look!

Enjoy your winter vacation without any shivers!



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