Exploring New Trends In Travel : 2020

Travelling is a source of refreshment and inner peace for many. It is about finding those things you never knew you were looking for. With a traveler’s desire for new experiences this lifestyle choice has transformed in the light of 2020’s unprecedented circumstances and given rise to to a host of trends in travel. We briefly explore a few in this article.

Bleisure travel:

After a long business meeting, fill your leisure time with the more exciting things like visiting your favourite destination or having fun adventures or simply taking a stroll in nature. This growing trend is named as Bleisure travel by the Future Laboratory as part of their biannual Trend Briefing written by writer Jacob Strand.

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Are you bored of working inside four walls due to pandemic? Then this trend gives you a new way to work so that you never feel stressed while working. Yes, work remotely while you are on a scenic vacation while enjoying the view. The upside of remote working is worth it as long as you have decent connectivity. Many are choosing beach shacks or Mountain cottages for longer stays and turning their workations into longer destination stays.

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Transformative travel :

The world after the pandemic is more cautious about health and hygiene. Food habits, exercise and a focus on mental health have led to the rise of Transformative travel as a travel trend. It is for those who want to make a difference in the lives of others and oneself. It adds purpose to the trip where they retreat either by joining a yoga class or relax at a nature-filled destination or join the organic food movement.

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Wellness Travel:

Traditionally, wellness travel has been designated to luxury spa holidays. But, in 2020 wellness is transformed in many ways like digital and EMF detox, rewilding, sound and spirit seekers, sleep retreats, genetic lifestyle and many more. Wellness Travel encourages learning of a new skill set by conquering fears and expanding horizons for personal growth through adventures like mountaineering, paragliding flight, skiing, Ayurvedic detoxes, forest bathing and more. 

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Experience tourism:

Experience tourism gives you a unique and immersive experience to mingle with the locals and partake in the culture of the people. In this tourism, you can opt for food tourism where you can taste or learn to cook the local cuisines or learn a craft or even live with local families rather than in hotels and get to know about their traditions and cultures. The key to do this is to be mindful and sensitive to those welcoming you to their locale. Do not objectify or fall prey to cultural appropriation. Choose to research beforehand for a richer takeaway.

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Solo travelling:

Solo travelling is exciting and adventurous. It gives you a chance to indulge yourself completely and makes you braver and more confident. It allows you to do whatever you want without any rules and maximize your “me-time.” You get to know yourself better by pushing your limits and by trying new ventures. Solo travelling allows you to meet strangers who turn into lifelong friends who share the same interests. But above all, safety is the highest concern in Solo travelling. We recommend you start by joining group trips organised for solo travelers and build a personal network, with whom you can maybe explore destinations, with the security of company without invading your privacy.

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Eco-tourism is a choice to travel sustainably with importance being given to preserving the natural areas and being sensitive to the well being of local people. Similar to experience tourism, but more efforts to build environmental and cultural awareness without damaging the habitats. The main principles of Eco-tourism are intended to lower the physical and social impacts, to provide financial benefits to the local people, and to give a positive experience to the travelers.

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Slow Travel:

Slow travel is an emotional journey without any rush to visit check off all the places on the list in short span of time. It is not about planning and hurrying rather it is to go with the flow of the journey. It gives you more satisfaction and has the potential for soulful experiences. It encourages you to indulge yourself in the surrounding environment and gives you many new experiences. Another important aspect of this travel trend is to opt for non invasive and low fuel consuming transportation. 

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Glamping is luxury camping, where you can experience the stunning nature without sacrificing material comforts. It is a combination of glamour and camping. Glamping varies in accommodation ranging across tents, villas, cabins, lodges, tepees, and tree houses, and many more. It gives you a chance to have an awestruck experience by exploring unique parts of the world.

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Road Trips:

One interesting fact of a road trip is that the first long-distance road trip by the automobile took place in Germany in August 1888 by Bertha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz intended to generate publicity for her husband’s invention of the motor car. This trend has grown enormously in 2020 due to pandemic and restrictions on travelling internationally or by flight. Road Trips are also an ideal option for families or those who have lived together, as it reduces the risk of infection from strangers. The downside is using public washrooms or reststops – the reason why caravan travelling or house on wheels are slowly gaining momentum. 

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Travelling is meant for adventures and it is an addiction that can never be fulfilled. Let your feet wander wherever it wants and pull yourself into the deeper love of wanderlust. Because in the end, all you have are tons of memories that can never be lived again. Wherever the road takes you, be ready for it with the right layers from www.kosha.co

This article is written by Kosha Team Member: Aamina Tasmia

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Our history goes all the way back to early 50s. Prrem and Aloo Vazirani – an accomplished couple who chased after their wanderlust bug. She was a doctor, he was a businessman, and both were filled with a desire to explore the world.