Gulmarg: Ultimate Travel Guide

India is a country of variety, we have mountains, sea, rivers, picturesque valleys and whatnot. While we are talking about mountains, if we do not mention Kashmir or Gulmarg it will be sacrilegious. Gulmarg is true to its name, “meadow of flowers”. It’s a tiny hamlet with the most mesmerising views and one of the most visited mountains in India. Gulmarg has a lot to offer from adventure activities to simply enjoy the serenity, this place is tourists’ first love. When you are planning your vacation to Gulmarg, you need to know why you should visit Gulmarg. The main reason is the variety that it offers to everyone in every season. Its lush green meadows make it look more like a picnic spot, perfect to bring your family and kids. In short, Gulmarg is a perfect place for a family vacation as well as a road trip with a bunch of friends. Let’s begin our journey towards Gulmarg now.

Gulmarg Weather & Best Time To Visit

Gulmarg is at 2690 meters so the weather is cold and pleasant. Summers are short but winters are long. Even in summers, the weather is pleasant therefore it is the ideal place to escape from the summer heat. The rainfall here is moderate and when winter arrives it is fairly cold. Snowfall starts in December and till February the snow remains, that’s when the temperature goes down to -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. Yet, in every season it is very beautiful with new offerings. The best time to visit this place depends on your desires. If you want to spend your summertime then Gulmarg has something for you, if you like snow, then also you will enjoy Gulmarg. The fact is Gulmarg’s versatility will sweep off your feet and in every season you will experience newer things.

How to Get There

Reaching Gulmarg is not a tough task. There are multiple ways in which you can choose to reach your destination. If you opt for flight then, fly to Srinagar and then reach Gulmarg via vehicle or public transport. However, if you want to travel to Gulmarg you have to come to Srinagar first and then from there to Gulmarg. From Srinagar, it’s only a 3 hours journey to Gulmarg. Srinagar is a very well connected city therefore there are a lot of options available. You can take a personal taxi or avail shared taxi, bus, train or by flight any of the modes will help you reach Gulmarg. The fare is reasonable hence it won’t affect your travel budget much. During winter, you might have to spend a litre more, due to snowfall or else reaching Gulmarg is pretty easy and cheap.

What To Wear In Gulmarg

As Gulmarg is situated at an elevated height, the weather is naturally cold. Summers are pleasant and winters are colder. You will always need a blanket at night. The average temperature goes down to -10 degrees Celsius in winter. Naturally in this weather, you need a proper insulator to lock your body heat inside. If you are travelling during the winter season you must keep yourself insulated and warm. Heavy woollen clothes are most appropriate during the winter months. Even if you are travelling during the summer season, keep your warm clothes with you. During the rainy and winter season, windproof, rainproof and thermal wear is a must. Make sure the quality is good or else you might end up in a bad situation. Some people prefer to own their woollen clothes, for which you can try local markets but it is better to travel prepared or else you can try renting but that comes with lots of hazards. Owning your clothes is best but it is an investment which might be a pinch in the pocket. That is where Kosha comes to help. Kosha offers you all sorts of stylish winter wear for all age groups and gender at an affordable price. From the base layer to the outer layer, you will get all in one place for the whole family. They have decades of experience and have created many innovative products that will keep you warm, insulated and at the same time not too pricey. Visit Kosha’s site today and select your winter gears.

Kosha Travel Wear

During the winter season when Gulmarg is deep in snow, you need to dress in layers. Parkas and puffer jackets are most appropriate to save you from extremely cold temperatures.

Kosha’s waterproof puffer ski jacket is versatile, elegant looking, fleece-lined and a hardshell will be the right companion. You can also try long coats. They are extremely stylish and good winter wear.

A good quality thermals for base layer is a must. Kosha’s innovative  Merino Wool and Bamboo thermal that is softer on the skin and lightweight with temperature regulating properties keeping you warm and odour free all through.

Don’t forget to protect your head, neck and hands. These are the places from where cold enters. Woolen socks are a must always keep an extra pair.

You will find everything at Kosha suited to your style. Just select and go for it.

What To Carry In Gulmarg

While you travel there are some basic important things you must carry. These must be important things are medicines, torch, caps, hats, a lair of woollen socks, globes, extra pair of jackets, shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, extra cash, battery, dry fruits and foods. Even when you travel in Gulmarg you must carry all these but be extra careful since it’s at an altitude plus the weather is colder. Some people take some time to acclimatise to the whole situation. You should be aware and always prepared to face any situation. Be it winter or summer, you should have initial resources ready.

Where to Stay

Gulmarg is one of the major tourist attractions of our country. Come winter, this town turns into a major ski resort. In spring and during summer vacation in schools, families flock here to enjoy the famous gondola ride.

Tourists continue to arrive post-monsoon to enjoy the greenery of the place. It is in short a year-round magnet for tourists. Due to this, hotels are available here in plenty.

You will find more hotels than houses. Yet, you must stay in a hotel where you feel safe and the services are good. You can also try resorts for your accommodation. A Budget hotel is much lesser in Gulmarg. The average price range is from Rs. 2000-2500 for a room during the off-season and in peak season it goes higher. You can try both bookings in advance and also on spot. During peak season it is advisable to book your room in advance to avoid hassles.

Gulmarg Trip Cost

Being a tourist destination all year round, this place is not very cheap, be it in the matter of hotel, food, sightseeing or transportation everything is costly. Therefore you must brace yourselves when you make plans for Gulmarg. If you have a fixed budget then you should make your bookings ahead of time to avoid a last-minute price hike. Book your transportation and lodging ahead so that you get at a cheap rate. If you are opting for a personal vehicle make sure you also book that well in advance. Try buying souvenirs from local vendors this will help you get the authentic things at an affordable price. This trip is going to be costly but if you budget it well then you can save a lot of money and also enjoy the trip without hassles.

Gulmarg Things To Do

Everyone has a purpose to visit a certain place, therefore when you make plans to visit Gulmarg you must know when to visit, what to do and where. Gulmarg is a place that offers a little bit to everyone in every season. Its lush green meadows are perfect for a family outing. The cable car ride known as Gulmarg Gondola is the second-highest Gondola in the world and is an experience of its own. Trekking to Apharwat peak and Alpather Lake is something that the adventurous kind can look forward to.

Come winter, the entire place gets buried deep under snow, making it a feast for the eyes. It is a great place for people chasing snow and wanting to experience a live snowfall for the first time. It is also one of the most famous ski resorts in India.

Gondola Ride

Road connectivity to Gulmarg is great and from Srinagar, you can get here in a matter of 2 to 3 hours at most. There are no long hours of driving involved. There are an ample amount of hotels here and your cell phones will remain connected. The Internet too is available at almost all the hotels.

If you are a bit on the religious side then the shrine of Baba Reshi, Maharani Temple, and St. Mary’s church of Gulmarg will invoke your interest.

There are plenty of other places nearby that you can visit in a day’s drive if you have a few more days in hand. In short, Gulmarg is a perfect place for a family vacation as well as a road trip with a bunch of friends. Please read our blog for more information on winter sports at Gulmarg.

Best Gulmarg Winter Sports to enjoy this year

Gulmarg Tourism Tips

There is no doubt that this is an expensive place. The lodgings and food are very expensive. Being a tourist destination, guides and pony might bother you a lot but you have to be strong enough to stay rigid with your answer. Though guides have no value for Gulmarg. So don’t bother hiring one to water your money. Cleanliness might be an issue, you might see horse dung everywhere. Well, something is not in your control.

Gulmarg Culture

It is no denying that Gulmarg is an astounding beauty and also a place of cultural extravaganza. The Winter Festival is one of the famous festivals in Gulmarg. Here you can see various types of traditional dances, songs, cuisines, adventure activities and many other performances. Gulmarg is also known for the delicious spread of Kashmiri cuisine. If you are in Gulmarg, do not miss to taste a scrumptious portion of various gastronomic delicacies. Bag some beautiful traditional handicrafts, and their westernised versions as well, from the local markets in Gulmarg. Pick a rare souvenir and enrich your collection of authentic chattels.

Availability of Basic Services

Gulmarg is a tourist destination therefore, it is highly famous and you can get everything you want at your fingertips. It is a well-connected place from everywhere. There are many resorts and hotels available. You can have various delicious cuisines. It has many markets to buy your necessities or souvenirs from. In all, it can be concluded that Gulmarg is every tourist’s dream destination. So if you are planning rear assured this is one of the great destinations to spend your vacation.


We hope our information will be useful to you when you plan your trip to Gulmarg. Needless to say, it is one of the most beautiful destinations situated in Kashmir. This place is amazing in every sense, in every season for everyone. It’s not a budgeted trip hence prepare and plan. Pick your season to visit and enjoy your vacation and have a bag full of memories.



When we plan to travel there are certain obvious questions in our minds that we seek answers to. Here are some of the questions that might pop up at the top of your mind.

Is Gulmarg worth visiting?

What is Gulmarg famous for?

The best month to visit Gulmarg?

How many days do we need for the trip?

Which is better: Gulmarg, Sonmarg or Pahalgam?

Is Gulmarg safe?

The one big question that will always be in your mind, is Gulmarg safe to travel to. The absolute true answer is yes, it is completely safe to visit. Throughout the year, it remains populated from all over the world. It rarely gets affected by the unrest happening in Kashmir but there is nothing wrong if you take precautions. Follow the news and if there is any unrest better to postpone your trip.

Where can you learn skiing in Gulmarg?

Gulmarg has many institutes where you can learn skiing. You can take the help of a local guide to find out the places. Yet to be fully aware before visiting, you can enrol in the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering and Jawaharlal Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports. You can take the basic course for your adventure trip but if you wish to take an advanced lesson then you may have to learn more and understand the course structure. The cost depends upon your course structure. You can read more about skiing in Gulmarg on our blog.

How many days are needed for tourism in Gulmarg?

How long you want to vacay in Gulmarg depends on your desires and availability. Some people complete their trip in 3-4 days whereas some people take up to 10 days to enjoy. It is totally on you how many days you want to spend, what you want to do and where are the places you want to explore.

When does it snow in Gulmarg?

Usually, December to February are the coldest months. The snow starts falling from mid-December and continues till Feb. The temperature also goes down and it is advisable to pack woollen clothes to protect yourself from the harsh climate.

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