How To Make A Travel Budget

Travelling is a way of learning how to live your life. When you travel your mind broadens, and you become more acceptable and resilient. That’s why wise say you should travel often to become a better version of yourself. Travelling is good but it also comes with some planning to make it seamless. One of them is budgeting. Having a travelling budget is a must as it helps you to understand and be cautious while you are travelling. You have to keep in mind logistics, hotel, food and of course clothing. If you are travelling to colder regions you have to take special care about your clothing, thankfully, Kosha got your back. You can avail all your winter wear from here at an affordable rate. So let’s get started with our travel budget and planning. 

Travelling is a great way to find new experiences for a lifetime. However, if you do not plan properly, travelling can be expensive. While you start your travel budget, you must take into consideration many factors. If you are travelling in India or abroad, you must have to know how to travel on a budget. A travelling budget includes everything from a hotel stay, transportation, food, clothing and accessories, souvenirs, gifts and extra expenditure in case of emergency. To have seamless travelling, you need to be prepared and plan for any circumstances. While making your initial travel budget the basics are important which are your method of transportation, your lodging and food. Once you have fixed them then you can build on other necessities. 

What Is A Travel Budget?

When you travel, you have some expenses to take care of. This total journey needs a plan or a budget as to how much you will spend on what, this is called travel budgeting. For making a travel budget, you have considered all the aspects of your travel and created a plan to help you in your travel. 

How To Make A Travel Budget

Travelling on a budget can be a little tough but it is good learning since you know how to live and enjoy in a budgeted status. There are many ways by which you can budget your travel frugally. The first time is always difficult but with time you will get a hang of it. 

Let’s find out ways in which you can travel even if you are doing it for the first time. 

Planning and more planning

After you have chosen your travel destination, now is the time to plan. Fix the time you will be spending in that particular destination. What are your desires and wishes to do during your travelling? If you want an adventure or leisure then fix it beforehand while you make the purchase. Don’t leave anything for the last minute. At the last minute, you may face unwanted problems which you would not want. 

Off-season travel 

Sometimes travelling during the offseason is great. You get better prices, value, and services and you enjoy more. Even you can get extra or a different experience which you might not have gotten during on season. Research the best time and also think about holidays when you can travel better. 

Be open-minded with accommodation 

While you are travelling, your main focus should be on travelling and experiencing new experiences. Ditch the idea of luxury suits with moderate rooms or paying rooms. You can also reach out to your friends and family for your stay this will save a lot of money. 

Plan your packing 

Merino wool thermals

Merino wool thermals

No matter where you are travelling, you should do proper packing, rather than plan it before you start. If you are visiting a colder region make sure you have high-quality winter thermals & jackets. If you are planning to rent or buy, fix your budget and also the quality as it is going to be an investment. Kosha can offer you high-quality winter gear at affordable prices. From head to toe, you can avail all your winter clothing from Kosha without a pinch in your pocket. 

Make your travel reservations ahead 

When you plan for your travel make sure you do the transportation bookings ahead to get the best prices. When you do your bookings ahead the price of the tickets is less plus you can also enjoy some free services. 

Travelling smart 

Travelling in midweek is advisable. Usually, at this time, the ticket prices are less and the queue is also short. Fly is economy class to reduce your cost. Use this money on your experiences. Use public transport rather than booking a personal vehicle, this will save a lot of money. 

Don’t spend too much money on food 

Of course, when you travel, trying different cuisines is a part and parcel. Beware of what you spend on, sometimes luxury restaurants may not offer you what you are looking for yet will charge you more. It is better to see things and then settle for the place to eat. Local made food is a good way to understand the taste and is also cheap. Some places also offer a kitchen where you can cook your meal.  

Earn while you are travelling 

Working on the go is a brilliant way to afford your travel expenditure. Teaching people in a way can help you interact and make contacts. It will be beneficial for you too while travelling you can also avail certain benefits. 

Budget For Accommodation & Activities

Previously, we have mentioned being open-minded about accommodation but we must also keep in mind that we need to be safe and secure while we are travelling. And for safety don’t think about spending a few extra bucks. 

If you are travelling, you will want to try some activities for the experience. Therefore you must allot some money for your activities and experiences. 

Budget For Clothes & Accessories

Warm Pullovers

Warm Pullovers

Travelling also means buying clothes according to the place you are visiting. If you are travelling to colder regions, having proper winter gear is a huge investment. For this many opt to rent but owning your clothes is much easier and advisable as it will help you in the long run. That’s why when you think of buying winter clothes, buy them from Kosha. We offer a wide variety of stylish winter gear at an affordable price. Visit to make your choice today. 

Budget For Gifts And Souvenirs

When you travel it is obvious you will buy gifts for your friends and family as memorabilia. It is better to keep some money aside while you travel. Try to buy from the local market usually, they are cheap and authentic. Sometimes, seeing tourists tends to increase the price, beware of that. 

Budget For Emergency 

Always keep some funds ready for any emergency. There could be many emergencies for which this extra fund will be very handy initially. 

Travel Budget Example

Travelling abroad to one of your dream destinations is always cherishable. Let’s say you want to travel to Paris, the city of love. The first thing you need is to plan on which season you want to travel. As it is a European country you need to invest in getting a visa. A tourist visa is usually easy to get but it may be a little costly. Make sure you book your flights ahead to find the best value and also your hotels. Initially, you should do a hotel booking, later as you travel you can find what is best and cheap. Food and water are very costly, therefore try eating at diners and local restaurants. If your accommodation offers a kitchen you can also try cooking. Local transport is the best or else travelling on your feet, soaking up in the ambience and getting to know the culture.  Research on the places you must visit, and opt-on. Finally when you buy souvenirs make sure you check and research to avoid doing extra payments. There are a lot of sites from which you can check the rating and book your lodging, you can also try youth hostels. This is an example, but there are many other ways you can budget your travelling. 


Travelling is very personal and it should be done the way you want it and what you desire. Travelling on a budget has a lot of pros, it will offer you a routine and you will know your limitations. It is also good to have a budget so that you don’t end up in a scary situation. 


Normally many questions come to mind when you plan to travel. Some are important like

  1. How do I know how much I have to spend on transportation? 
  2. How do I plan for a hotel and food? 
  3. Should I opt for local transport, is it risky?
  4. How sooner or later should I book my flights? 
  5. How much time should I invest in budgeting and planning for a trip?

These are some basic questions, to which you can find answers as you read our blog. 

How do I create a travel budget?

When you want to create a travel budget you can do it manually or you can try many apps. With the app, you can get an overview of everything at your fingertips. Sometimes, people prefer to making their research and create their budget, which is also fine but it might be time-consuming. 

How to travel on a budget?

Hooded Parka Jacket

Hooded Parka Jacket for Travel Budget India

Travelling on a budget is like travelling frugally. You know your limitations yet you want to enjoy the best. That’s why proper planning is needed before you travel. If you plan properly and you are aware of the circumstances, travelling on a budget is the best. Try it for once. 

How much does it cost to travel in India?

India is vast and full of variety. Travelling to any in India on a budget depends on the place. Where do you want to travel, what do you prefer and what kind of travel all is a factor when you budget travel in India. Telling you about one particular cost will not be right as there are many other factors involved. If you are travelling to the mountains your budget will be entirely different from beaches. Therefore choose your destination, then plan accordingly. Make your research and find out what suits you best. Usually travelling in India doesn’t give a shocking life yet, one should always be prepared for any circumstances. 

Hope our blog gave you an idea about budgeting and travel budget and their importance. So, what are you waiting for just fix your destination and start to plan your travel budget already?

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May 6, 2022



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