The classic trench is a staple of any winter wardrobe. The story behind the trench is a rather fascinating one and shows truly how to style evolution works in the fashion industry. It was originally an item of clothing for Army officers (developed prior to the war but adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, hence its name). During the First World War, this garment took the shape that we recognize today, a form that remains startlingly current despite being more than 100 years old.

Flashback to 1879: Young former draper’s assistant Thomas Burberry invented a special type of fabric for a comfortable and rain-resistant coat. The fruit of his labour was gabardine, a tough, tightly-woven and water-resistant fabric. The success of Burberry’s water-resistant fabric was phenomenal. Orders flooded in, the first major client being the British Army. Using his own designs for officers’ coats made 13 years beforehand for the War Office, Burberry added shoulder straps and metal rings to his gabardine coat, and the trench coat was born.

When the soldiers returned from the front after the war, they carried on wearing their trenches in civilian life. The trench kept its original shape throughout the years. The Burberry trench was imitated by fashion houses across the world. The trench became popular in the street and on the big screen but lost none of its charms even as it was associated with reactionary movements through the fashion ages. Punks took hold of the trench during the late seventies, and the eighties saw amateur versions of the trench in all styles. For a long time, the trench was associated with intellectual chic because it was classic and never went out of fashion.

While trends are transitional, there are certain clothing items that can be carried through the ages like the handy trench coat. Recently, the utilitarian jacket has undergone several fashion makeovers with leather panels, embroidered collars and pop colours taking over from plain beige. Come bleak weather or shine, this versatile cover-up won’t let you down. But Indian winters don’t often see the trench coat in its ensemble, mainly because we are too satisfied with our plain cardigans, pullovers and monkey caps.

Kosha, the winter clothing store based in Mumbai, decides to break the monotony and find a common ground for east meets west for Indian winters! The “Indianisation” of the trench coat will hopefully help in changing our wardrobes to a much more exciting and elegant one, which would be very useful in the drab winters. As is observed, October sees itself as the start of the Indian wedding season which runs till December and then sees a surge again during February (Valentine’s day, you hear me?). All of these months are pretty cold, especially in North India. In fact, North India is a  place where weddings are a huge affair! We often find ourselves in a dilemma of what to wear, how much skin to show and how to look amazing despite the weather.

These Indianised trench coats would be the perfect solution to the problem. Typically made with a lighter material to suit the Indian weather, the coats are 100% Merino wool with satin lining inside. Breathable, beautiful and elegant while keeping us warm from the cold. These coats have it all.

Wool Shawl Trench Coat

This autumn-inspired coat is vibrant because of the beautiful array of colours. The leaf and flower motifs enclosed within the great detailed border gives it a very unique and defined look. The multicoloured border makes this coat easy to layer and match with anything.

Wool Shawl Trench Coat

This coat is a riot of intricate and bold designs, all of which work seamlessly to make it a statement piece of clothing. As well as the similar colour palette keeps it from being too overwhelming. The splashes of green and pink make the overall look incredibly charming.

Wool Shawl Trench Coat

Teal and tangerine are a perfect match and it goes to show in this particular Indian trench coat. The colours, though at the broad ends of the spectrum, come together flawlessly to brighten up our wardrobes during winter. Which, honestly is a welcome change from the usual neutrals.

prepped-with-paisley-womens-wool-winter-shawl-trench-coat -jacketBohemian-Buta-Womens-Wool-Winter-Fashionable-Black-Trench-Coat-JacketOrnate-Wool-Winter-Embroidered-Shawl-Trench-Coat-Jacket

Talking about neutrals, they are always a safe choice. Especially when they come packaged with the beautiful handiwork like in these coats. Similar details all around the bottom and the cuffs establish a nice, solid look. The elaborate and multi-coloured design is seldom realised subtly. These coats are definitely a must-have for any Indian wardrobe.

Since the trench coat themselves are so unique and different, it only makes sense that we wear them in such a way that shows their fantastic versatility. Go forth and be trendy with these tips:

  • Add a luxe touch to your cool, casual look with an unexpected accessory like a string of diamonds.
  • Why stick to the tried and tested route? Skip the classic beige for a cheery colour that will keep your spirits up in the chilly weather.
February 27, 2016



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