Kosha finding its way to Extreme Sports!

4Play is a 360-degree media outfit for adventure sports, travel and outdoor culture. It is India’s original adventure sports channel born of a personal outcome from roughing it out, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experience that came along. Conceptualised in Nainital (India) the idea of 4Play was simple and straightforward. To bring to the fore, stories from the subcontinent. Ranging from adventure to extreme sports to exploration and conservation. At Kosha, we are glad and honoured to have our roots attached to something so ingenious and innovative like 4Play, that helps in bringing out the best in people by enabling and supporting their desire for adventure!

#RealLifeTested Kosha Puffer Jacket in the town of Manali

Tester: Sukrit | Location tested Manali | Temperatures: -5°C to 10°C

Kosha Designs Tested: Puffer Jacket, Caps, Socks, and Merino Bamboo Thermals

Amidst Kosha’s early adopters, lies 4Play’s Co-Founder and Vision lead – Sukrit. An avid climber, ultrarunner and daydreamer, Sukrit is a fan of everything that is self-managed and solo. Being the flag bearer of 4Play for self-sufficiency and pushing the limits, he loves to spend his time slithering over rock faces and devising challenging running trails in the mountainous backyard of Manali, where temperatures drop as low as -5°C to 10°C. Sukrit is also responsible for looking after the Marketing, Social Media, Sales, and every spot in between at 4Play.

During Sukrit’s many adventures and feats, Kosha’s Winter Wear has played a significant role in supporting him. For each sport, for every campaign, and for all kinds of crusades, Kosha gear is your perfect partner! 

Sukrit says –

“Safe to say that I have put the product to the use that it is meant for. One, it kept me dry and two, it kept me warm. And holds its shape even to this day. Also, with the outer shell off, it is one of my favourite things to put on for casual strolls in often chilly Manali weather. The bamboo merino thermal, what I love most about this product is the colour. And its texture is soft. A staple for Manali weather.”

Our collection is technical in nature – designed without compromise on quality, features that enhance comfort and performance during travel and adventure. Jackets for Skiing with an in-built ski pass pocket on the sleeve and powder skirt to keep the snow out. Ski pants with in-built gaiters. Advanced socks that have a cushion on the pressure points of the feet and arch support, ideal for walking tours and treks. Garments that have an optimum weight to warmth ratio. Clothing that is multi-functional like jackets with underarm vent zips. PufferJackets that get packed in a pouch, hence it is out of your check-in bag, giving you more room to pack other essentials. Stylish Trench Coats for Business Travel. Classic Pullovers in cotton and wool. Rain pants and Rain Jackets with seam sealing. Shell Layer or jackets made with technical fabrics that have a waterproof as well as breathability rating. Our line of sweatshirts and bamboo fibre pullovers are loved in places of light winter wear like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat. Kosha is a prefered choice for Indians travelling overseas as we have vibrant colours and sleek designs. Avoid your fingers from freezing with screen-friendly gloves. From accessories like stoles, beanies, and mufflers suitable for special occasions to Sweatshirts to wear at the airport and Hoodies for the AC in office; we have something for everyone. 

From a treacherous biking trip to Chandratal and Spiti Valley, a challenging climb to Mt. Kanamo or Mt. Yunam, or an adventurous trek to the glacial Alias lake, Bhrigu lake or Khanpari Tibba, the Kosha Winter Wear will be your best companion on your next trip to the wonderful city of Manali!



Our history goes all the way back to early 50s. Prrem and Aloo Vazirani – an accomplished couple who chased after their wanderlust bug. She was a doctor, he was a businessman, and both were filled with a desire to explore the world.