Kosha’s Tips For Washing Thermals

Stay Clean, Stay Warm, Stay Adventurous! A question that is on everybody’s mind: How to wash thermal wear?! No one likes to wear dirty clothes, but no one wants to spend all day worrying about how to wash their winter wear! What if there is an easy way to wash your thermals? Kosha’s tips and tricks will help save the day!

Washing thermals are easier than expected! Here are some handy tips to pack and store your garments:
1. Avoid squeezing the garments while washing, this will stretch the wool.
2. Do not tumble dry the thermals to avoid shrinkage.
3. After washing and drying the garments, store them in ziplock garment bags.
4. Wrap them in acid-free tissue paper, and place them in a bag or box in your travel suitcase.
5. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint oil to your suitcase before closing to keep the bugs away!

A query we are often asked: “How often should thermal wear be washed?”

Thermals should be washed for the first time after being bought. However, thermals could be washed twice a season only. That is more than enough! Over-washing thermals will damage their exclusive properties. You don’t want to over-wash your thermals, nor do you want your garments to be grimy!

After a long day of wearing thermals, it is natural to feel the need to wash them. However, the unique fabric blend of Merino Wool & Bamboo in Kosha Base Layers is that by simply hanging them up overnight and airing them out, your thermals will be good as new!

In order to use the right washing method, it is essential to know what your thermals are fabricated from. Luckily, with Kosha’s Merino Wool Bamboo Blend Base Layers your experience just gets better and easier.

A common dilemma is: “If Merino wool is so special then how should we wash our Kosha thermals without damaging them?” 

Merino Wool is a delicate fiber, treat it gently. As one sweats less in winters, avoid over washing this garment to keep the fabric newer longer. Its inbuilt moisture wicking and odour resistant properties allow it to be worn for 3 to 5 days at a time without washing. Hand wash the thermals with Ezee or Genteel or any mild liquid detergent. In the case of machine wash, the 4 simple steps shown below will ensure the best method for washing your thermals without having them shrink. It is important to check the tag on each garment for the best results. Keep in mind, Kosha’s thermals aren’t like any other!

What makes Kosha’s Base Layers extra special?

Breathable: Thanks to the Merino Wool x Bamboo Fiber blend’s quick-drying properties, it will keep you sweat-free during adventurous experiences.

Antibacterial: While hiking and skiing, we all want to stay fresh and active. Both Merino wool and Bamboo fiber have antibacterial properties themselves, thus allowing you to stay odor-free at all times.

Lightweight: Kosha’s thermals were made approximately 22% lighter. Easy to wear and no baggage weight, plus, they double up as tees.

Warm: Our temperature regulating base layers are inherently adaptive. This inventive blend will keep you between -15°C to 20°C.

As we say goodbye to Winter, the heat begins and the warmer seasons begin. We start to pack our winter clothes to make space in our closets. Many people begin to search for a way to store their winter wear without damaging them. With these simple steps, your thermals will always be fresh, clean and eco-friendly. With Kosha’s tips & tricks, there is always a way to ensure your garments are spotless!

Check out Kosha’s re-invented thermals, called Base Layers for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. We believe in eco-conscious technical clothing for explorers of all shapes and sizes. Say hello to us @koshatravelwear on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.


This post was compiled & written by Team Kosha members: Suha Hamadi & Namrata Ganguly.



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