Leh in winter travel guide

Leh in Winter

Leh in winter is magical. Let’s help you get there!

Travelling is a bug that when it is bitten, there is no escape. Travelling is good for the mind, health and building character. While you travel amidst nature, you realise the truth of life. You connect with your soul and liberate yourself. 

As everything is coming back to normal, we are again privileged to go on our holiday. Winter is almost here and everyone is gearing up for an amazing season. While you are deciding on your next trip to a warmer place, one suggestion is that travel to Leh in the winter season can be both an enthralling and memorable experience. Leh-Ladakh trip can’t be your weekend getaway trip, you need to have a proper plan and time to view the place and enjoy. 

Though, today a lot of tour packages are available which makes it easier to travel. According to your wishlist, you can avail any of them and start your trip. Most people prefer going on a road trip or a bike trip. Fret not, it is one of the safest and amazing roads to travel.

An adventurous and picturesque place that will make your heart happy, soothe your eyes and bring you peace of mind. You will realise that if there is heaven on earth, it is surely this. 

Experience Leh in Winter
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Experience Leh in Winter

So, now that you have decided to go to Leh in winter on your winter break, there are certain things you must know about Leh and why it is so special and gorgeous. There are so many things you need to see and experience that once visiting is not going to be enough. 

Leh alone is amazing and Ladakh is on another level. Both these places will make your heart flutter and you will feel a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

Nestled amidst the Himalayas, a rustic and heavenly travel destination that is sure to sweep your heart. Blue rugged valleys and mountains, winding roads coupled with the vibrant cultural life maintain the exuberance and charm of this place. The iconic place is a place filled with enigmatic lakes, rivers and awe-inspiring monasteries are some of the marvels. 

The wide array of trekking routes is sure to satiate your soul and enrich your senses. This place is an adventure haven for those who are yearning for it. The beauty of this vista can not be explained in words, it has to be experienced. 

Wise says that it is advisable that one must take the initiative to visit and experience first hand rather than listening to stories.  Therefore, time to tickle your wanderlust bone and pack some essentials with you to explore the most breathtaking destination of India and bring back endless souvenirs of memories with you. 

winters in Leh

winters in Leh

Here we are stating some facts as to why in your life at least for once you must travel to Leh in winter. We can assure you after this trip, you will not be the same person anymore.

Leh in winter: Leh Winter Packing List

Where is Leh located?

One of the highest altitudes where the scenic view is always breathtaking in every season. It is the joint capital and largest town of the union territory of Ladakh in India. 

Located in Leh district was also the historical capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh. It has an altitude of 3,524m that is 11,562ft. above sea level. It was an important trade route between Indus Valley and Tibet to the east, Kashmir to the west and also between India and China for centuries. This place is connected with the Leh-Manali highway. Leh is the conjuncture of all things beautiful on the earth.

Leh winter temperatures 

At that altitude, the weather is sure to be cold and when you are travelling during winter be prepared to face very cold weather with the lowest temperature. During winter the weather is very harsh. -3-degree centigrade is the normal temperature with only 46% humidity.

Leh in Winter

Leh in Winter

One needs not only to look after themselves by keeping them warm, but they also need to look out for others. It is necessary to always keep yourself protected to avoid severe physical ailments. 

In this weather, one must keep in mind the possible hazards that can happen. Thus it is necessary to be always careful and keep yourself protected at all costs. Cold can be harsh but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Take the leap and travel to Leh and experience the amazing weather and nature of Leh in winter.

Things to do in Leh in winter: Views & tourist attractions

There are so many things that one can do in Leh. Trekking, shopping, biking, visiting natural parks and so much more. This place is full of great passes and picturesque valleys that is still a tourist attraction. 

The thrilling experience of the chadar trek or travelling to the local villages can be very exciting, eating delicacies and enjoying the amazing views of the place is what you will get here. The place, the people, the culture is an experience of a lifetime. India is a country of diversity and this can be felt more when you travel to Leh-Ladakh. 

Explore Ladakh Leh and more

Explore Ladakh Leh and more

A place that is home to several tribes, species, mammals and what not. One time visit will not be enough to completely explore this place. Yet, one must once in life enjoy the experience, especially during winter.

At Leh, you can see how life is lived simply but it is meaningful and happy. Leh is a pkce fulfilling everyone’s needs. If you are an adventure junkie, Leh-Ladakh has something for you, if you are history enthusiasts, it has something for you, if you just want to explore the people and culture, it has something for you too. 

Experiencing Leh-Ladakh is a matter of luck and most importantly you will be surprised to find yourself in a new way.

Activities to do in Leh in winter:

Leh-Ladakh is an adventure destination. Here you will get everything you are looking for. History, peace of mind, trekking and visual pleasures. With the breathtaking view and amazing landmarks, it makes a great tourist destination. One must explore this place as it is sure to bring a lot of joy. 

weekend getaways in Leh Ladakh winter

weekend getaways in Leh Ladakh winter

This place has everything that suits an adventurer’s list. The open roads will lure you to do mountain biking. Trails are matched to everyone’s riding ability. 

The routes are full of surprises and this adventurous biking journey is one of the world’s greatest motorbiking roads. You will cover the highest passes and stand proud at 18,380 ft height. Don’t get scared! This is considered the best motorcycling road in the world. 

Leh-Ladakh is filled with excitement and adventure. The Leh highway is an amazing road to go for a road trip. This experience is something you will remember forever. There are two ways by which you can reach here, through Srinagar or Manali, both routes are amazing with surprises on roads and places to visit. 

If you want to do bike trips you can avail yourself of bikes from Manali or Srinagar. There are many packages available for the leh-Ladakh trip, according to your budget you can select. You can customise your tour packages which is a great relief for travellers. For every season you have activities that you can enjoy especially in Leh-Ladakh winter you have a plethora of activities that will make your trip memorable. 

Get the view from the top

The sprawling Himalayan range is drop-dead gorgeous, if you are into mountain climbing, this place is the right choice for you. A lot of peaks are accessible from various points. To climb, beforehand you have to do your booking based on which peak you want to climb. 

Pristine moments  at Pangong-Tso Lakes

This place has several lakes, visit the serene Pangong Lake and Tsomoriri Lake. Pangong lake is the highest saltwater lake in the world located at 4350m. The water is absolutely crystal clear and you can see a lot of birds visiting making the experience amazing. 

Pangong Tso Moriri in winter

Pangong Tso Moriri in winter

Want to try your luck with a snow leopard or Tibetan wolf, Tsomoriri Lake is a must-visit. Not only is there overflowing flora and fauna with several birds visiting, but it is also very soothing to your eyes. Seeing snow leopards is a matter of luck but here the chances are higher.

Trek your way…

Is trekking your thing? Then you have arrived at the right place. Gear up for an adventurous trekking journey and explore the region. Choose any of your favourites and get it going. Of course, you need an inner line permit and guide to take you which you will get very easily and Leh – Ladakh is quite a friendly place where people are very helpful. This is one place that is loved by both Indian and foreign tourists. 

Leh Trekking Trails

Leh Trekking Trails

Each peak is a fabulous achievement, once you climb you will realise how magnificent this place is. Plus this area is frequented by both foreign and Indian climbers a lot hence you will always find company. You have brownie points to see fabulous show peaks and amazing views if you visit Ladakh in winter. 

Find your inner peace at the famous monastery

Keep some time for Diksit Monastery. One of the most popular monasteries located at 10,325ft, famous for the enormous Maitreya Buddha Statue. While you visit the place you will realise the largeness and oneness of this place. 

Monasteries in Leh

Monasteries in Leh

One of the things you will feel when you travel to Leh Ladakh is the greatness of nature, mountains and all these beautiful monasteries that are there for a very long time. You will find a different meaning of life which city dwellers like us find hard to get.

A rafter’s paradise…

River rafting in this place is an adventure you don’t want to miss. A wide area of rafting options is available on the Indus with an outstanding view of the landscapes of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges which houses Buddhist monasteries on hilltops. 

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek

The whole stretch will be guided by professionals, therefore rest assured.  If you are visiting during winter, you must do the famous Chadar Trek in the Zanskar river. It will be an experience worth remembering. It is also known as the frozen river trek which is a great attraction for tourists. 

During summertime, you can visit the beautiful confluence of the Indus River and Zanskar river. The vibrant green water of Indus beautifully compliments the muddy water of Zanskar. 

Embrace your wanderlust…through trekking in Leh 

The best way to explore this place and its flora and fauna is through trekking. Experiencing this mountain beauty and all the gompas is awe-amazing. The land of high passes has always been a great attraction for trekking enthusiasts and adventure sports lovers from the world over. 

Enjoy the Shyam Valley Trek

The Sham Valley Trek, also known as the “baby trek” of Ladakh, goes through the Sham region, the lower part of Ladakh. The trek can be done throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to discover the villages and the everyday life of Ladakhis. 

Visit the Alchi Monastery which is the most prominent and largest among Ladakh’s monasteries. Established in the 11th century through Rinchen Zangpo, the Alchi monastery is home to antique paintings and sculptures that recreates the Kashmiri form of Buddhist representations. This easy trek can be done by beginners and family as well. 

Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh

Taking you to a maximum altitude of 3900 M, the Sham Valley Trek gives trekkers a unique insight into the lives of the locals and the traditional rituals they follow which have remained pristine and untouched by time. The Sham Valley Trek is for trekkers who wish to explore the history of Ladakh without prior trekking experience. 

Enjoy the cold at the Drass Valley

Want to experience a little more chill, you must visit Drass Valley, a place where there is snow all year round and temperature drops to -40degrees. It is the second coldest place on earth. 

Explore the remotest villages in Ladakh 

Fancy Apricot then Nubra Valley is the place you should spend some time. It is a cold dry region where the centre of attraction is the Nubra River but from April to August, the valley is filled with Apricot trees, a sight to remember. 

While we are talking about Apricot, we mustn’t miss Sham Valley in Ladakh. It is also known as Apricot Valley which is home to some of the remotest villages in Ladakh. 

View from leh

View from leh

Travel by road or trek to explore the region’s beauty. If you are travelling to Leh by road and including Srinagar Leh highway as well in your travel plan, you will be able to cover most of the tourist attractions here without going too far away from the highway.

A visit to the cold desert in Hunder

Another major attraction during winter in Nubra Valley is the Hunder, it is the coldest desert in India. Here the sand dunes are covered with snow which lies on the bank of the river giving a spectacular view. 

Nubra Valley, Hunder

Nubra Valley, Hunder

White in colour in the lap of mountains is a popular tourist destination. You can do a camel safari, these are special camels with double-humped on their back. You can visit the Hunder village which is very near to the Hunder desert. 

Absolute biking experience at the Khardungla Pass

A lot of popular regions are there to trek and explore the true nature of this place. The fantastic valleys and lakes will make your heart flutter. Travelling through motorbikes, you will enjoy the passes, one of them is Khardungla Pass, the world’s highest motorable pass with a breathtaking view. 

If you are travelling through Srinagar then you will experience another beautiful pass that is Zozila Pass. Both routes will amaze you and exhilarate your heart in so many ways.

Shopping fun in Leh

Each season has its charm, but Leh in winter is magnificent. Fancy Pashmina shawls, stones and other garments, you can never get better than here in Leh. Locally hand-woven woollen gloves and caps, Tibetan handicrafts, Buddhists masks and Thangka paintings are famous and great for gifting. 

Leh City

Leh City

The royaleness at the Royal Leh Palace

A trip to Leh is incomplete without visiting the Royal Leh Palace. The nine-storey palace where you can experience the marvellous view of the region. The inside palace museum is very notable plus the palace is surrounded by Indus Valley and Zanskar range. 

Visit the Hemis National Park

A visit to Hemis National Park should be on your itinerary list. It is a high altitude national park in Ladakh, globally famous for snow leopards. It is believed to have the highest density of them in any protected area in the world and is the second-largest contiguous protected area with a home to several endangered mammals and species. 

Perfect for photography lovers

For photographers or non-photographers too, the Ladakh trip is an experience for a photography tour. The breathtaking landscapes, beautiful lakes, adventurous high-passes, spectacular monasteries with wonderful people make Ladakh more than a perfect place to tour. 

This trip will give you utmost satisfaction covering all the photogenic places. To visit Leh-Ladakh properly you need more than a weekend but if you want a road trip and visit one-two place, this can be your weekend getaway destination. 

Buy exotic and traditional jewellery

Don’t forget the Tibetan and traditional Ladakhi jewellery which are exotic and easily available. Apricots grown locally are sweet and juicy in season (Aug/Sept) and a great buy. Their traditional clothes are also something you can try. 

To sum it up, there are a host of things to do in Leh in winter. So, if you are still in two minds, I hope we have helped you to make the decision now. 

Leh Winter Packing List – Winter wear, clothes and more

Packing for winter trips can be daunting. Especially when you are travelling to colder regions, you must keep in mind the pace and its climatic conditions. This winter travel guide will give you an idea of the place and other important facts during your winter travel. When you are travelling to a colder region during winter, the first important thing is to acclimate yourself to the temperature and environment. 

Sunset at Leh

Sunset at Leh

Among the few essentials that you always need to keep handy are body moisturizer, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, first-aid box, medicines, and heavy woollen garments. There are no such rules to follow while you are packing but there are some standards that need to be followed. 

Always keep yourself hydrated at a high altitude. Hydration is very important as it will help you to keep you energised. Before you start to pack, what kinds of bags you need to carry is important. 

Usually, backpacks are very common and easy to travel with. You can also travel with duffle bags but a stroller can create a little problem. You need to keep your hands free so that you can enjoy your travels. 

Now coming to packing for the tour depends on which way you will be travelling. Road trips, bike trips will have a different set of clothing where waterproof material is most necessary. Remember you are travelling during the winter season hence snow will be there, be always cautious not to get frostbite or let the cold weather get the best of you. Try to adapt to the climate and understand the fact that you are travelling, hence a lot of things won’t be according to your desire and you have to adjust. 

Leh View

Leh View

The mountains are amazing but also harsh. We do not want you to be afraid, we just want to make you cautious, so that you have the trip to remember. Some of the basic things you need to carry,

  • Cotton t-shirts, 
  • Jeans and trousers, 
  • Woollen socks and loves, 
  • Wind-waterproof jackets, 
  • 1 light jacket, 
  • 2 pairs of thermal winners, 
  • Hats or beanies, 
  • Handkerchiefs and 
  • Heavy woollen clothing. 

Among heavy woollen clothing, pullovers, sweaters, puffer jackets and parkas can be very helpful and serve many purposes. 

While you are carrying woollen socks don’t forget to carry inner cotton socks. The trick to dressing at high altitudes is in layers. This will keep your body insulated from the temperature and harsh weather.

 For shoes, it is necessary to wear comfortable yet something that will protect you. Boots are a suitable choice and to protect your head carry at least one Balaclava. It can be dusty so to protect yourself, carry a woollen stole. 

In the fear of what to pack and what not to pack, we tend to make our luggage heavy. Remember you are travelling, hence it is advisable to keep it light. Carry only things that can serve multiple purposes. Apart from clothes you also need to carry other essential things. Therefore keep space for all to fit in plus keep it light so that you can travel freely.

Outerwear like puffer jackets and parkas

During winter, the temperature and environment in Leh change rapidly. More than the cold, the chill wind affects greatly. In this scenario, wearing a puffer jacket or parkas can be a great option. It will both insulate you from the weather and also keep you warm. 

Wine Lightweight Waterproof Fleece Lined Jacket | Men

There are many options to own one, you can rent it or buy from Leh market. It is advisable if you buy first and be prepared for the weather in Leh. Kosha has a wide variety of parkas and puffer jackets at an affordable price for both men and women. 

While you buy from Kosha, you will be able to select your style, fit and range according to your choice. These puffer jackets and parkas are very helpful as outerwear gear as well. One of these is all you need for your Leh winter trip to complete. These jackets are good to go abroad as well. 

The material used here keeps in kind the winter temperature of various degrees. The need to buy your jacket is important at least in this situation so that you can protect yourself from unwanted diseases.

You can check out warm jackets for men here.

The collection of warm jackets for men in Kosha is amazing. You can choose according to your needs and style. Fleece style or water-resistant you can find both here. These jackets are suitable for higher altitudes and colder temperatures. 

Buy from Kosha, before you go on your Leh winter trip and select your fit. It is good to wear perfect fit woollen clothes so that they can provide maximum protection for your body. The price here won’t pinch in your pocket. 

To keep yourself warm and protected in the winter climate is what these jackets are meant for. It helps you to cope up with any temperature. Having at least one warm jacket in your wardrobe is a good idea. 

You can check out warm jackets for women here.

Kosha also has a varied collection of women’s warm jackets. You can find your style and colour in various sizes and according to your needs. Each of Kosha’s women’s jackets is stylish and also keeps you warm. Kosha takes care of the fashion side whilst looking after the protection. Each of Kosha’s jackets is very stylish which you can pair with any of your dresses. 

Buy Kosha’s warm women’s jacket that fits in your pocket and travel to Leh in winter. There are various colours and materials available for men and women. All you need to do is head over to the site and select your favourite one.

Sweaters and Pullovers

Sweaters and Pullovers are never out of fashion plus they are very useful for cold temperatures. A warm fashionable sweater can uplift your style plus will help keep insulated in the chilly weather. There are various woollen and hand-woven sweaters and pullovers available at Kosha. 

Warm Pullovers

Kosha’s Pullover for women

Choose the one that makes you look great and also keeps you safe. Usually in Leh winter weather, above your basic layer of clothing, you wear a pullover or a sweater as your mid-layer to entrap the heat. Choose something light and breathable to your skin. 

You can check out neat sweaters for men here | For women here

A perfectly fit sweater for men and women is very necessary especially while you are travelling to Leh or any colder country. Fitting is necessary for multiple reasons. Perfectly fit clothes can give you a lot of advantages, like reducing extra space or helping you stay comfortable during your journey. 

In Leh you have to dress in layers, first your basic clothing then your sweaters and on top of that you can wear a jacket to keep yourself insulated from the chilly weather. The sweater will prevent the wind from entering your body hence your body will be warm. At an altitude weather is unpredictable, it is always advisable to wear sweaters just above your basic thermals. 

Kosha has a great collection of men and women sweaters for your travelling purpose. The best part is that all these amazing collections are within your budget which makes it easier to own one than to rent. Owning your sweaters is much a better choice than renting. With renting you always have to be cautious with the quality and keep it safe. There are other factors such as woollen clothes carrying more viruses and bacteria than normal clothes. 

Hence while you are renting you are not sure about this factor. Another thing is you will never get your matching fit. Usually owning a sweater can give you the advantage of getting the style and fit of your choice. Right now, Kosha is offering an amazing sweater colour collection within your budget. Before you make that Leh trip in winter, don’t forget to buy your sweater from here.

You can check out comfy sweatshirts for men here | For women here

Comfort is what should be the priority while you buy clothes. You can only flaunt your fashion when you are comfortable in your attire.

Sweatshirts are like something very handy and stylish but you have to make sure that you have got the right one for you. Kosha has a great collection of sweatshirts for both men and women. 

Rimo Black Organic Cotton Sweatshirt | Women

The collection is good for urban activewear and good for outdoor mid-layers. The easy-to-style colour can be dressed up with your favourite shoes and accessories or kept sleek and simple for that effortless look. 

Designed as a commuter collection, it is ideal for travel wear, airport looks or road trips. It can also be worn as chic casuals for grocery runs, visiting friends, an evening jog, a dance workout or as an everyday staple. Layer it over base layers or below shell layers during cooler months for that extra bit of warmth. A core style for every traveller’s wardrobe.

You can check out stylish pullovers for men here | For women here.

A stylish pullover can pull off any style. All you need is to pair it right. And Kosha understands the importance of style with the need for being multipurpose. Kosha’s Supima Cotton Pullovers are the perfect choice for the eco-conscious explorer. 

Wear it on a staycation as is or use it as a mid-layer for your next adventure, whatever the occasion or season, look effortlessly stylish with these versatile designs. The budget is within your range, which makes it, even more, a lucrative buy for your next winter vacation.


Base layers are very important while you dress up for winter travel. This layer is close to your skin and you should buy it rather than wearing someone else’s. Getting a perfect base layer is mandatory since it will not only protect your body but also help you keep it warm. 


Merino Wool Baselayer

Kosha’s Thermal Tee for women

There is a necessity to get your base layer so that you avoid unwanted diseases and skin problems. Usually, base layers are thermals that are worn and above it, you wear mid-layers and top layers. Try buying comfortable base layers that are easy and smooth on your skin to breathe which also gives you the freedom to travel. 

Kosha has a versatile range of base layer clothing to explore from. Kosha’s Base Layers – India’s first temperature regulating thermal with feature-rich fabrics. Not only is it softer and lighter than traditional thermals but it also doubles up as a stylish tee or legging. Its special anti-odour, quick-dry, eco-friendly properties level it up for the adventure. 

Kosha’s base layer is ideal for everyday wear, travel and adventure sports.

You can check out merino wool thermals for men here.

On the client’s demand, we invented this Merino Wool and Bamboo thermal which is softer on the skin and lightweight. Its temperature regulating properties make it an ideal base layer to keep you warm and odour free. Good for running a marathon, visiting the Northern Lights or even for a winter workout at home. 

Crafted with care for an eco-conscious explorer. If you are travelling to Leh in winter, this is the ideal base layer that you must have on your packing list. The temperature regulating properties reduce the risk of catching a chill when stepping out of central heating. Plus it has antibacterial properties that make it more convenient to own this as your base layer. 

There is a wide collection of base layer thermals for men in Kosha for different shapes and requirements. Everything is within your budget so, while you are planning for your next Leh in winter trip, you must buy it from Kosha.

You can check out merino wool thermals for women here.

Travelling to colder regions during winter and enjoying the only trick is to layer right with the perfect base layer clothing. And what is better than Kosha’s Merino wool thermals? Find your fit and choice and then layer it with your favourite sweaters and jackets. 

Kosha’s Thermal Tee for women

It is lightweight thus it helps your skin to breathe and is very comfortable to wear while you are travelling. The material is very durable and waterproof which makes it ideal for winter travel. There are a host of women’s thermal collections in Kosha in various colours, shapes and sizes. Get yours today.

Woollen bottoms – Snow Pants

While you travel to colder regions you must keep in mind the rapid changing of the weather. Facing snowfall or heavy snow is inevitable. That’s why you must have the right precautions to protect yourself.

You can check out merino wool thermal bottoms for men here | For women here

As a base layer for your legs, your winter wardrobe must-have Kosha’s reinvented thermal leggings made of Merino Wool and Bamboo crafted into a stretchable fabric. 

Waterproof Ski Pants

Peach Waterproof Ski Pants

Ideal for winter workouts with optimum warmth and breathability. Its slim-fit style is perfect to layer with our Waterproof Pants for whale watching at Húsavík, Iceland or the Chadar Trek. Made of the finest quality, durable fibres. The material is soft and lightweight, making it an ideal base layer to keep you warm and odour-free. 

So whether you’re running a marathon at 10°Celsius or less or prepping for the Northern Lights, these are just perfect. It is stylish and available for both men and women in different shapes and sizes. Now own one and rock the winter tour easily.

You can check out ski pants for men here | For women here.

Travelling to Leh in winter you will face snow. Whether you are skiing or not, having ski pants is a must. Kosha’s waterproof ski pants are the best choice for your next ski trip or hiking trip. Rely on Kosha’s highly versatile hardshell pants to explore the snowy hills. 

Made of 100% Nylon with PU Breathable coating. The stable and comfy fit makes it easy to move in. It is a good choice for activities in cold temperatures.

Built for unconstrained movement. Tackling the slopes just got better with our built-in features such as thigh vents for increased breathability and the gaiters to stop the snow from entering the pants. Available for both men and women in various colours and styles and that too within your budget.

Warm accessories

Black & Grey Touch Enabled Merino Wool Gloves

Your trip to Leh in winter will have some risk of freezing and chill weather. Apart from the layered dressing you also need to take care of your hands, heads and neck region carefully. Reduce the risk of freezing and frostbites with Kosha’s merino wool accessories.

You can check out merino wool accessories for men here.

You can check out merino wool accessories for women here.

Finish off your winter dressing with Kosha’s specially designed accessories. Kosha’s designs are ideal for those moving to Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia or shifting base to colder regions in India. 

From easy to style options like stoles, beanies, mufflers suitable for special occasions to more technical designs like arch support socks and touch-enabled gloves, kit yourself from head to toe at one place and travel hassle-free. Stylish accessories are available for Men, Women, Boys and Girls.

Stay warm in style with this soft woollen beanie in a timeless knit and colour. The perfect length to double fold the rim to keep your ears and head protected in deep winter, while breathable enough to not cause overheating. 

All-weather Accessories

Check out Kosha’s Winter scarf collection here

Style it with formals or casual, wear it indoors or out, this pompom cap can level up for winter adventure sports. Match it with a muffler and gloves or contrast it with a jacket for a smart winter look. Get all these accessories from Kosha at an affordable price.

Warm shoes or snow boots

The fun part of winter travel is that you get to wear stylish boots that are suitable. Boots will keep your feet protected from the harsh weather and also make you look stylish. Shoes are something that you need to own, renting may not give you the right fit and can bring you more trouble. Kosha’s winter boots are amazing both in style and comfort.

Shoes are an important part of your attire. And especially when you are travelling you need to wear the right kind of shoes to keep your feet protected and comfortable. Wearing good shoes is mandatory as the whole weight of your body is lifted by shoes. While you are travelling to colder regions or Leh-Ladakh in winter you must have warm boots. Warm boots will provide you with warmth and comfort during long days on snow and ice. Make sure it is waterproof or else you will have frostbite and your vacation will be sad. Shoes should be comfortable enough to help you travel and enjoy. Kosha always suggests people get their shoes that go along with their attire. Sometimes we choose fancy options but what is important is to have proper protection. In that high altitude with cold temperatures, you must be aware of your body and what is necessary to keep it fit and fine.  There are a lot of brands that have a great collection of boots and snow boots both for men and women. Buy according to your needs. You can also avail boots from the place you are travelling but there are high chances of not getting the match. Plus it is advisable to own your shoes to avoid ailments. Once you invest in good boots or snow boots it will go a long way. Do not hesitate and buy it before you start your journey. 

 Warm socks 

Another important part of winter dressing is getting the right socks. A sock is not just an insulator but also a protector. 

Keep your feet warm and protected with these soft Merino Wool socks. Perfect as liner socks on winter hikes as an extra layer of warmth inside technical socks. The inherent moisture-wicking and breathable properties of the superior quality wool help keep your feet odour free for a longer time. Ideal for workwear to match with your gloves, beanies or mufflers. 

Olive & Navy Ankle Length Cotton Socks Pack of 2 

Wear it for winter workouts, strolls or a nightcap. These socks also reduce the chances of blisters, cramping toes and smelly feet. Cushioned pressure points at the heel and toes, breathable body-mapped mesh, arch support plus a soft ribbed weave at the ankle to avoid slippage. The perfect choice for winter travels for any colder region like Leh.

You can check out winter socks for men here.

You can check out winter socks for women here.

Importance of layering in Leh in winter

Layer dressing in Leh in winter is necessary because it will act as a shield from the weather and temperature. Layering is a concept of putting clothes one above the other which protects your body by retaining the heat your body naturally generates. 

More the layering, the more warmth you will receive.  It is a technique used to keep yourself warm with minimum and lightweight clothing while involved in an outdoor activity in a cold environment.

Usually for winter travel, we need to do layer dressing to keep our body warm and not to dissipate the generated body heat. With multiple layers, we can easily lock the heat and keep ourselves warm and cozy. Keeping the concept in mind, the layers that we use can be divided into 3 different categories – The Base Layer, Mid Layers and The Outer Layer

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The base layer is the most important, the first layer which is in contact with your body. Your choice of clothes for the base layer has to be breathable, else you feel restricted, and uncomfortable and you will sweat more. It has to disperse the sweat generated by your body, or else you will lose a lot of body heat to keep yourself warm. It needs to be odor-free, or else you will increase the chances of bacterial growth and also create problems for your mates. Be soft on skin and material that dries easily.  

The mid-layer is the between layers that add extra insulation by trapping the air between them. This layer is responsible for keeping your body warm. Keep the layer clothes light, breathable, and dry to keep dispersing the moisture away. 

Dry-fit tees and fleece are the best second or sometimes third upper layer as it is light and a very good insulator material. Keep one fleece to your packing. If you are trekking higher altitudes or colder regions add a down jacket in your mid-layer For your legs and feet, woolen socks are a good way to keep your feet warm. As for the pants you can use multi-pocket hiking pants as your mid-layer. 

The outer layer is the one that faces the weather temperature and everything that nature provides. This layer is here to protect the inner layers and depending on the weather conditions you can change this layer very easily. 

This layer must be of breathable and waterproof material. The reason is that it can easily repel and protect you. Jackets and parkas are usually worn for this layer. 

At times you might have to add hybrid layers that are with fleece lining, zippers, and water-resistant but that depends on your endurance and place. It is better to keep things minimal and light so that you have flexibility.  

Not just your hands and legs, but your ears, throat, head, and palms should be protected. You need to be careful or else getting frostbite in these areas is very easy. 


Q: What is the weather like in Leh in winter?

A: Very cold, with temperatures dropping below freezing.

Q: What are the best things to do in Leh in winter?

A: Skiing, snowboarding, visiting frozen lakes and waterfalls, and exploring the local villages.

Q: What should I pack for a trip to Leh in winter?

A: Warm clothes, waterproof gear, and sunscreen.

Q: Is it safe to travel to Leh in winter?

A: Yes, but it’s important to be prepared for the cold weather and to drive carefully on icy roads.

Q: How can I stay warm in Leh in winter?

A: Dress in layers, wear a hat, gloves, and scarf, and drink warm fluids.


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