Manali: Ultimate Travel Guide 2024

Manali Travel

Manali, a beautiful town located in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best and most popular places to visit in the country if you are seeking a memorable, rejuvenating, and thrilling vacation. Situated in the Kullu district, amidst the banks of the Beas River, Manali is flooded with serene landscapes, misty snowfalls, picturesque views, breathtaking adventures, and much more. Manali is at an altitude of approx. 6500 feet above ground level and is around 570 km from Delhi. This place is an ideal destination for everyone be it family, college friends, or honeymoon couples. During summers, people from all over the country book their tickets and plan their trip to Manali, in order to avoid the scorching heatwaves and enjoy the Manali trance with the soothing beauty of mother nature.

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Manali Weather & Best Time to Visit

If you are seeking to escape from boiling summers or are planning to see the white snows with some exciting adventure sports, here’s a seasonal breakup of the climatic conditions pertaining in Manali so that you can arrange your tour accordingly

Season Months Temperature Essentials
Summer ( Pleasant and warm) March- June 10 degrees to 25 degrees Base layer thermals, sunscreen and body care products, medicines
Winter ( frosting & chilly) November – February 3 degrees to -1 degrees Kosha winter layers, waterproof ski pants, snow boots, first aid
Monsoon (Heavy rainfall) July – Mid September 10 degrees to 16 degrees Raincoats, umbrella, waterproof thermal layers, emergency kits

Summers in Manali– summer knocks on the doors of Manali in the early march itself and the temperature from march to June ranges from 10 degrees to 25 degrees. Weather remains pleasant during these months and one can go along with just the base layer thermals during these days. This is the best time to visit Manali as the weather is not that chilling, which serves as the motivation to try hands on the outdoor activities such as paragliding, river rafting, trekking, camping, and much more. Also, one gets to see the blooming scenery of this place which is covered with flowers and greenery during the months of March-May.

Winters in Manali – winter onsets in Manali in the month of November and lasts till February. Temperature goes as low as -1 degrees and the place experiences snowfalls and white views throughout this season. It is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts who aspire to go skiing in the winters.

Monsoons in Manali – Monsoon in Manali starts from July and lasts till mid-September. The place experiences a heavy rainfall which leads to landslides, floods, and tricky climatic conditions thus, it is not advisable for the visitors to come to Manali during monsoons.

How to Get There

In order to reach your lovely destination, you might be wondering how to reach there and by what means. Here’s a brief overview: –
By Air – owing to the prevailing climatic conditions, flights are considered quite unfavorable to travel to Manali, however, if you still prefer traveling by air as compared to other means, then Bhuntar is the nearest airport which is around 50 km from Manali. Domestic flights run from Delhi and Chandigarh till Bhuntar and a cab/taxi can be booked from thereon till Manali.

By Bus and Train – Talking about the train route, Chandigarh is the nearest railway station and from thereon, one has to do a 9-hour journey via bus/cab. Manali is nearby to other tourist spots as well such as Kullu, Dharamshala, Leh, etc. so the Himachal Pradesh roadways and private buses are easily available. It is advisable to book Volvo and sleeper coach buses which provide good sleep and comfort during the journey and are affordable as well.

By self-drive – one can also reach Manali by driving their own vehicle. the extremely fascinating views and the turns and twists of the natural beauty at every other lap makes it more attractive for the travelers to go by their own vehicle in order to optimize their pleasure from the trip. However, if you are not very comfortable driving, especially in the hilly terrains, then it is advisable to hire a driver for the journey.

What to Wear in Manali

Manali possesses the real charm and is so beautiful, so our visitors would also like to look charming and beautiful with their wonderful attires but at the same time keep the extreme weather conditions in mind as well.
If one intends to go to Manali during the summers when the temperature is moderate, then a stylish base layer will do the work, or a mid-layer jacket/hoodie styled with the inner casual wear will also be suitable. However, if you are traveling during winters and will also be participating in adventure sports then the following items can be considered for wearing: – Puffer jacket and parkas will be the most suitable fit as they will protect against the chilly winds. Kosha offers a great range of winter apparel where these jackets provide the right amount of warmth to the body, are waterproof and at the same time are lightweight which makes them easy and comfortable to wear and carry around. A hardshell waterproof jacket, a good pair of socks and gloves with the right material which doesn’t support itching, mufflers, sweaters, and pullovers are the other items that need to be considered while planning your Manali trip. To have a better idea of what to wear on your Manali trip, you can check the following article here
Warm jackets and other accessories for men can be checked here
Warm jackets and other accessories for women can be checked here

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What to Carry in Manali

While packing your luggage for the Manali trip, make sure that you keep all the necessary winter wears, accessories, first aid box, medicines, thermals, the right amount of cash, any important documents if required (passport, vaccination certificate, ID Proof, etc.), electronic devices ( camera, mobiles, earphones, charger, etc.), body and skincare products and anything else which you might feel is important for your trip to be comfortable.

Where to Stay

Your stay during the Manali trip depends upon your budget and the load on your pockets. Here are some options to consider while deciding upon your accommodation.

For the middle class – in the old Manali area, there are few guesthouses and village homes which are not expensive and are covered with the beauty of the apple orchids and the snow coating all around. If you want to have an aesthetic presence around with a limited number of crowds in the picture, then staying in these places will be the best fit for you. On the new Manali side also, there are a few restaurants at cheap rates such as Vashisht, Rohtang Manalsu & Beas, etc which are the best fit for the backpackers and low budget trip travelers.

For the rich class– if you are trying to seek maximum pleasure and luxury from your trip, and money is not your concern, then there are a few resorts and fancy hotels such as Picadaily Resort, Johnson’s, Orchards house, Hotel Kunzum, and a few more to explore and stay.

Manali Trip Cost

There are a lot of companies providing Manali tours and Manali packages which consist of combinations such as 3 night 4 days stay with services such as meals, vehicles, nearby site seeing, and adventure sports depending upon your budget, time availability, preferences and the season of visit.
For ex- a Manali Volvo tour package consisting of 3 night and 4 days stay starts at Rs 4500/ person and includes services such as lunch and dinner services in the hotel, sightseeing at Rohtang pass and Solang valley, a trip to mall road, taxi services and a visit to the local streets during sunset time.

Manali Things to Do

Here’s a list of things to do on your Manali vacation: –

Trekking – Manali serves as a delight to all the enthusiastic folks out there. The rock-climbing opportunities and interesting high altitude hiking treks are the most thrilling part to be explored and experienced during the trip

Skiing – skiing especially during the winter months will fill your soul with a great amount of euphoria and adrenaline rush. Yak-skiing is yet one step further in terms of adventure and do try this out in order to make your trip worth remembering and cherishable throughout your lifetime.
Other adventure sports such as camping, river rafting, paragliding, zorbing, etc. should be tried out at any cost by all the high energy wanderers. Things to do while exploring Spiti Valley can be found out in this article.

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Manali Tourism Tips

The Manali town is divided into two parts- the new Manali which is the city side and has been exploited now due to commercial purposes. also, this part of Manali is usually crowded with families and couples. Another part is the old Manali village area which is very serene and quiet and due to its simplicity and picturesque beauty, many foreigners and travelers prefer staying here and exploring this part. talking about Manali tourism, here’s a list of places that you need to visit in order to truly experience the beauty and specialty of Manali. These places are: –

Mall road – this is one of the most popular tourist attraction spots and your trip to Manali is incomplete if you don’t experience the very enriching mall road. The street is filled with mouth-watering delicacies and local shops where you can buy souvenirs from your lovely trip.

Rohtang Valley – this place is layered with snow at all times of the year and one can visit here during the summer months. this place is the main source of connectivity between Kullu and Spiti valley and has more than 25 lakhs visitors each year.

Solang Valley – this place provides terrific glacier and snow views throughout the year and is best known for its adventure sports such as skiing. You can also try out some Chinese cuisines from local street vendors and can reach up to this famous spot via road.

Naggar Castle – this place is located in the Naggar town and is surrounded by the lush green forested hills throughout, which is indeed a treat to the eyes. This place has a historical touch, fireplaces, stone carnations and the wood and rock works inside the castle will leave you awestruck.

Some other places to have a look upon depending on your time and budget are Kullu, Kasol, Manu temple, and Hadimba temple.

Manali Culture

Talking about the culture of Manali, this place is abandoned with ancient legacy and historical artifacts. Rapid industrialization has not affected the festivals and traditions of this beautiful hilly region. Manali is known for its magnificent folk songs, indigenous arts, socio-cultural dress up, and food. the place also owns rich craft and carvings from the past civilizations.

Tibetan monastery in Manali village Himalaya India

Availability of Basic Services

Talking about the availability of basic services, Manali has good internet network connectivity as compared to other hilly places. 4g network is found in most places and if you have an airtel network, then it is even better. Roads and connectivity of the Manali region are also good and despite being on rough terrain, one can self-drive and go around different places easily with a car, cab/taxi and bus. Manali has a huge number of tourists visits every year and thus it becomes increasingly important that the place is accustomed to good healthcare services. Manali is enriched with private and government hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, and yoga institutions in order to take care of its lovely visitors. Other than these, the place is flooded with a lot of shopping and food stalls where all the essentials can be easily bought.


In the end, one can be totally assured that a trip to Manali will surely be the one worth remembering and this place has something for each one of us whether it’s a family trip, honeymoon couples, school-college friends’ reunion or our fellow solo Travellers. Overall, this place is a complete package of entertainment, thrill, refreshment, and a break from the routine boring life.


 Is Manali safe?

Manali is absolutely safe for Travellers of all kinds. The place has a lot of visitors at all times and the incidence of unfortunate events happening is quite a rarity. Local people of the place are very helpful and all the basic services are easily available nearby so one need not fear while planning their trip to Manali.

Do I need medical clearance to trek in Manali?

No medical clearance is needed while planning a trek in Manali. Due to covid restrictions, negative RT-PCR results and vaccination certificates might be needed in some places. For your own safety carry a medical kit and other essentials in your backpack while trekking.

How many days are needed for tourism in Manali?

Entire Manali can be ideally covered in 3-4 days if you plan your activities and places to visit wisely without wasting time on too much resting or unnecessary shopping and dining. It also depends upon the good Manali tour and Manali package selected by the traveler.

When does it snow in Manali?

Snowfalls are common in Manali during the peak winter months of December and January. During this time, the place experiences a heavy layer of snow coverings all over and this is the best time for adventure enthusiasts to go skiing.




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