March 2021 Long Weekend Getaways

The third month of the year, March is when you can see the chilly wind making way to the fragrant breeze. The thawing snow welcomes the budding flowers and it is the perfect time of the year to make some amazing trips. Luckily this March we have two scopes for the long weekend. So without further ado, here is the long weekend list and our recommendation for the top weekend getaway this March!

Long Weekends in March 2021
Shivratri Weekend (11th, Thursday to 14th, Sunday) : March 11th, Thursday is a holiday due to Maha Shivratri. So, if you take a day off on March 12th, you get a long weekend of four days from Thursday to Sunday. Ta-Da!
The Holi Weekend (27th, Saturday to 29th, Monday) : Choti Holi falls on 28th and Holi is on 29th. So if you begin you weekend on Friday evening, you get time till Monday!

Weekend Getaway Option 1: Gulmarg
For all the snow sports fans this would be the ideal time to put into action that skiing plan of yours. What other place than Gulmarg to make it happen? Gulmarg is a famous skiing destination in the Baramulla district of Jammu & Kashmir. This place is heavenly in any season, with its lush meadows or sparkly snow. Gulmarg in March is that time where the tourist footfall is low but at the same time, the snow is still fresh enough to still enjoy before it melts away. So, this weekend, you can get your skiing plan along with that long lost hobby of photography. Want to get inspired? Read our founder, Yuktie’s experience there.

How to reach Gulmarg? Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport | Local Transport: You can board at Pathankot railway station and reach Dalhousie via road.
Expected Temperatures in March: Minimum average -1.9 °C – Maximum average 4.6°C
Recommended travel wear: Snowproof Skiing Jacket and a Skii pants with waterproof gloves and beanies to protect your head.

Yuktie at Gulmarg, wearing Kosha.

Weekend Getaway Option 2: Mathura – Vrindavan
This is for those readers out there who like to be at the most “happening” place. The Radha-Krishna themed Holi at Vrindavan is an experience of a lifetime, those awesome rainbow like images you see on the interwebs are usually from here. Checkout this photo essay and relish the vibrant colours. Commonly referred to as the festival of colors, Holi at Vrindavan brings together a massive celebration. The Holi celebrations in Vrindavan and Mathura would include not just playing with colors, but you also get to witness the famous “Lathmar Holi” where women can playfully tease men with sticks, showering of flowers at Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan, watch brilliant street plays and skits by artists, experience the Holi procession and last but not the least, you get to indulge in Bhaang and Gujiyas at Dwarakesh Temple. A word of caution – do take any necessary Covid precautions before participating in these festivities, as they tend to be large crowds gathering.

How to reach Mathura? Nearest Airport: Agra Airport | Local Transport: You can get down at Mathura railway station if you are traveling by rail or the place is well connected by road via all the major cities.
Expected Temperatures in March: Minimum average 14°C to Maximum average 30°C
Recommended travel wear: The days can get quite warm and hectic. So go with something comfortable that you don’t mind letting go off if completely covered in colours.

Weekend Getaway Option 3: Shillong
Nestled in the abode of clouds, Shillong is the perfect getaway for all those who love solitude. With its pine trees, green hill slopes, and soothing climate, Shillong is often referred to as the “Scotland of the East”. Apart from sightseeing, you can also indulge in hiking, camping, picnics, and take lots of photos. Every location in Shillong looks straight out of a postcard. With a prominent westernized culture, this city has a youthful vibe to it that resonates with anyone who visits the place. Recommended must dos – stay at a homestay, spend an evening listening to live music, try out Khasi food, shop vintage records from the Old Market.

How to reach Shillong? Nearest Airport: Shillong Airport | Local Transport: You can get down at Guwahati railway station and travel to Shillong by road.
Expected Temperatures in March: Minimum average 14°C to Maximum average 22°C
Recommended travel wear: Shillong in March offers perfect hill station like climate. Rock your trip in your favorite shorts and a stylish soft Supima pullover.

Liked this month’s recommended trips? Wait for more interesting locations in the next edition!!

This article was written by Kosha Team Member : Reshma Rajendran

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