Mussoorie in winter: What to wear in Mussoorie in winter

Mussoorie in Winter

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Mussoorie is a famous hill station best known for its religious sites and its pilgrim legacy. It offers a delightful environment where you can enjoy yourself a lot and have a pleasant time. 

Also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, tourists relish the scenic night view of Dehradun and dusk view of the Himalayas and whatnot. Mussoorie is a tranquil place and has been the favorite spot of honeymooners and family travelers. It is a perfect getaway to spend weekend holidays from Delhi in Uttarakhand.

What to wear in Mussoorie

Keep reading to know more about the tourist attractions and winter wear tips for Mussoorie winter!

Mussoorie in Winter: Mussoorie Winter Packing List

Winters are considered the best time to visit Mussoorie. During this time, the entire hill station is covered in sheets of sparkling snow. Let’s know about Mussoorie in brief before moving to the insider tips of winter wear.

Where is Mussoorie located?

Mussoorie is a hill station located 34 kilometers from the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state in India. The hill station is in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range and gets its name from the shrub Mansur which grows in abundance here. 

Mussoorie is at an average altitude of 2,005 meters (6,578 ft) and the hill station is often referred to as Mansuri by Indians.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

To the northeast of Mussoorie, are the Himalayan snow ranges, and to the south, are the Doon Valley and Shiwalik range. Mussoorie is at a distance of 290 kilometers north of the Indian capital of New Delhi. There is no railhead at Mussoorie, and the nearest railway station is in Dehradun.

Average winter temperatures in Mussoorie & Mussoorie weather all year round

All the seasons of the year in Mussoorie are packed with a large number of tourists due to its most favorable climate in all the seasons. 

Mussoorie in Winter

Mussoorie in Winter

Summer: This season starts in April and ends in June. The minimum and maximum temperatures of Mussoorie in summer are 22°C and 25°C. Summers in Mussoorie are sunny and clear.

Monsoon: This season starts in July and ends in September. The minimum and maximum temperatures of Mussoorie in Monsoon are 18°C and 23°C. Monsoons in Mussoorie are usually cloudy and wet with a rainfall of 660 millimeters (26 in) of rain per month.

Spring: This season starts in September and ends in November. The minimum and maximum temperatures of Mussoorie in the Spring season are 27°C and 7°C.

Winter: This season starts in December and ends in February. The minimum and maximum temperatures of Mussoorie in winter are 0°C and 18°C. Mussoorie in winter usually receives a few spells of snow and the temperature may drop to the minimum of 1°C during the nights. 

Things to do in Mussoorie in winter: Views & tourist attractions

There are endless lists of things you can do in Mussoorie. You can go trekking, hiking, rock climbing,  boating, exploring wildlife, or touching the skies while paragliding. This place has got something for everyone. 

You can easily combine active and leisure activities to fill up a weekend or up to 7 days of visit. Mussoorie tour package is also available if you do not wish to do all the research and driving in the winter.

The tourist attractions and activities you can do in Mussoorie are as follows.

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Trekking in Lal Tibba

Start your trekking from Char Dukan for about 1 kilometer to reach Lal Tibba. You can enjoy the amazing views of hills in between the trekking and can even taste the local street food varieties at many stalls near the hill.

Bathing in Kempty Falls: 

Visitors at Kempty Falls in Mussoorie love to enjoy Nature’s big bath. Mussoorie Kempty Falls has a small pool-like area below the falls. Nature lovers must see the place of Kempty Falls.

Ziplining at Adventure Park

Mussoorie is best known for its adventure sports in North India. You can test your limits at this park by doing adventures like parasailing, rock climbing ski riding, and ziplining.

Mall Road delicacies

Explore the heavily crowded Mall Road hotels and shops to tickle your taste buds by tasting all the local delicacies like momos, and samosas particularly in the morning and at night.

View from Mussoorie Mall Road

View from Mussoorie Mall Road

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary for Kids

Spot the wild animals, chirping birds, and plenty of trees in Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. Let your kid experience his first trek by a trail at Benog which is easy to complete. Witness the stunning views of the snow-clad Chaukhamba and Bandar Punch mountains from the sanctuary.

Hathipaon for nature lovers

You can reach Hathipaon camping sites by walking from Happy Valley the route is full of nature and you come across different varieties of shrubs and bushes. On your way, you will also get to see colorful birds singing and chirping. 

Fishing on a boat

You can fish in the rivers of Aglar and Yamuna. But for the rights reserved by the forest officials, you will need to get permission from them. Some camp packages in Mussoorie offer fishing as part of their camping activities.

Gun Hill Ropeway

Enjoy the spectacular view of the second-highest mountain in Mussoorie in the 400-meter ropeway trolley. You will get to see the lush green hills with snow caps.

Prayers at the Jwala Devi Temple

Thousands of devotees visit this temple to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. Along with the favors of Goddess Durga,  you can also view the stunning waves of the Yamuna River.

Mussoorie Viewpoint

Mussoorie Viewpoint

Soham Heritage & Art Center

Best place to acknowledge the Himalayan history. This center exhibits paintings and sculptures and familiarizes the Himalayan culture. You will get a chance to shop for locally made products or some artifacts in nearby shops at the center.

Mussoorie Winter Packing List – Clothes and more

It is better to be prepared than to worry while traveling. So check out the list of ‘what to wear in Mussoorie in winter’ and minimize your packaging during this amazing trip.

Outerwear like puffer jackets and parkas

If you are a person keen on taking photographs in Mussoorie during winter, you will fall in love with the place. Add your favorite parka jacket with fleece and fur to capture that perfect shot ready. 

Mussoorie’s list of travel attractions also includes the Christian church and the Tibetan temple. Wear your best puffer or hiking jacket to explore these places and protect yourself from external elements like wind, snow, and rain. 

You can check out warm jackets for men here.

You can check out warm jackets for women here.

Sweaters and Pullovers

Whether it is a gentle stroll through the small lanes of the mall road or the snow-covered land in Dhanaulti or having a sizzling plate of Maggie from the Char Dukaan, you can step out easily by wearing stylish sweaters or pullovers. 

Make sure to carry a hoodie with lots of pockets so that all your gadgets and accessories are accessible while walking.

You can check out neat sweaters for men here | For women here.

You can check out comfy sweatshirts for men here and women here.

You can check out stylish pullovers for men here and women here.

Base layers 

During road trips or performing any adventure sport, you end up either too warm or too cold. This is mainly due to the difference in the resistance to cold by the others in the vehicle. So always make sure that you have your temperature-regulating base layer beneath your clothes that way you don’t feel too cold. 

You can check out Merino wool thermals for men here.

You can check out Merino wool thermals for women here.

Woolen bottoms – Snow Pants

Snow pants are very important for hiking or trekking as they cover maximum exposed skin by wearing full-length trousers instead of shorts and give protection from all extremities and insect bites to a great extent. 

Don’t forget to wear thermal pants inside to keep your lower body dry and warm.

You can check out merino wool thermal bottoms for men here | For women here

You can check out ski pants for men here or women here.

Warm accessories

Cover your head with a beanie in the cold weather of Mussoorie and carry a cap when under the sun while trekking.

Protect your fingers from cold by wearing a good pair of Merino wool gloves and capture the moments of your adventure by using touch-screen winter gloves which makes it easy to maneuver the camera and equipment through the snow and winter photoshoot.

Add a touch of style essence to your outfit by draping the muffler around your neck which in turn protects you from air breeze.

You can check out Merino wool accessories for men here.

You can check out Merino wool accessories for women here.

Warm shoes or snow boots

Carry flat, non-slippery footwear with a good grip to travel in Mussoorie as the hilly terrain is highly erratic. Bad footwear ends up falling and can cause serious damage.

You can check out winter boots for men here and women here.

Warm socks 

Adventurous travelers must carry a good pair of liners and technical socks with breathability and perfect arch support to explore the hills with ease and cherish the moments of hiking or trekking. 

You can check out winter socks for men here.

You can check out winter socks for women here.

Importance of layering in Mussoorie in winter

It is important to understand the concept of layering while traveling to a place with different adventure sports like Mussoorie. Each layer of clothing serves a different purpose.

The base layer is the first layer, which an individual wears next to their skin. Our bodies produce a lot of heat when we do any activity such as walking jogging or ascending a trail. 

Sunset from Mussoorie

Sunset from Mussoorie

We sweat a lot to regulate our body temperature in response to this heat produced. 

It is crucial to wear quick-dry-up thermals as a base layer to avoid the nightmare of damp clothes. Merino wool thermal acts as a temperature-regulating layer to absorb moisture and keep you warm in cold and cool in sunny places.

The Insulating or second layer does the job of insulating against the cold weather conditions. This layer can trap body heat, in the form of warm air pockets and keep you warm. A woolen sweater or cotton pullover comprises this layer depending on your body’s reaction to the cold. It is okay to overdo it because if you are warm you can always take it off, unlike the base layer.

The purpose of a shell layer is to protect. A shell layer can protect you from weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, excessive wind, etc. A feature-rich and breathable waterproof jacket can help you sustain in all kinds of weather.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about visiting Mussoorie, a popular hill station in India, during the winter:

What is the weather like in Mussoorie during the winter?

Mussoorie experiences cold winters with temperatures often dropping below freezing point. Expect chilly days and nights, with occasional snowfall in December and January.

When is the best time to visit Mussoorie in winter?

The winter season in Mussoorie typically spans from November to February. December and January are the coldest months, making them ideal for those who enjoy snow and a cozy winter atmosphere.

What should I wear in Mussoorie during the winter?

In winter, it’s essential to pack warm clothing such as heavy woolens, jackets, sweaters, and thermal wear. Don’t forget gloves, scarves, and a good-quality winter coat to stay comfortable in the cold.

Can I expect snow in Mussoorie during the winter months?

Yes, Mussoorie often experiences snowfall in December and January. If you wish to witness snow, plan your visit during these months. Roads may become slippery, so exercise caution while traveling.

What are the popular winter activities in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie offers various winter activities such as trekking, ice skating (if the ice rink is open), and enjoying the scenic beauty of snow-covered landscapes. It’s also a great time for quiet getaways and enjoying bonfires.

Kosha Winter Layers

Kosha Winter Layers


In conclusion, dressing appropriately for a winter visit to Mussoorie is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the cold and often snowy weather. When packing for Mussoorie in winter, prioritize warm clothing such as heavy woolens, jackets, sweaters, and thermal wear.

Don’t forget to include essential accessories like gloves, scarves, and a high-quality winter coat to stay snug and protected against the chilly temperatures. As Mussoorie can experience snowfall, it’s wise to be prepared for slippery roads and plan accordingly, whether you’re embarking on winter activities or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of this hill station.

With the right clothing and precautions, you can savor the unique charm of Mussoorie in winter to the fullest. Slay your winter wear look with the right layers and explore Mussoorie without any regret by following all the travel tips.

Don’t forget to visit Kosha at our store in Mumbai (address here) or you can always find us online on our website. We deliver pan India and are open 24X7. So, please do drop by sometimes, if not to purchase but just to visit our store!

This blog article is written by Kosha Team Member – Aamina Tasmia.



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