Not just another Pullover! Kosha’s All Weather Supimas.

Are you tired of sweaters and pullovers going out of style? Or worse, being worn out, faded, misshapen after regular use in just one winter? We were too! Being an eco-conscious brand inspired by adventure and travel, we started researching on how we could create something that could range from comfy lounge-wear to extreme winter sports. Or maybe even double up as a spiffy outfit for a date night or important work meeting! After much tinkering, in depth analysis and hunting for the right raw materials – we finally found the solution!

With bated breath, we had discussions with our local factory team, tried out different types of seams, experimented with colours and were ready to test out our samples in the real world. Taking a gamble, we tested our samples on our first destination editorial photoshoot, right there in the cold evening breeze, the temperate afternoons and the snowy slopes of Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Would it work? Was it comfortable and skin friendly for all day wear? Would it transition from a fashionable outfit in itself to a sturdy mid-layer while hiking up the snow laden mountain? Team Kosha (including our Product Designer), observed and questioned our guest models. The answer was – YES! Thrilled with the genuine responses, we were super excited to launch the collection and share it with the world at large, especially adding it to our latest shop in Seawoods Grand Central, a mega mall in Navi Mumbai (our store there had opened on 1st March 2020). Guess what happened next? Corona descended!

We returned from Manali mid March, and a few days later, India started going into Lockdown mode. Being a 21st century small business, with team members and factories across India, our flagship store and newest store based in Mumbai, a red zone – this was heartbreaking and completely unforeseen. While we focused on ensuring that our team members were safe, dealt with our factory teams rushing back to their hometowns to be with loved ones, closing our shops not knowing when we would reopen, halting all production and well, just trying to stay alive, quite literally – our excitement melted and we went into survival mode!

As we slowly recovered from what seemed like a series of challenging everydays, a month or so into the “new normal”, we came up for air! Sparks of joy via the photoshoot images we were now reviewing, bouts of gratitude to the universe for the uncanny timing of our teams returning home before the situation worsened, doses of inspiration from watching the creativity overflowing all over the internet – revived us. Around the end of May, we got news from our factory team that they will be resuming production of our Supima Pullovers, although at a slower pace, taking due hygiene safety measures, but we will have the stock in the near future – we were over the moon!

Can be worn as is, or with layers. Indoors or outdoors. Your Choice!

Energized by the good news and after the 2 months of introspection, we began our planning the marketing campaign and figuring out what to do once stores were allowed to reopen, shipping was resumed and how we could incorporate the lessons we were learning from the pandemic? We had already eliminated single use plastic from our packaging, what else could we do, how do we train our team, do people even need something like a pullover during such a time? Fast forwarding to August 2020 – we were ready! Sanitized, sorted, steady – we launched Kosha’s first all weather offering: Doon – Kosha’s Supima Cotton Pullover Collection!

Inspired by the beautiful weather of the lush Doon Valley situated within the Shivalik Hills in the Lesser Himalayas, Kosha’s Supima Cotton Pullovers are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Work from Home / AC Office. Staycation / Adventure. Sundays in bed / Saturday Night Out. Formal Business Meeting / Casual Get Together. Whatever the occasion or season, look effortlessly stylish! 

The special fabric is made from a superior 1% of cotton grown in the USA. It is known for premium properties of durability, softness and colour vibrance. We have designed this pullover as a full sleeve Mid-Layer with a classic crew neck suitable for formal or casual outfits. It is ideal for 10°C to 30°C and comes in a smart fit with ribbed cuffs & hem and reinforced seams with saddle sleeve construction. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for the eco-conscious explorer.

Meet our collaborators – we asked them about their favourite moments from the Kosha Manali photoshoot and how 2020 changed them. 

Our life of the party male model was Ashish Choudhary, a writer – director running an advertising agency named As it is films in Mumbai. He shares, “Actually my favourite moments were when we are those yummy cheese and tomato sandwiches between schedules. While on the shoot, the favourite was the snow mountain, where Ishani and I raced to get down first. She being a professional mountain athlete, taught me a lot, and for that I am forever grateful to her. 2020 has humbled me. This year I have learnt to just be, just exist one moment to the next because nothing is guaranteed in life. That’s the fundamental nature of living in this 3d reality.” Find Ashish on Instagram.

Our all rounder female model was Ishani Jamwal, an Alpine Skier, Mountaineer, sport climber, athlete and a model. She has represented India twice in International skiing championships held in Italy. She has won school nationals in climbing and athletics. She is also a basketball player, a shooter and a trekker. As a true blue adventure sports enthusiast and an outdoor person, adventure sports runs in her blood. She admits that ” it’s one thing that gives me true happiness and satisfaction and has taught me alot which I’m grateful for.” About her favourite moment from the shoot & what 2020 has taught her – “As the youngest in the team, I enjoyed all the pampering I got in the shoot. Guiding each other in every way possible to make this shoot work better was the best thing I liked. I truly loved the team work, late night conversations with Namrata (Team Kosha’s Marketing Representative) in the room and all our chilling sessions, amazing meals and beautiful exchange of thoughts with almost everyone in the team. 2020 has brought me really close to my family. Since years I’ve never been able to spend time at home with my family and know them deeply. It has taught me to enjoy the little moments in life that I would’ve never noticed otherwise. It has taught me to be happy and do things that you like because life is uncertain to run behind things that make you stressed.” Find Ishani on Instagram.

BTS shenanigans with Ashish & Ishani ! Left – the final selection | Right – Chai break ke liye aa jayo!

Next, our awesome Photographer & Videographer duo- Kopal Goyal & Shivam Aher! Kopal Goyal is a documentary filmmaker and a rock climber based in India. One of her award winning projects is Project Wild Women, a story of 14 women practicing 11 extreme and alternative sports in India. She is the founder of Inspire Crew which is a media platform and an agency to promote people in extreme/gravity sports in India. You can follow her on Instagram. Shivam Aher is an outdoor filmmaker/photographer and he is one among the very few in India who understands the emotion of the outdoors and with his films he is setting up new goals for himself and for the industry. Shivam and Kopal are currently working on their long term project Kokankada. You can follow and check out his other works on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

Which was you favourite moment from the Kosha shoot? Kopal & Shivam both loved shoot day 2 “When we were shooting in Sethan, I think that day was my favorite. We sort of experienced different weathers on the same day from sunny to snowfall. It was quite interesting to shoot in that weather.” What has 2020 taught you? For Kopal “Every day is a learning day” and for Shivam “Essestials are more important than luxury” – we absolutely agree!

Kopal & Shivam at Sethan.

Finally, our main man – Mr. Ravi Thakur, who was are guide and trip advisor for the shoot! From arranging vehicles, stay, special gear, he ensured his team looked after us and made our short trip to Manali, packed with beautiful locations that were exactly what we were looking for. Ravi is an adventure tour operator based in Manali. As an adventurer by heart he is very passionate about his work and can give solid recommendations drom sight seeing to winter sports. You can him on Instagram and at Himalayan Caravan Adventure. His favourite moments from the Kosha shoot were “the evening meetings with Kosha team to discuss about the photoshoot locations and the lovely gift pack from Kosha for me and for my daughter. It kept me warm on my back country snowboarding expeditions :)”.
On what the last year taught him, he share “2020 brought me closer to my family, friends and nature“, the ingredients for a life filled with gratitude.

Ravi Thakur bottom left | Snapshots of some of the locations | Top : Snow slopes at Sethan. Bottom: Jogini Waterfalls, Old Manali Tibetan Monastery.

Literally a year later, a whole new reality exists! Looking back, Team Kosha is inspired by our tribe. Our Supima designs have been loved by real people as well. Seen below are Joy & Chandreyi (The Moonchasers) on their jungle safari holiday in Kabini. We loved how they both took turns to wear our Mustard coloured Supima. We love it when our tribe chooses to make the most of the gender neutral designs we strive to create. On the right and bottom are pictures of Vidya Shree (Vidout Boundaries) in our Teal & Pink Supimas on her roadtrip to Himachal with her girl gang.

Shop our labour of love by clicking on the images below. Available for Men & Women in sizes S to XXL with free shipping in India. We are also shipping Internationally on the basis of district policies.

Stay tuned for more feature rich, premium designs at an affordable price, coming soon! 

Still not sure about what layers to get for your cold weather needs? Let us help you with the right layers! Call us / WhatsApp us at+91 9820999006 between 11:30am & 8pm IST Mondays to Sundays. If you are in Mumbai, India – drop into our stores!

Written by Kosha Team Member : Namrata Ganguly

Stay tuned for more stories! Share your adventure and experience with us by tagging us @koshatravelwear on InstagramFacebookLinkedInPinterest and use #mykoshastory !



Our history goes all the way back to early 50s. Prrem and Aloo Vazirani – an accomplished couple who chased after their wanderlust bug. She was a doctor, he was a businessman, and both were filled with a desire to explore the world.

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