Packing List for Indian Students Going Abroad in 2024

packing list for Indian students

Packing Like a Pro: Indian Students Moving Abroad Checklist for 2023

Hey there, future globetrotter! Moving abroad as an Indian student in 2023? Exciting stuff! But before you jet off, let’s talk packing. We’ve got your back with the ultimate checklist tailored just for you. From important docs to clothing and gadgets, we’ve got it covered. Our goal? To make sure you’re well-prepared, comfy, and ready to take on the world. So, let’s dive in and get you set up for this incredible adventure. Get ready as we present to you a detailed packing list for Indian students going abroad!

Packing list for Indian students going abroad

Congratulations on finally being able to get admission to the coveted program of your dream foreign University! You’re anxiously counting down the days until you depart, and finally, it’s time to address the toughest part of the process: what should I pack for study abroad? You and pretty much every study abroad student who has travelled before you has panicked over the same thing.

Trying to stuff your whole life into one or two suitcases is daunting, especially since you probably don’t really know what’s waiting for you when you step off the plane. 

things to pack when moving abroad from india for girls

Study Abroad Collection for Girls

Well, this is no rocket science at all but needs careful planning, owing to the fact that you are about to move your entire life – lock, stock, and barrel- to a new country for the next couple of years.

With this guide, we’ll be outlining the essentials you’ll need to bring, how to navigate clothes packing, and even what items should be left alone. It should serve as a great jumping-off point, no matter where your study abroad adventures take you!

Preparing for your travel: Study abroad guide for Indian Students

As you anticipate studying abroad this fall, the nerves and excitement are settling in at a rapid pace.

Mindset before your move 

Instead of just anxiously awaiting the day you fly away for the semester, you can cultivate this nervous energy to your benefit so that you can be sure that your studying abroad experience is the absolute best that it can be!

Start by spending time with your friends and family. This will probably be the first time that you’re so far away from your family for such a long amount of time. You can both prepare ahead for potential homesickness and help prevent it by spending as much time as possible with your family before you leave.

Getting to know the people who you’ll be traveling with, speaking with other students who have studied abroad about their personal experience is another way to ease yourself of your nerves.

Hostel Packing List for Students

For many Indian students, studying abroad could seem out of reach due to finances. Not only does one need to buy a costly semester of tuition, but you’ve got to think about international travel and living expenses.

While there are many scholarships to make all of this more feasible, it’s still important to believe how you’ll hamper on costs when it involves housing and living expenses. While studying abroad, the place you select to stay will significantly impact your academic success and overall lifestyle.

We suggest calling your university abroad for suggestions. look for Facebook groups specific to your university’s students or ‘for rent’ groups within the city you’re studying in.

Talking with local students can assist you to sort typical rent prices, the best areas of town for you (whether that be quiet parts to study, shopping districts, or the club scene). Read local blogs for recommendations on the best areas for your age and interests!

Things to pack when moving abroad from India

things to pack when moving abroad from india for boys

Study Abroad Collection for Boys

Pick luggage – carry on and check-in

Even though it always seems easy, there are tons of things you would like to take into consideration when packing for study abroad. There’s far more to the present than meets the attention, so we’re breaking down what exactly to pack for study abroad

Try to find a luggage bag large enough to hold all the essentials but make sure you can carry it with ease too. Confirm it’s versatile enough and easy to maneuver around. A four-wheeler stroller bag is most suited because it keeps the load off your hand.

Recommendations before you begin packing 

  • Upload all important documents and photos to cloud storage (including education loan documents)
  • Save important information and contact details on google storage
  • Check the baggage weight restrictions of the airline service you are using
  • Make your luggage distinguishable and recognizable by adding a name tag or a mark/symbol.

Pack a college backpack or tote 

While the contents of your checked baggage will largely depend on the weather you are visiting, you should have most of your travel essentials close at hand in your carry-on baggage. Start with this international travel item packing checklist:


Crucial College Documents 

  • Study Permit 
  • Offer Letter 
  • Official academic transcripts & degree certifications 
  • Other official profile-related documents

Gather your travel documents and credit cards

Make sure to carry all the necessary and important documents for international travel  [WHO-approved Vaccine certificate, passport, visa, itinerary, mandated travel insurance, plane tickets, ISIC card, etc.]

  • Check whether your travel visas are up to date. Some countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after you plan to return. Therefore, please make sure that you will not be rejected or delayed by customs because of your old passport.
  • Keep your vaccination certificate in your carry-on, in case you are required to present it at immigration
  • Also keep physical and digital copies of your passport and all your paperwork readily at hand, in case your luggage is lost in transit.


Nowadays visas and MasterCard are accepted throughout the world. Still, it is advisable to have some local currency with you just in case. This could be done at airport kiosks, foreign exchange desks, and private money exchange businesses. You can also get foreign currency cards and traveler’s checks for exchanges in a foreign country.

  • International Debit/Credit Card
  • Forex Card/Travelex Card
  • The local currency in various denomination
  • Coins to make phone calls/hire trolleys etc

Electronic Appliances 

  • MP3 Player/ iPod (for long plane/train rides)
  • Laptop, Electrical converters, and adapters specific to your destination
  • Camera – Memory cards, chargers, and adapters
  • Headphones – It is nice to have a good pair that cancels out the sound
  • Phone and charger

Electronics – charging cables & portable backup charger 

Electronic Items to carry while travelling abroad

Electronic Items for Travel

Don’t forget a portable backup charger. Hours of watching your favorite TV show are sure to drain your device’s battery life, and there is nothing worse than finally finding a WiFi spot only to have your phone/laptop die.

Electronics – universal adaptor 

There is a very high possibility that outlets of your dormitory, residence hall, or apartment will not be the same as the ones you have in your home country. Thus, it is advised to carry a universal adaptor from your home country just in case you couldn’t find a place to purchase one in a foreign country.

Other standard items

  • Precautionary Covid Essentials – Masks,chemical-free sanitizer, face shield, first aid, disinfectant spray(100ml)
  • Thermometer
  • Enough prescription drugs to sustain you before you could find new supplies
  • Travel pillow, blanket, eye mask, and earplugs
  • Sunglasses/ extra eyeglasses/ contacts
  • Pen to fill out customs forms
  • One or two pairs of clothes, in case your luggage is delayed.
  • Mittens and cap if you are going to a colder country.

Necessary Layers of Clothing 

Students from India often travel to colder climates when moving to countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, or Ireland. It is important to wear comfortable layers to withstand the cold temperatures at your destination upon arrival.

Indian students wearing woolen clothes in abroad

Kosha Latest Clothing Collection

Tops /Shirts & Bottoms for him and her

  • Tops/Tshirts – Pack comfortable Tops/T Shirts suitable for destination 
  • Jeans – A few pairs
  • Pajamas – Two pairs at most
  • Swimsuit – ( Depending upon location )
  • Workout clothes – Pair of Joggers & Sweatshirt

One or two pairs of formal clothing 

Keep a pair or two of formal attire for For official University events like graduation, interviews, etc

Regular accessories & Shoes (formal and casual)

  • Cotton Socks
  • Formal Shoes – which suits with the formal attire 
  • Flip flops – Good for showering in hostels. One pair is enough.
  • Walking shoes – Find a comfy fashionable shoe – walking is a major part of everyday life.
  • Running shoes – Good to have if you join a gym or enjoy running outdoors 

Outerwear and winter clothing

Choose jackets with all-weather insulation – the one that can provide the most warmth in extreme conditions, something like a puffer jacket.

Winter jacket and woolen cap worn by a student are essential things to carry while travelling abroad from india

What to buy the same for yourself? Click here to place an order for woollen puffer jacket for girls and boys both.

So, let’s say you’re heading to some cooler regions where the weather can be a bit unpredictable, with a chance of rain and chilly winds during the initial hours of your trip. Now, if you’re in need of a super versatile travel jacket that can handle all that, we’ve got a great recommendation for you. You should definitely check out the fantastic selection of jackets and coats from Kosha’s exclusive range. These winter jackets not only shield you from those icy gusts but are also waterproof, so your body can breathe comfortably.

Thermal tops or base layers

Do add 2 sets of thermal tops and pants which are your base layers. Shop for thermals or base layers at Kosha.

Cotton and woollen pullovers 

1 Cotton Pullover is handy as it doubles up as a t-shirt (for Spring). Kosha’s Pullovers are the perfect choice for the eco-conscious explorer. One can wear it on a staycation as it is or use it as a mid-layer for your next adventure. It looks effortlessly stylish and versatile.

What are you waiting for? Click here to place order for your cotton and woollen pullover to make your study abroad travel experience even better.

You can also add one Woolen Pullover that doubles up as a t-shirt (for peak winters). 

Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Merino Wool Long Cardigan With Belt

Kosha’s exclusively designed warm hoodies can be dressed up with your favourite shoes and accessories or kept sleek and simple for that effortless look, and are perfect outerwear for mildly cold destinations in India from a temperature 

You can check out sweatshirts made with organic cotton and bamboo fibre which can keep you cool during summers and warm during winters while studying abroad.


2 Warm track pants can double up as nightwear. 

Warm accessories – Socks, caps, stoles, gloves 

In this section, you will find all the warm accessories needed for a winter abroad 

Warm Socks

3 Blister free woolen socks for both girls and boys

Woolen Caps

Add a couple of woolen caps to stay warm in the winters.

Woolen caps, sweaters and muffler worn by Indian students studying abroad.Merino Wool Winter Caps Collection

Woolen Muffler / Stoles

Kosha has a range of Merino Wool Waffle Knit Mufflers collections made specially to offer protection from cold with style for your next adventure. These are exclusively designed with a basket knit self pattern that adds texture to your wardrobe. 

1-2 pairs of gloves

You can include 2 Touch screen-friendly woollen gloves, and one pair of waterproof gloves

Hostel Packing List for Students

There is a high probability that you won’t go shopping immediately after landing at the study abroad destination. You might also not find your choice of brand or its close alternative immediately. Hence, it is always a good idea to take some essential daily use items along with the luggage. The quantity should be enough to support you till the time you get settled, (approximately a week).

Toiletries (for the first few weeks or months)

  • Hydro towel – compact towel, good for traveling
  • Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Deodorant or perfumes
  • Shaver, razor, shaving cream, comb
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Prescription medicine
  • Bandages
  • Anti-allergy medicine

Bedroom essentials 

  • Pillowcase – useful if staying in hostels
  • Sheet sleeping sack – great for use in hostels
  • Power strip with converter
  • Outlet adapter
  • A few hangers

Stationary essentials 

  • Notepads/Stationery Items
  • Essential college documents 
  • Study material for a week unless you get time to buy books 

Note: Consider taking photos of your packed suitcase (both inside and outside) in case it is lost. That way, the airline staff will know what to look for and you will know what’s in it. With all of the above essentials in your pocket, you can board your flight with peace of mind. 

Things not to pack when moving abroad from India

Now that we covered everything you should pack, here are some tips on what not to include 


Lots of Indian traditional clothes

Don’t bother carrying unnecessary lots of Indian traditional clothes all the way to another country, only to increase the weight of your luggage which you wouldn’t want to wear later because of the obvious cultural difference of lack of such fancy occasions. 

Uncomfortable footwear

As a student, the likelihood is that you simply are going to be discovering most of the town on foot or via convenience. Hence, it is advisable that you carry footwear that you are comfortable walking in. Heels are an enormous no-no, especially since they’re not feasible to steer around in.

Indian Spices

When you start packing, avoid carrying food items like meat, dairy, or spices. Certain items are prohibited on the flight, and you can easily find them in the new country. 


Books add extra weight to the bags, take up tons of space and most likely you will not read them quite once. Also, you’ll buy them from the host country or borrow them from the library. Hence, it’s advised to not pack books

Expensive gold jewellery 

Expensive items like jewellery should be avoided. These might get broken or stolen on the journey. Also, avoid carrying accessories like expensive hair straighteners/blow dryers 


What should I pack for study abroad in India?

Pack comfortable, versatile clothing that is appropriate for the weather in India. Be sure to pack essential toiletries, medication, and important documents.

Is 23 kg Baggage enough for International students?

23 kg of baggage is typically enough for international students, but it depends on the student’s individual needs and belongings. If the student is going to a cold climate, they will need to bring more clothes and winter gear.

If the student is going to be staying for a long time, they will need to bring more belongings. And if the airline has a strict baggage allowance, the student will need to be more mindful of the weight of their luggage.

What should I take to USA from India students?

Essential travel documents, clothes, toiletries, and electronics for a comfortable stay in the USA. The specific items you need to pack will also vary depending on your personal needs and the climate of your study destination.

How many luggage can I take for USA?

2 checked bags of up to 23 kg each are allowed for economy class passengers traveling to the USA.


Congratulations, future globetrotters! You’ve reached the end of our ultimate packing checklist for Indian students going abroad in 2023. By following our comprehensive guide, you’ll be a packing pro, ready to tackle any adventure. Remember to strike a balance between practicality and comfort, embrace the unknown, and savour the incredible opportunities that lie ahead. Pack smart, explore fearlessly, and have the time of your life! Safe travels, and enjoy every moment of this exciting chapter!

For any queries related to wearing thermals, base layers, or winter wear in general, visit Kosha’s store and get a free consultation! While you’re at it, check out Kosha’s website for the wide range of thermals and jackets available at Kosha.

This blog article is written by Kosha Team Member – Vidushi Gupta.



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