Road trip 2021 Delhi Edition!

One of the oldest cities in history, Delhi is the second-largest metropolitan city in India. It is densely populated and is recorded as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Owing to the prime location of the city, Delhi also has a lot of road trip options. Here are our top picks!

For the seekers of serenity!
Ever thought of walking through a small village pathway half-covered with mist with only the singing of birds and the fragrant breeze as a company? If you have, then you will like these road trips!

Option 1: Chail
Chail is one of the most unknown gems of Himachal Pradesh. With so many tourist destinations, Chail is often forgotten. But this hill station has an allure of its own with its sleepy countryside, lush meadows, and the ever-present deodar and cider pine fragrance!

Chail Hill.

Distance From Delhi: 335 km
Average Temperature: 15.5℃

Option 2: Lansdowne
This quaint hill station in Uttarakhand looks straight out of a Disney movie with the all-year pleasant weather, blue sky, misty forest, grasslands, meadow, and sparkling streams! One could go anywhere in Lansdowne and up with a postcard-worthy view like the one below!


Distance From Delhi: 261 km
Average Temperature: 19.2℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
These places have pleasant cool weather, so bring out your sweatshirts or Supima pullovers to keep you comfy!

For the history buffs!
Are there days when you think out loud about what is going on? Want to add some colours and grandiose to the picture by having a walk-through of the past? Then these road trips would make you smile!

Option 1: Alwar
This mesmerizing city in Rajasthan is famous for its forgotten forts, lake, forests, and the mystic aura that the city provides which takes you back to the olden times when the kings and queens used to rule over the province. If you get bored of the astonishing forts, you can try jet skiing, crocodile sighting, and camping.

Neemrana Fort in Alwar.

Distance From Delhi: 166 km
Average Temperature: 24.9℃

Option 2: Gwalior
This grand city in Madhya Pradesh is known for its rich history and architectural wonders. Crowded with palaces and forts, temples that withstood time, and dams that take you away from the hustle and bustle, Gwalior is a must-visit for all history lovers!

Gwalior Fort.

Distance From Delhi: 363 km
Average Temperature: 25.7℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
The place can get cold during the night and would suggest you bring your best thermal wear to keep you warm and dry.

For the lovers of snow!
What better way than to break out from your routine than to go on a road trip with your dear one and watch the first snowfall! This list is for the ones who face light when you see the snow!

Option 1: Shimla
Once the summer capital of British India, this magnificent hill station is absolutely beautiful with its picturesque mountains, pine trees, virgin forests, and clear sky. Let it be trekking, hiking, skiing, camping, photography, sightseeing, or heritage walk, Shimla has something for everyone.

View from Shimla Hilltop.

Distance From Delhi: 342 km
Average Temperature: 17℃

Option 2: Nainital
This alluring hill station in Uttarakhand is considered one of the most dazzling hill stations in India. With its pristine lakes, proud mountains, untouched forests, and vibrant flora and fauna, Nainital is an experience that you do not want to miss!

Nainital in Winter.

Distance From Delhi: 310 km
Average Temperature: 17.1℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
Be prepared with your waterproof snow jacket when you are visiting these places. Don’t forget to take your winter accessories to protect your extremities as well!

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