Road Trips 2021 Mumbai Edition!

Mumbai is a beautiful metropolitan city with a fantastic culture to decorate it. But most often, the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city life could urge us to take a break from the monotonous life and just explore the world in our car with some of our friends. Roadtrips have gained so much popularity in recent days that we thought of helping you by suggesting some popular road trip choices in and around Mumbai. Here are our top picks!

For the lovers of everything green!
Sometimes a tinge of greenery and lush valleys are all it takes to improve our hectic weekend. Here are two road trip destinations you can have if you want to witness some cold mountain hair, fresh valleys, and a short hike!

Option 1: Satara
This town in Maharashtra is famous for its forts, mountains, and lush green valleys that often blossom to beautiful flowers in the spring. You can enjoy hiking, camping, trekking, or just take the fresh air of the western ghats on this road trip.

Satara Fort

Distance from Mumbai: 255 km
Average Temperature: 24.1℃

Option 2: Sinhagad
Sinhagad is famous for the fortress perched strongly on the Sahyadri mountain range. This place receives a lot of visitors who are enthusiastic to climb the fortress that is believed to be built before 2000 years and get a panoramic view of the valley after the climb.

View from Sinhagad Trek.

Distance from Mumbai: 180 km
Average Temperature: 26 ℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
Comfortable Supima pullovers with your favourite jeans to keep you cosy from the wind. Add a beanie to enhance your look.

For the lovers of sunshine & sand!
One can never get enough of beaches! Even though Mumbai is a coastal city, sometimes taking a road trip to the beaches is just want what one needs!

Option 1: Alibaug
Alibaug is a coastal town to the south of Mumbai that is famous for its beaches and architectural sights. If you take a walk through the shore you can see the fort and lighthouse made in the 17th century by the Portuguese and explore the carvings on the temples nearby.

Alibaug Fort and the Beach.

Distance from Mumbai: 94 km
Average Temperature: 26.4 ℃

Option 2: Kelwa Beach
Kelwa beach is a small beach in the Palghar region of Maharashtra. This beach is seeing an increasing number of local visitors thanks to the peaceful seashore and the fort and temple nearby. You can go horse riding or camel riding on these shores.

Kelwa beach.

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km
Average Temperature: 27 ℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
Any water activities would require a waterproof jacket or pants to keep you comfortable.

For the admirers of waterfalls and mountains!
Who could say no to sparkly and foamy waterfalls cascading from the dense mountains for a road trip? Here are our picks!

Option 1: Tamhini
This mountain range in the western ghats is a favourite destination for tourists who seek to be close to nature and enjoy the scenery. The lush green valleys, strong mountains that kiss the dark clouds, and the sparkly waterfalls are what attract people to this destination.

Tamhini Ghat.

Distance from Mumbai: 159 km
Average Temperature: 24.3 ℃

Option 2: Chinchoti
Chinchoti waterfalls are a mesmerizing gift that lays at the end of an adventurous trek between the dense mysterious forests, slope valleys, and the proud western ghats. The destination is beautiful with water flowing from an elevated mountain range.

Chinchoti waterfalls.

Distance from Mumbai: 60 km
Average Temperature: 26 ℃

Recommended Travel Wear:
Since there is a trekking trail involved, it is suggested to pack your technical socks along with your trekking wear.

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