Taking a stroll through Rochester, NY

“Life is a mix of everyday work (done to contribute/ help some purpose) and a lot of experience that builds up over time, travel is one sure way to make some lasting memories.”

— Abishai Dmello, Outdoor and Adventure Enthusiast

Winter is beautiful. The soft snow, the sparkling fireplace, the cosy blankets, everything is so exciting about wintertime! Not only the comfort of a warm house with a cup of hot chocolate in your grasp but even the outdoor sports like snowboarding, skiing, snow-balling, etc. are equally fun and enjoyable. One such place where you can relish the true joys of winter to its fullest is the city of  Rochester, New York. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s Abishai’s encounter with Rochester, who has witnessed this beauty and has shared this mesmerising experience with us!  

#RealLifeTested Puffer Jacket at Rochester City, NY

Tester: Abishai | Location tested: Rochester City, NY | Temperatures: -10°C to 5°C

Kosha Designs Tested: Puffer Jacket, Merino-bamboo thermals, and Technical socks

While it’s all fun and games out in the winter, a proper layering system is a must while having the time of your lives out in the cold winds, and that’s exactly what Abishai was prepared for. A good Kosha jacket to avoid wind and snow, Kosha thermals for keeping the body warm, and a pair of Kosha socks suitable for the cold harsh climates helped Abishai make the most out of his time in Rochester. These lightweight, feature-rich Kosha winter layers were more convenient for a traveller like  Abishai in comparison to the usual baggy and heavier traditional outer layers.

The New York state is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the USA. The recent studies concluded a stunning 60 million annual visitors from all around the world, and for all good reasons! The New York state backs up its reputation through breathtaking and amazing tourist spots, like New York City, Niagara Falls, Fire island, the Finger lakes, and the heavenly city of Rochester!  

Amongst this land of wonders, lies the city of Rochester is the 3rd highest populated city in New York State with a kid-friendly environment. This city offers several great museums and outdoor sports opportunities all year round. Come winter, Rochester turns into something even more magnificent and spellbinding! The whole city gets covered in a white blanket. The “lake effect” from Lake Ontario, the 14th largest lake in the world, contributes to the local snowy weather. The snowfalls can reach up to 70 – 120 inches, dropping the temperature as low as -10°C on the coldest nights.  

The outdoors take on new personalities in the winter. Several Winter Events take place all around the city that is attended by many people and communities. Events like – Mendon Ponds Winterfest, Lakeside Winter Celebration, and Maple Syrup Weekend events gather the most attention of them all.  

Kosha’s collection is technical – designed without compromise on quality, features that enhance comfort and performance during travel; the most optimum protection from the winds of Rochester. Jackets for Skiing with an in-built ski pass pocket on the sleeve and powder skirt to keep the snow out. Ski pants with in-built gaiters. Advanced socks that have a cushion on the pressure points of the feet and arch support, ideal for walking tours and treks. Garments that have an optimum weight to warmth ratio. Clothing that is multi-functional like jackets with underarm vent zips. PufferJackets that get packed in a pouch, hence it is out of your check-in bag, giving you more room to pack other essentials. Stylish Trench Coats for Business Travel. Classic Pullovers in cotton and wool. Rain pants and Rain Jackets with seam sealing. Shell Layer or jackets made with technical fabrics that have a waterproof as well as breathability rating. Our line of sweatshirts and bamboo fibre pullovers are loved in places of light winter wear like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat. Kosha is a prefered choice for Indians travelling overseas as we have vibrant colours and sleek designs. Avoid your fingers from freezing with screen-friendly gloves. From accessories like stoles, beanies, mufflers suitable for special occasions to Sweatshirts to wear at the airport and Hoodies for the AC in office; we have something for everyone!  

We don’t use down feathers and try to be animal friendly, instead, we use a special quality Polyfil to insulate our Puffer jackets. These jackets are available online that are specially designed to be lightweight without down feathers but keep you warm and insulated in sub-zero temperatures. In addition to our Puffer jackets, one of our hero products is the Kosha Base Layer, which is our thermals. These are made of Merino Wool and Bamboo Fiber and are 100% eco-friendly. Skin-friendly base layers made with Merino Wool and Bamboo as a blend. It is made from a soft and new age nanotech fibre, unlike old school itchy wool. Even out technical socks are more than comfortable and suitable for the coldest of weathers. You can buy our winter wears online at www.kosha.co or in-store.  


No one could have better given us a brief of experience with the city of Rochester, NY in the beautiful season of snow. We are so thankful to Abishai who took us on this journey with him & gave us a little taste of what lies out there, waiting for us! All one needs to do is take a step out of their comfort zone, to experience this beauty with their own eyes. Also, when you do so, do not forget to layer up! Follow Abishai on Instagram to see more of his adventures!

October 12, 2020



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