What do Ladakh, Yosemite, and Kenyan highlands have in common?

Yes, you read it right! What do a cold desert in India, a valley in a United States’ National Park, and the heights of Kenya have in common? At first glance, you may think of how these 3 distinctive and distant realms of nature can possibly resemble each other? But if you think a little deeper, you may come to the understanding, which suggests that all 3 of these places are remarkably cold and chilly as compared to the common and more inhabited lands. But that’s not the only commonality binding these 3 places together! 

While the Ladakh region is laden with bewitching sceneries and mesmerising landscapes, Yosemite is known for the prominent granite cliff that looms over the valley and the high concentration of waterfalls in a small area. The Kenyan heights go toe-to-toe with the other two natural wonders in their own tenure of tropical waters and dense thickets spread across acres of land. While these places may sound challenging, the true adventurers won’t think twice before packing their Kosha gear and hitting the road at the earliest to witness them with their own eyes! One such daredevil adventurer is Rebecca Ume Cook.

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Our dear friend Rebecca has not only visited all these 3 places but has also experienced the beauty and grace of these spectacles of nature at their peak. Rebecca has wandered in the wilderness in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 15°C with ease. For this feat, she exhibits her appreciation and gratitude for Kosha’s Merino wool bamboo thermal. Rebecca says –

“My Kosha gear has taken me from Ladakh to Yosemite to the highlands of Kenya. I am so in awe of the strong women behind the company and feel empowered to test my limits in the wilderness and beyond thanks to Kosha. May you continue to equip people with the gear and ethos they need to be courageous with their lives!” 

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This article was written by Kosha Team member: Harsh Rao

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