Winter in Finland: Dressing for Extreme Cold and Snow

What to wear in Finland during Winter

Planning a trip to Finland? There are various things to be kept in mind when one visits a place as far as the north pole! A tropical country like India which is so close to the equator has climates and seasons distinctly different from the ones in Finland. One must do an in-depth study about the place of a visit, ideally months in advance of the visit taking place. This research can turn exhaustive as it includes various aspects. 

The type of food Finland offers, the culture of the country, the best time to visit Finland, the different places of natural and historic importance to visit, the indoor activities that resorts offer, what to wear in Finland in winter and so much more.

Destinations to visit: Winter Finland Guide

Destinations to visit: Winter Finland Guide

But we are here to be of help! This article is written with the purpose of making this ‘exhaustive’ planning to be not so exhaustive. Read further to look at the different indoor winter activities provided by the resorts in Finland, see the various seasons Finland has, and accordingly make an informed choice for the best time to visit the country, to get a glimpse of the mouth-watering Christmas delicacies and mainly to understand the climate of the country intricately and decide on the winter wear apparel to be packed for a well-planned and happy trip! 

Understanding Finland Winter Climate

Temperature Range and Variations

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when we say Finland? Is it the Northern Lights that are on the bucket list of almost every travel lover? 

Finland Winter

Finland Winter

There is a debate about the true home of everyone’s favorite ‘Santa Claus’. Some say he lives at the North Pole and some say that he lives in Korvatunturi which is in Lapland, Finland. Coincidentally the best place in Finland to view the Northern Lights!

200 out of the 365 days in Finland have an astounding view of the Aurora Borealis which is referred to as ‘Nature’s most spectacular light show’. I am sure, each one of you is imagining a cute Instagrammable post while you continue reading. 

The Finnish winters are definitely a must-visit but one must keep in mind that they need lots and lots of research and preparation. From late August to April, Finland Tourism spikes up for the display of these indescribable Northern lights! So, you should start that research if you want to make it in time for nature’s light (and sound) show!

A little something about Finland- Finland is a country belonging to Northern Europe. It is also referred to as a Nordic Country which means a country of geographical as well as cultural region in Northern Europe and North Atlantic.

Finland shares its borders with Sweden to its west, Russia to its east, Norway to its north, and the Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland across Estonia to the south.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a city situated at the southern border of the country. It is the largest city in Finland. 

Helsinki Winter

Helsinki Winter

Even the summer in Finland isn’t warm enough compared to India, it is difficult to imagine a warm winter. Finland experiences long and cold winters and short and rainy summers. The spread of the cities determines their temperatures. 

Helsinki is warmer compared to other neighboring cities due to its proximity to the ocean. Rainfall can be seen from May to August.

  •  Summer – June, July, and August. The average temperature is 20 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius.
  •  Autumn – Last week of August to the end of October. The average temperature ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Spring – Early April to the beginning of June. The average temperature extends from 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.

The Finland winter is generally associated with lots of snow and freezing cold. Find a travel list of winter gear that will come in handy for Finland packing!

Average winter temperatures in Finland

The winter is the most felt season in Finland which can extend to as many as five whole months. Winter in Finland begins in November and can last till March. February is the coldest month of the year in Helsinki. 

Finland; as a country, has diverse temperatures. From Helsinki to Lapland, the average temperatures recorded differ considerably. 

  • November – The average high is 3 degree Celsius and the average low is -0.6 degree Celsius.
  • December- The average high recorded is -5 degree Celsius and the average low is – 15 degree Celsius. 
  • January- Average high is – 1.3 degree Celsius and the average low is – 6.5 degree Celsius.
  • February- The average high is – 1.9 degrees Celsius and the low is – 7.4 Celsius.
  • March- The average high is -1 degree Celsius and the average low is – 6 degree Celsius. 

The Northern Lights are every bit of a reason to start researching and planning already. Lapland in northern Finland is the best place to see the northern lights. In 2020, the temperature went as low as – 39 degrees Celsius.

Lapland has temperatures in winter extending from – 35 degrees Celsius to – 50 degrees Celsius. Elsewhere the temperature is comparatively higher from -25 degrees Celsius to – 35 degree Celsius. Overall you must expect freezing temperatures in Finland in winter.

Essential Winter Wear for Finland

A very cold country like Finland requires a lot of planning mainly in the winter wear section. The climate and temperatures of Finland and India are poles apart in their extremities. Indians therefore, may not have the kind of resistance it takes to survive the Finland winter without some hardcore winter apparel.

Snow covered Finland Winter

Snow-covered Finland Winter

We have compiled a list of all the items that will be necessary for a Finnish visit! There are direct links provided for more convenience.

The year 2020 was a tough one for most of us. It gave a sharp twist to the living we are used to and forced us to look at things from a different perspective. The year can be credited for showing the world how to do most things by working smart and not hard. People now have the chance to do more at less cost. By cost I mean the time and energy that gets saved. 

Everything is available with the click of a finger (Talking about the mouse and keypads here). Online shopping has taken the world by storm. There are a plethora of options available for the consumer to choose from. Today the consumer is king in the truest form.

Online marketplaces provide a variety of options for every kind of winter apparel. Kosha is one such website. Let Kosha be your one-stop destination to buy the necessary winter apparel for your trip!

Kosha, with its store in Mumbai (Khar West), is a shop wholly dedicated to making the most comfortable winter wear. Whether you are planning a visit to the coldest places in India like Ladakh or Kashmir or something closer to the north pole like Finland, Kosha has an extensive list of winter garments to make a selection from.

Their Online website ships throughout the country while also accepting international orders – be it parkas, ski pants, merino sweaters, insulated thermals, or winter accessories like mufflers, warm hats, beanies, wool socks, and gloves, Kosha is the one-stop for every traveler planning a trip to Finland should make.  

What to wear in Finland during Winter

What to wear in Finland during Winter

Kosha provides a free shipping policy for all local orders and charges a fee of 50 $ for international shipments. This shipping fee further gets removed if the total cost of the purchase exceeds 500 $.  

The delivery time is 3- 10 working days for local orders. The return policy is also very flexible as Kosha offers no charge return if the wrong items have been shipped. In case the customer needs a different size of a certain product, Kosha guarantees the return keeping in mind the product is in good condition with price tags intact. Kosha is a brand specifically committed to giving its customers a great experience through its collection of products dedicated to winter wear. 

Check out Kosha’s winter wear collection here!

Outerwear like puffer jackets, parkas, or a coat

A low temperature like Finland’s needs winter apparel that guarantees maximum insulation jackets and parkas. Depending upon the thickness of the material, the insulation provided varies. Taking into consideration the month of the visit, the temperature in Finland will vary. 

Golden Yellow Lightweight Puffer Jacket | Men

It also is different for different regions for eg- Southern Finland ( Helsinki) has a temperature that reaches – 20 degrees whereas, at the same time, the temperature in eastern Finland i.e. Lapland experiences temperatures as low as – 40 degree Celsius. The spread of Finland is such that the temperature reflects vast differences in its readings determined by whether you are in the north, south, east, or west of the country.

In such a case, wearing basic winter wear like Merino sweaters or hoodies and pullovers will not be enough protection for a traveler. Outerwear is a must in such cases as a person cannot survive in their regular clothes be it with the strongest resistance to cold weather. Most of the time heavy inner layers are recommended which should be worn along with the winter.

Kosha has a variety of winter jackets that can be recommended for such a cold winter. Kosha’s Fleece Lined Puffer Jacket is one of the options for sure. It is suitable for temperatures that reach – 20 degrees Celsius. If you are someone visiting Finland for business or work-related purposes, chances are that you may get to visit the comparatively warmer parts of Finland that have – 20 degrees Celsius temperature. This winter jacket is suitable for that weather. 

Navy Water Repellent Puffer Jacket|Women

A thick base layer of a hoodie is recommended which; along with Kosha’s puffer jacket, will provide the warmth that is necessary for Finland’s extremely cold weather. Depending upon the area of visit, one can make their selection. This very jacket is reversible while being waterproof and windproof. It has a stylish look to it that appeals to the eye. Its waterproof and windproof nature makes sure you stay warm and protected in case the weather gets too rough. 

It is available in three colors for men namely- olive, denim, and tan. The women’s jacket has color options of black, navy, and wine. It has a detachable hood to it and two cross pockets at the front. The zipper that runs in the middle at the front has a closure with button straps. The sturdy nature of the zip ensures proper protection and at the same time adds to the aesthetics of the jacket.

There are ribbed cuffs so that the cool air doesn’t seep in through the sleeves. The fleece in the material ensures a comfortable layer that guarantees softness on the inner surface of the puffer.

Check the Fleece lined puffer jacket for men here | Fleece-lined puffer jacket for women here

Sweaters and Pullovers

Sweaters, pullovers, and hoodies are the winter wear for a comparatively subtle winter in Finland. There are numerous activities that can be done from the comfort of one’s hotel or resort. Many of the resorts in Finland are well equipped with a vast range of activities for its customers so there are other things to look forward to in case you’re too tired to leave the Hotel campus. 

Fleece Lined Sweatshirt | Blue | Women

Places of indoor activities – a visit to the golf course, a stroll across the park, or maybe just a quick walk to the restaurant for lunch. All of these activities require you to get out of your room though not out of the place of stay. 

They are semi-outdoorsy and hence require not as much insulation as a visit to Lapland would require. When you do plan a visit to Finland; for an all-around experience, reserve around 1-2 days for visiting the resort and utilizing the activities provided by them. 

There is still a necessity to carry something that provides the necessary warmth especially if you are a foreign tourist. In such an instance, one can carry winter wear like sweaters, pullovers, and hoodies which can be worn with thermal vests and base liners depending upon one’s resistance to the cold. It is an added benefit that sweaters and hoodies make up for the perfect winter outfits for Instagram!

Kosha has a range of sweaters from which one can make their selection. However, one must realize that these sweaters and hoodies provide extra protection and must be worn as an add-on to a base layer or jacket.

Check Out Kosha’s sweater for men | Sweater for women

Base layers 

Base layers may not be the most popular winter wear clothing out there but in many cases, it certainly is the most important one. The base that forms the innermost layer is the one most in contact with our skin. This gives this layer two important tasks. 

The first would be to not let the body heat escape and the second would be to not let the cold air seep in. In addition to this, it is also necessary for the innermost layer to be soft as that is the layer that is in constant touch with your skin. This layer is the one responsible for not letting your body heat escape. 

I usually connect winter wear and woolen layers to skin irritability and itchiness. Kosha’s base layers have solved that very problem. After gathering enough feedback for their merino wool base layers, Kosha understood that just merino wool is itchy for some people and an ingenious idea of an addition of another raw material to the merino wool would help solve the problem.

They took this feedback very seriously and added bamboo to the existing Merino wool base layer. This reinvention made all the difference. The bamboo negated the shortcomings of merino material and together bamboo and merino form a solid team for a base layer. 

Kosha’s base layers are available in many forms. As vests, half-sleeved T-shirts, and full-sleeved tees too. One can pair the tees with a Merino base layer jogger to get full body insulation.

Check out base layers for men here | Base layers for women here 

Woolen bottoms – Snow Pants

Snow pants are essentially made for snow hikes or snow trekking. These insulated pants ensure maximum movement and comfort. Woolen bottoms can be in the form of base layers for other winter pants. They provide a warm base and an initial shield for tolerating cold weather conditions.

Finland is a place that faces extreme cold and it would be advisable for one to carry winter wear that is waterproof and windproof. Waterproof because the snowfall if settled too long on clothes, can make for very cold water. The inner layers like the base layer Merino tees and pants can provide the additional insulation that is required.

Depending upon the purpose of the visit one can decide on snow pants for trekking or sightseeing purposes.

Decathlon has snow pants for trekking and hiking in the snow. They have features like being windproof and a stretch material that provides the necessary synthetic insulation. These are further water repellant and made of a breathable fabric that has semi-elasticated waistbands and preformed knees.

Check out Kosha’s snow pants for men here | Snow pants for women here 

Warm accessories

While visiting a country as cold as Finland in winter, it is pertinent that one keeps in mind the importance of a winter outfit and not just winter clothes. To get proper overall insulation, it is key that one remembers to shield every exposed part of the body as one tends to forget parts like ears and the neck region. This is where accessories come into use.

Apart from their eye-pleasing and photogenic qualities, winter accessories have important uses.

Cushioned Merino Wool Brown-Black Regular Socks | Men

Winter accessories like scarves, mufflers, beanies, gloves, socks, earmuffs, monkey caps, and more should be looked into before planning winter apparel. Based on the intention of the travel, the selection can be made. 

These accessories not only add to your apparel’s looks but they also play a very key function in covering all the usually exposed areas that let the cold air seep inside.

  • Scarves play a very important role in making you look stylish (one of the many important things) while covering the front and back of the neck region. This is an important area to protect as any exposed area attracts cold gusts of wind and snow in certain cases. Kosha has many scarves for men and women that are perfect for cold areas like Finland. Check out Kosha’s scarves for him and her.
  • Beanies are possibly the best winter accessory utility-wise as they form a cover for the ears while also being a cap that covers the head and hair. Kosha has unisex woolen beanies available in multiple colors. Adorn these beanies with winter apparel to make sure you are insulated through and through. Check out Kosha’s unisex beanies here
  • Gloves also constitute a key winter accessory. They act as a barrier between the hands and cold surfaces. Gloves protect the palms while also giving them the liberty to carry things freely without restrictions. Check out Kosha’s unisex woolen gloves here.

Additional Tips for Cold Weather Survival

Protecting Your Head, Hands, and Neck

It is extremely important to keep your head, hands, and neck warm in winter as the first thing to get cold will be your head and as a vital organ, it is essential to protect it.

When it is so cold outside, frostbite is a real possibility. Wearing the appropriate hat and head protection is a recommendation for staying comfortable outside in Finland’s winter.

Ensure that you have the proper clothing to keep your body warm because leaving your head, ears, and neck vulnerable to the cold might raise the chance of irreparable harm. People frequently forget to cover their ears when they are outside, so make sure you have beanies, earmuffs, and scarves to keep your neck and head warm.

Choosing Appropriate Footwear

Are you one of those as well? Those who think of how much the feet will hurt when someone barely mentions ‘Hiking’ or ‘Trekking’? The aching feet are not the toughest problem to solve. A pair of comfortable footwear can make all of the difference. I remember the last time I went to a very cold place, my thermal socks, and warm shoes were the lifesavers.

One must take really good care of their feet while traveling because feet do most of the work. Be it any reason for the visit like adventure purposes or just leisure and sightseeing, the feet are the actual heroes which need as much comfort and care as one can provide. And taking care of one’s feet is; in reality, a very low-maintenance job.

Decathlon has shoes built especially for hiking in the snow. The feature of the snow contact sole gives a firm grip to the consumer thus adding to the reliance and confidence over the product.

Decathlon has snow hiking lace-up boots for women which are waterproof and guarantee adequate thermal insulation. They are super stylish and appealing to the eye. 

Check out Decathlon’s snow hiking shoes for men here | Snow hiking shoes for women here 

Warm socks 

Be it the chilly rains that hit your window during monsoon or maybe just the pleasant breezy winter weather, going to bed with a book in your hand and a pair of socks gives you the exact feeling that tucking inside a pile of comfy blankets does.

Socks can make or mar your winter visit. They are an important companion to your comfortable shoes. Proper thermal insulation is necessary for which thermal woolen socks are needed. The feet should be kept warm and comfortable at all costs. Your feet do most of the work when it comes to travel for adventure, leisure, or just tourism purposes. It is pertinent that one keeps the feet comfortable while planning any trip.

Navy & Black Regular Length Cotton Sports Socks | Men

Every winter gear is incomplete without a pair of woolen socks. Socks not only provide insulation, but they also protect the feet. They are a shield to the feet from the hard exteriors one has to walk through. Shoebits, stinky feet, and toe cramping can all be prevented to a certain extent by wearing the right pair of socks. 

Kosha has no–blister socks made out of 100 % merino wool, they ensure comfort and guarantee the necessary warmth for the feet. Kosha’s no-blister socks for men have the provision of a cushion on the heel for additional comfort with an arched shape for a proper fit. Kosha’s Namik No Blister socks are named after the Namik glacier which is the source of the Ramganga river in the Kumaon Himalayas. 

Both these socks can be used in weather temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius to as low as – 20 degrees Celsius. 

Check out Kosha’s socks for men here | Socks for women here 

Enjoying Chicago in Winter: Activities and Attractions in 2023

By visiting Finland, you not only get to strike it off of your bucket list but also get to see and experience the multiple activities the country has in store for you. There are many outdoor activities like winter hikes, tours to ice caves, dog sledding, and the best of the best- visiting Lapland to see the breathtaking view of the northern lights!

Finland Winter

Finland Winter

Winter Sports and Outdoor Activities

Finland has several (around 75) skiing resorts for an adventurer and lover of snow and hikes, like the Levi ski resort, Ruka ski resort, Laajis resort, and plenty more; some of which even give an ‘Igloo’ stay for the tourists! Who wouldn’t want to be accommodated in igloos? 

Imagine staying in an igloo just like Eskimos and gazing at the northern lights from the comfort of your bed! These luxury resorts will definitely give you a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of experience. Some of these also have snow hills for some hardcore skiing.

Home to the sightseeing of the northern lights, the Finnish Lapland has plenty of activities of its own to offer to the tourists. It has many igloos, ice saunas, and snow castles to look into and explore. Finland sounds like a dream come true, especially for lovers of snow!

Finland also has ethical ‘Husky’ safaris for those who wish to enjoy the sport while ensuring it doesn’t lead to any animal cruelty. This is as close as you can get close to living like Santa Claus. Prepping carefully for the husky safari is necessary as many recommend proper winter gear, ski masks, and moisturizers for the skin.

Must-Visit Winter Festivals and Events

One should visit Finland during the Christmas holidays to experience a true northern Christmas and to get a taste of ‘Santa’s town’. Decorated with multiple fairy lights, decorative elves, and reindeer and trees, Finland during Christmas would definitely be a sight to marvel at! Make sure that when you do plan a visit to this beautiful country, you do it when Finland is in its full glory i.e. Christmas!

At the beginning of the year, Helsinki is illuminated by the Lux Helsinki light festival. Each year, Lux Helsinki exhibits a wide variety of light art. Helsinki’s iconic structures are illuminated, although the event also frequently highlights less well-known courtyards and façades.

The Metro Areena Ice in Espoo will be the site of the ISU European Figure Skating Championships. The best chance to witness the European figure skating world’s finest stars is during the competition week. Ice dancing, pair skating, and single skating each have eight competitions. The Championships are concluded with a spectacular Gala Show.

Indoor Attractions and Museums

It’s not just in the winter that people visit cultural institutions, churches, and various other indoor attractions, but occasionally it’s necessary to take some time away from all wintertime outdoor activities if you don’t want to freeze to death!

You may find a lot of churches and museums in Helsinki, which is the country’s cultural center. No matter what your hobbies are—history, photography, design, artistic pursuits, research, or local Finnish history—you’ll probably find at least a few museums that cater to them.
At the Rauma Maritime Museum, you can study maritime history. Arktikum in Rovaniemi is all about local Arctic life.

In Old Rauma, be ready to be amazed by lacemaking. And at the kid- and family-friendly Tietomaa in Oulu, you can study science realistically.

Let this article be your one real motivation to visit Finland this winter or at least add it to your bucket list!

Evidently, all of these activities; along with the indoor winter activities, require you to have well-planned and researched winter clothing and accessories. Hopefully, this curated list made your packing and planning a little easier.

Take a trip to Yllas, Finland:

In addition to the activities listed above, we would also recommend visiting Yllas, a popular winter resort located in Finnish Lapland.

Ylläs is a fell in Finland, located in the municipality of Kolari in Lapland. It is the second largest ski resort in Lapland, after Levi. Ylläs is a popular destination for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and camping in the summer.

Ylläs is also a great place to experience the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Yllas is from late September to early April.

If you’re looking for a truly unique winter experience, consider taking a trip to Yllas. It offers everything you need for a perfect winter getaway, from skiing and snowboarding to snowmobiling and reindeer sleigh rides.

Customer Testimonials: Hear from Happy Kosha Customers

Personal Experiences with Kosha Winter Wear

Kosha is one of the key shops (online and offline as well) that you should take into consideration before making a winter gear purchase. Kosha is a platform solely directed at making winter gear comfortable and stylish for their customers which is why their attention to detail in their products, along with their serious consideration of customer feedback makes them a genuine brand dedicated to providing a wholesome experience.

Fleece Lined Sweatshirt | Blue | Men

Do check what Rebecca Umm Crook who is an educator, entrepreneur, and explorer has to say about Kosha- 

 “My Kosha gear has taken me from Ladakh to Yosemite to the highlands of Kenya. I am so in awe of the strong women behind the company and feel empowered to test my limits in the wilderness and beyond thanks to Kosha. May you continue to equip people with the gear and ethos they need to be courageous with their lives!” 


What should I pack for a winter holiday in Finland?

  • Travel Documents
  • Electronics
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid kit
  • Winter clothing apparel
  • Winter Accessories

What kind of jacket to wear in Finland?

Thick Puffer Jacket is recommended and it will be better if it is also waterproof as it will protect you against both snow and water. With the right baselayer and mid-layer along with the Puffer jacket, you will be able to face the winter in Finland without being uncomfortable. And of course, don’t forget about the warm accessories.

How many layers do you wear in Finland?

Even two sets of clothing could be worn on the coldest of days. One that is thinner can be worn as the baselayer and a thicker one as the shell layer. You can also wear a middle layer that will help keep you warm. You have the option of using wool or heavier synthetic material.

Do you need snow boots in Helsinki?

For trekking through the snow, waterproof footwear will be necessary, and you’ll need to make sure they have adequate grip. Here, snow boots remain the best choice.

Is Finland worth visiting in winter?

The greatest time to observe the northern lights is during the winter when you should travel to Finland. Although the aurora borealis can be seen throughout the year, the winter months offer the best visibility because of the dimmer skies. Lapland is where you’ll have the best possibilities of seeing the northern lights in Finland.

What month does snowfall in Finland?

Snow often covers the ground in the far north from early November until late May, and it may remain even longer on fell tops. The first snowfall frequently occurs in November in southern regions, but it typically doesn’t melt until late December.


In conclusion, when it comes to winter in Finland, dressing for extreme cold and snow is not just a matter of fashion, but a necessity for comfort and safety. The technical winter wear discussed in this article serves as your trusted companion in this harsh climate, offering protection against the biting cold and heavy snowfall. Whether you’re planning a winter adventure or simply braving the Finnish winter, proper attire is key to enjoying this unique and beautiful season to the fullest. So, don’t forget to gear up with the right clothing and accessories to make the most of your winter experience in Finland.

Check out Kosha’s website here for an extensive collection of winter gear. Have a great trip to Finland and by saying that we Finnish the article (get it?) and bid you a happy journey! 

This blog article is written by Kosha Team Member – Sanika Totade.



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