What to Pack When You Study Abroad?

what to pack when you study abroad

So, travelling abroad to build the career of your dreams? Here is a detailed what to pack when you study abroad

Make sure you have got your passport and visa, made copies of the letter of admission and previous degrees. Have gained a fair amount of knowledge about finances in international currency. What about warm and trendy winter clothing? Did you just pause to think? Not surprising, because clothing seems to be last on everyone’s list of priorities before flying off.

However, you should know by now that winter clothes can make or mar a trip. Pay attention to your winter gear and accessories especially when you are planning to go study abroad! This must have gotten you to the question of ‘What to pack for studying abroad?’. Don’t worry, we have got your backs! Read on to get to know the ultimate 2021 studying abroad packing list! 

Winter Look for Boys
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Ultimate Study Abroad Packing List

What to pack when you study abroad? Study Abroad Packing List


Beginning with something that is probably the most important of it all, you have to be meticulous about the documents you need to carry abroad. Make a checklist and manually check every item off of it to ensure you have carried everything. 

If possible, make a categorized list with the kinds and forms of documents required. 

The university of your choice will have an application form consisting of a letter or an essay, make sure you have that in soft and hard copies. There will be plenty of tips and tricks available online to top the college application essay, take a look at them, and be as authentic and honest as you can. 

Carry all your academic certificates and scorecards again in soft and hard copies. Arrange them in an order that starts from your tenth grade till your relevant degree. 

For identity, purposes carry your passport size photos, along with your photo id. Carry documents that show your work experience. (a portfolio, a resume, or a curriculum vitae) Carry letters of recommendations or reference letters.

Carry your college acceptance letter and make sure you draft a sop (statement of purpose). 

A financial document might be required. This contains your loan statements, scholarship proof, etc. A sponsorship letter also helps ease the process of travelling to your host country. 

As covid is currently an ongoing phenomenon, at least the next couple of years will need you to carry your health certificates. A universal pass or any substitute that proves you have taken the covid vaccination. And last but definitely not least, carry your passport and travel tickets! 

Outerwear like puffer jackets, parkas, or a coat

Based on the location of the place of your study program, the winter apparel changes. Make sure you do thorough research before planning the said trip. Look at the geography and climate of the country, the types of seasons it experiences and the natural calamities experienced in the past (if any).

Kosha's Women Puffer Jacket

what to pack when you study abroad: a puffer jacket

And after all of this preliminary research, look at your home country and your tolerance and resistance to cold temperatures. If the country of visit experiences extreme cold or snow, carry the kind of jacket that provides maximum synthetic insulation. 

Outerwear jackets like parkas or puffer jackets can fit the requirements. Kosha has a great range of parkas and fleece-lined puffer jackets. These can be worn by themselves in a temperature range that extends from 10 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. When worn with the correct base layers, these jackets can be donned in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Going abroad for studies means that you carry a lot of luggage. In such circumstances, make sure your winter wear doesn’t hoard much of your luggage space. Carry the kind of winter jackets that are compressible and easy to carry while providing enough warmth.

Check the fleece-lined puffer jacket for men here

Check the fleece-lined puffer jacket for women here

Sweaters and Pullovers

Going abroad for studies means that you carry a lot of luggage. In such circumstances, make sure your winter wear doesn’t hoard much of your luggage space. Carry the kind of winter jackets that are compressible and easy to carry while providing enough warmth.

what to pack when you study abroad: a sweater

The classic must-have for all cold places are sweaters! Traditionally, sweaters were unmatched when it came to providing synthetic insulation. Even today, we see that their reputation remains unmatched and rightly so. This winter wear garment ceases to go out of fashion and it’s upon you to choose the right fit for yourselves. 

Kosha’s range of sweaters is super soft. Made with a combination of merino wool and acrylics, these sweaters can be comfortably worn in a temperature range of 15 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. With other suitable layers, they can be worn in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius. These sweaters also have the feature of being dual coloured and reversible.

Kosha’s sweater for men

Kosha’s sweater for women

Base layers 

Winter clothes layering is something you should be aware of, especially if you are travelling to a place of extreme cold. The three main layers known are the base layer, mid-layer, and shell layers or outerwear. These are worn in the order mentioned and together they ensure maximum insulation. The fourth and informal layer of winter clothing is winter accessories. 

Merino Wool Baselayer

What to pack when you study abroad: a base layer

Base layers, as the name suggests, are for the base or the foundation of winter layering. These are the innermost layers and are mostly worn underneath the clothing. Due to this, the base layers must be soft because them being in constant touch with the skin. 

Kosha’s base layers are made with a unique combination of bamboo and merino wool. This blend ensures to provide maximum warmth and comfort to the user.

Base layers are important as they have two key functions to carry. They also make sure that they are preventing the body heat from escaping and not letting the cool air seep in.  

Check out base layers for men here 

Check out base layers for women here

Woolen bottoms – Snow Pants

Snow pants are an essential winter garment that should be added to your collection. In places of extreme cold and winters, one should make sure that they don’t wear material like denim. A light material that is waterproof should be worn especially if the place has snow or rain. 

Snow pants also ensure breathability and a free flow of movements to the users. They can be worn during winter sports and activities like skiing, hiking, etc. 

Check out snow pants for men here

Check out snow pants for women here 

Warm accessories

As mentioned above, accessories make for the fourth layer of winter clothing. Although they are not a part of the main winter gear, they have tremendous utility. Winter accessories make sure that the otherwise exposed areas of your body are warm and covered.

All weather merino wool accessories

All weather merino wool accessories

Areas like the neck region, the palms and hands, the feet, the ears, and the head are covered by accessories like scarves, mufflers, gloves, mittens, socks, beanies, monkey caps, etc. Make sure you carry some of these for the necessary additional insulation. 

Check out accessories here

Warm shoes or boots

The correct pair of footwear is another important prerequisite that often slips minds when it comes to winter packing. No normal shoes, sneakers or flip flops work well in extreme cold or during the snow.

Proper winter boots or snow boots that are waterproof and snowproof should be worn. Unnecessary heavy footwear can also cause trouble during winter sports or even during acts as simple as walking. 

The size of your shoes should also be kept in check as a size too tight or too loose can lead to discomfort and can also cause blisters and shoe bites. Carry more than one pair of shoes when it comes to studying abroad. A foreign country can be intimidating at the start, it will help if you go fully prepared.

Warm socks 

Make sure your socks and shoes are compatible in the sense that they work well together. Along with good quality shoes, carry a pair of great quality socks that will make walking not a task! It is advisable to carry more than 2-3 pairs of socks.

how to wash merino wool socks

What to pack when you study abroad: Add socks to your abroad packing list items

Kosha’s range of no-blister socks is something to look out for! Made with pure merino wool, these socks ensure a soft, cushiony feeling for the feet. They have arch support for a greater grip. These socks have other features like breathability, they even manage foot odour to some extent. Kosha’s socks, as their name suggests, are blister-free, thus taking the foot comfort to a whole new level. 

Check out Kosha’s socks for men here

Check out Kosha’s socks for women here 

What to wear for study abroad? 

You can’t possibly dress at an international university as you’ve always dressed in college in India. Weather and cultural differences aside, a new start to your life calls for a total overhaul of your current look in keeping with your own personal taste as well as the demands of student life in a new country. 

Here we decode your entire packing list into seven key points you will need to bear in mind, thereby avoiding any last-minute packing frenzy.

Create an impression: 

It is rightly said that there are no second chances to make that first impression and you surely don’t want to go wrong with your look on the first day of university. All it takes is a little planning and a lot of imagination to stay warm and trendy during the drab winter months ahead. 

Be it an MS in engineering at the University of  Berlin or an MD in medicine at the Moscow Medical Academy, here are a few simple winter dressing ideas that you can apply wherever you are studying. 

After all, you are not just any other student but a smart and stylish representative of your country and culture.

Temperature Talk: 

There is no denying that some of the best universities in the world are located in regions with the roughest winters. Whether you’re travelling to the US, UK, or Europe, you need to arm yourself with multifunctional layers that will allow you to enjoy the cool and breezy months of spring while also guarding you against the winter and autumn season ahead. 

For instance, wear this classy, off-white knitted top with a pair of skinny-fit jeans as a light winter ensemble that spells nothing but style and grace.

Add a few more layers to this ensemble and you are all set to brave temperatures as low as -30°C. Boys can try this warm but sporty Fleece jacket or the Light Weight Ski Parka as a shell-layer for 100% protection from the snow, wind, and rain.

Travel Light: 

Airlines’ weight restrictions on baggage are one of the biggest pet peeves for students travelling abroad. 

The secret to preventing numerous rounds of packing, weighing, and unpacking your luggage is to include layers of thermals along with stylish woollen tops (preferably warmer ones made of pure merino wool) that you can mix and match thereby creating a whole new outfit every time you dress.

For example, replace an ordinary summer tee and a sweater with a dual-purpose Woolen Stole. Not only does this cut down on the pounds of your baggage, but it also prevents embarrassing situations of unpacking and repacking at the airport.

Get that corporate look: 

If business or management is what you will be studying abroad for, don’t leave without a stylish set of formals. The best part of corporate attire is that it keeps you warm while also giving you a sharp business look. 

Carefully choosing a few formal pieces is critical if you are pursuing an MBA in technology or financial management at world-class institutes such as Steven’s Institute of Technology in the US. If the UK is where you are heading for a degree in International Journalism from the University of Cardiff, ensure that you stay a step ahead of the British haute couture. 

Consider a Pure Wool Round-neck Pullover worn over a well-designed pair of black pants or a dark-grey pencil skirt. Team it with this elegant and ethnic Lotus-Embroidered Shawl; wrap it around your neck like a stole and you’re all set to grab eyeballs at that next marketing presentation.     

Stay true to your roots: 

Speaking of all things ethnic, make sure you pack a beautiful set of churidars (complete with kurta and dupatta) and even an elegant saree (if you know how to drape one), thus making an elaborate statement at the annual Traditional Day or a Bollywood-themed party. 

Remember Indra Nooyi, the famous Indian-origin CEO of Pepsico, not only wore a traditional saree to her first interview at the Boston Consulting Group, she even clinched the deal.

Be wise and accessorize: 

With the advent of small but stand-out pieces of accessories, winter clothing has gotten all the more innovative and exciting. Mufflers, beanies, gloves and socks – each of these winter accessories can be used to add extra character to your outfit. 

What to pack when you study abroad

For instance, this Woolen Muffler in cobalt checks completes the dapper look in men.  For the more experimental ladies, try this Swami Zipper Tote Bag by Play clan for a truly aesthetic Indian look.

Don’t pinch your pocket: 

A rupee saved is a rupee earned. In the case of students studying abroad, saving on a few dollars and euros could convert into significant rupee savings. Hence, plan your winter shopping well in advance in India to avoid spending in foreign currency at your university destination. 

Alternatively, you can opt for fewer thermally efficient winter layers that offer cost as well as weight savings. So make sure you put a little more thought and prudence into your winter packing and get ready to sizzle as you study abroad. 

Get some more practical advice from the experts in our blog on the Pre-departure Checklist. Bon Voyage!

This blog article is updated by Kosha Team Member – Sanika Totade.



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