9 Factors Worth Considering While Buying Winter Coats for Women

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9 Factors Worth Considering While Buying Winter Coats for Women


Winter coats deserve a spot in every cold-weather wardrobe. It is a winter essential which could be valuable for all those who live in sub-zero temperatures.

Through this guide, I’ll highlight why you should invest in winter coats this season. I’ll show you how you can approach buying your winter coats as well.

So, keep some space vacant for your new winter coats. You might want to add this in your winter collection after reading this.

Winter Coats: An Elegant Essential

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If you live in regions where winter coats are required through the season, you must read on. You have the opportunity to create some fantastic looks this season with this wardrobe essential.

It will provide all the warmth you need. But, it’s by your side if you want to look lavish at a winter party.

Humans can get very vulnerable on those biting cold days. Your nails might have gotten bitten off, but the shivers don’t seem to end. And in testing temperatures, having a few in your winter collection will always help.

Compared to other winter clothes, coats are much more superior. They’re available in numerous options. The names of the coats themselves bring an elite feel to them.

Those who don’t need winter coats daily because of bearable winters might envy you. So please take advantage of your necessity and stock up a few.

Here are some reasons or you to understand the value of winter coats. You could use this as a checklist when you pick your latest piece. Make a note of it as you read.

1. Provide Warmth

Have you heard of winter layering? It is a crucial part of the winter wear puzzle.

There are three essential layers, i.e. base, mid, and outer layers. Your winter coats fall under the last category.

They’re your first line of defence against the harsh cold elements. They are the layer that everyone gets to see clearly on your winter ensembles.

The goal of this layering system is to ensure that you have a trouble-free winter experience. Warmth and comfort should always be at the forefront of this goal.

Coats are created to provide warmth and comfort while you’re busy throughout the day.

2. Level Up Your Style

If your winter coats are winter-friendly, look towards creating some fashionable winter outfits with them.

You can make some bold statements with the right choice of winter coats.

Most often nowadays, coats are used to look more fashionable. Wearing a coat as outerwear could amp up your winter fashion game.

This piece can be your go-to on the streets and in the office. It’s all about what you decide to pair it with.

You can take the stylish route even when you need to take it off due to sudden heat. You could wrap it around your waist, or rest it on your shoulder. Apart from this, you could hang it on your arms as well.

3. Prevent Health Concerns

Your winter coats also protect you during the harsh winter days in the season. With the best coats on, you keep yourself away from any health concerns. Some of the common health issues would be winter cold, hypothermia, or frostbite.

It’s advisable to keep yourself as warm as possible during the cold months. It applies especially if you don’t have excellent immunity or tolerance levels to fight the cold.

Add essential winter accessories like scarves or beanies with your coats. They will add warmth to your body when you’re out in the open.

4. Great Investment

The best quality will always come at a price. But you get the features you need along with that hefty price tag. Winter coats that are durable, waterproof, and long-lasting are great additions to your wardrobe.

You should also pick the suitable material and the perfect type to keep you warm. You have trench coats, pea coats, and faux fur coats, among a few options.


So look for something that fits your style and budget to make the most of this winter wear.

The Features to Look For in Winter Coats

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When you buy your winter coats, you should add some more points to the checklist. It will help yoou in making an informed decision you won’t regret later.

Let’s look at some of the requirements a coat should fulfill to get a spot in your winter wardrobe.

Waterproof Shell

During winter, you’ll need a waterproof coat. Damp clothing is a big no during winter. Hence, you shouldn’t let your coats get affected due to the snow or rain. You should also ensure that the outer shell is water resistant.

Check the label to confirm the waterproof ability of your winter coat. You should also check the layers of waterproof material covering the coat. The more layers, the better protection you get.

Make sure your coat is insulated as well. It is essential if you live in a cold area.

Type of Insulation

Your winter coats come with three different types of insulation. They are: down, synthetic, and pile fabric. The criteria to narrow down on one type s very simple. Choose the one that will keep you warm in the winter months.

Now to see which one should be preferred, let’s check some details.

Down is a classic insulator and provides excellent warmth in winter. But it isn’t great with moisture-wicking. If you live in an areas prone to a lot of precipitation, down may not be the best choice for you.

Synthetic fibres are better at handling moisture. But synthetic fibres don’t last as long as other types. They tend to wear down over time.

Pile fabric is pretty similar to sheep’s wool. It’s water resistant and lasts longer than synthetic fabrics.

Zippers and Cuffs

You should also look deep into some features that your winter coats present. Zippers and cuffs are two such features. You should ensure that you’re protected from the cold. So, ensure that the zippers and cuffs are of good quality material and will last.

Sometimes, the coat’s fabric might be waterproof, but the zippers aren’t. You can check the label to confirm whether it is or not. If you’re buying a parka, two-way zippers will provide added warmth.

Make sure the cuffs you choose are tight. Tighter cuffs provide more protection from the rain and snow.


Once you’ve found a coat you like, ensure that it’s high quality. Make sure there’s no thread hanging out. Also ensure that you don’t find any holes in the coat. The stitching shouldn’t go through the insulation in a coat.


Coats are available in a variety of fabrics, so choose what’s appealing to your sense of style.

Leather coats are both stylish as well as durable. Woollen coats are also durable and come in a variety of stylish cuts. You can also choose wool in various colors, so wool can be great if you’re looking for a specific colour.

A faux fur coat could be another option for a statement piece.

So these are a few things you should consider while buying winter coats.

Jacket vs Coat: The Difference

Winter loves its jackets and coats. But you might use these terms interchangeably.

There are some differences between the two, though.

Let’s look at what makes each stand apart from the other.

Winter Jackets

A jacket is usually lightweight and goes up to the hip or shorter. It might be available with sleeves or without sleeves. Both ways, they’re effective during winter.

As a result, jackets are quite versatile and casual. They’re suitable for wearing in the slightly cooler months.

One of the few common things with coats is the fashionable looks you can create.

Jackets are cut close to your body to fit as an outer layer. They don’t have room for layering pieces, such as a suit, underneath.

Winter Coats

A coat is usually hip-length or longer. As for the weight, it’s medium. You’ll always find winter coats with sleeves. This, too, is ideal for cold temperatures.

A coat is more formal and functional. It will provide some good protection from the elements. But think of it as a stylish item as well.

They tend to be more timeless and classic than winter jackets.

Colours for Winter Coats

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Here comes one of the best parts while buying winter coats. The colours you pick for your coats should be attractive and worth the investment.

You could get carried away by some unusual options you come across. Hence, it’s always good to know what works.

Here are some colours that would look superb on your winter coat. If you like any of these, don’t hesitate to make the purchase.

  • Black

Black is one of the most popular coat colours. It can look good with almost everything. It’s a classic colour and doesn’t easily show dirt. Black is also a reliable colour if you’re unsure of what looks good.

  • Patterns

If you want a break from solid colours, try patterns. Patterns are still going to match with almost everything. The pattern is often the stand-out element in your winter outfits.

  • Earth Tones

Earthy tones are versatile as well. They bring a different vibe to the outfit. Let’s take a look at how these colours coordinate with everything.

  • Olive Green

Olive green is a lovely choice for winter coats. It’s something different from regular neutrals. This particular shade looks rich and muted. The only shade that can clash with olive green is bright green.

  • Brown

Brown is a common colour when you look for winter coats. You have medium to dark brown hues that could work with many different stylings.

A long brown coat can look fantastic with a simple black dress and heels. Or you can combine it with casual jeans and a tee for an everyday look.

  • Beige

Beige or cream shades are excellent if you want some lighter shades on your winter coats. When you think light, ignore whiter. Instead, beige is among the best light-coloured coats you will find.

  • Red

If you want something bright and different, think about red. A red coat is an excellent way to add colour to neutral-toned outfits. It isn’t limited to that, though. Red-coloured winter coats bring about a different vibe to the winter season. They look bright and cheerful.

Red also looks fabulous with pinks, mustard yellows, blues, and purples.

  • Navy

Navy is your dark alternative to black. The right shade of navy will be a distinct blue. It shouldn’t be so dark that it almost resembles black. You should invest in this colour for a winter coat this season. It adds variety to your wardrobe.

  • Light Blue

Light blue, or a blue-grey, is another fun color that goes with everything. Bold reds to pastel yellows, loads of colours look gorgeous with blue.

Which of these colours will you try this winter season? Each of the hues has their charm. If you pick a few of them, you will have options for different events.

The Factors to Decide Colours on Winter Coats

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When you pick the colours for your winter coats, look at the following factors as well:

  • Current Wardrobe

Always have a look at your wardrobe before you set out to add clothing inside. Your coat should be able to look good with the other items in your wardrobe. It’s natural that the other items were picked based on your style preferences.

So that should apply to your winter coats as well. Do you love wearing black? Do you prefer patterns or solid colours? Do you like making statements with your outfits?

Consider colours that will complement and blend with your wardrobe. You should have a good mix of colours in your winter collection.

It avoids any kind of monotony in your outfits. You should look to try different combinations once in a while. Eventually, something fantastic might come out of it.

  • Desired Look

Remember, this comes down to what makes you feel good, so choose a colour or pattern you love. Bright colours like red or light blue are perfect for standing out amongst a crowd.

But if that isn’t you, then earthy tones, black, or navy are a good starting point.


fur coat


Winter coats are an attractive part of winter clothing for most people. If you need to wear it daily, consider yourself lucky as well. You’re getting a chance to assemble some lovely outfits throughout the season with this piece.


This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias



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