World Environment Day 2018

Environment Day - Kosha

Today is World Environment Day, and we are grappling with multiple environmental issues. If there is any hope of salvaging the only home we have, it is now. We must take collective steps, no matter how small, to make that difference. This year the theme for World Environment day is #BeatPlasticPollution Single-use plastic has invaded our natural living spaces and is causing havoc. ‘If you can’t reuse it, refuse it,’ should be our mantra going forward.

Let’s pledge to work towards the cause of a green environment, today and every day. Remember, we’ve borrowed the earth from our children. We are obligated to be mindful. Little things, like switching off appliances or carpooling with friends eases the pressure on our natural resources. Here is a list that Kosha suggests. Feel free to add your own. Every little effort helps the earth breathe. So, be an Eco-warrior, today.


World Environment Day

World Environment Day



Our history goes all the way back to early 50s. Prrem and Aloo Vazirani – an accomplished couple who chased after their wanderlust bug. She was a doctor, he was a businessman, and both were filled with a desire to explore the world.