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Who We Are

An eco-conscious winter-wear brand based in India. Kosha®, launched in June 2017, is one of the first Indian brands offering technical winter-wear & travel-wear, ranging from kidswear to plus size. We’re a family's go-to for affordable layering needs between -20°C to 15°C and technical apparel that is feature rich, thoughtfully designed and durable. Our clothing is designed as per the Layering System. Kosha caters to the traveller who is conscious of the environment. We believe in immersive yet empathetic travel.

Our Tribe

SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNT: We offer a special student discount for those travelling overseas to study. Shop online at and contact us on our helpline or email for further details. Our special lightweight puffer jackets, Kosha Base Layers, Multipurpose Winter Jackets, Smart Parkas, Trendy Accessories, Touch Enabled Gloves and more will set you up for success.

BECOME A KOSHA COLLABORATOR: Kosha is always on the lookout for like minded brands and individuals to collaborate with. Email us at or get in touch with us on our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to get the conversation started.

BECOME A KOSHA TESTER: An essential part of the Kosha Design process is research and development. We are always tinkering and experimenting on new ways to make more travel friendly and sustainable products with new features and more comfort. For the beta and sampling phase, we sometimes need to test out the products and share real time feedback on the performance of our garments.

PARTNER WITH KOSHA FOR CORPORATE ORDERS: At Kosha we are happy to incorporate your company's identity on garments purchased in bulk as well.

What we believe in: Quality > Quantity

We are always tinkering and experimenting on new ways to make more travel friendly and sustainable products with new features and more comfort. For the beta and sampling phase, we test out the products with Adventurists, Experts and our community, who share real time feedback on the performance of our garments. For our 2020 destination Collection Shoot in Manali, we were simultaneously testing and photographing our Samples. The feedback on features and durability were incorporated into the final iterations.

MINDFUL CHOICES: A product’s journey in the apparel sector has been riddled with ethical issues. At the very onset of Kosha, we wanted to make sure we made the most transparent and ethical choices available in the market. Simple but key things like checking if the factories where our products will be manufactured were compliant (AEPC initiative: DISHA), ensuring we sourced special fabrics like Organic Cotton, Supima Cotton, Merino Wool, from vendors who could provide the certification for authenticity. Additionally, we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint at the development stage by locally sourcing our mainstay fabric blends such as Merino x Bamboo and Bamboo x Organic Cotton from Indian Textile Mills. We only work with fair wages factories. We are an equal opportunities employer and have created employment opportunities for tailoring and patterning in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Tirupur.

LIFETIME REPAIRS FOR KOSHA PRODUCTS: Travellers today are adventurous and are experimenting with off-beat holiday destinations and sports. For all this they need a brand that’s accessible, fashionable and easy to maintain. Kosha fulfills all those requirements. We offer lifetime free repair to all our customers irrespective of when they bought the product. To reduce wastage and excessive consumption, we have an additional service, where you can bring back worn garments for repair. If it is worn beyond repair, we will recycle the garment for you.

What we do: Innovation x Utility

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: We believe travellers come in all shapes and sizes. Kosha's collection caters to men, women, toddlers and teens. The designs are available in sizes XS to 3XL and in plus sizes too. We are the only brand offering a wide range of sizes in winter and travel-wear, because we believe the love for travel comes in all shapes and sizes. If your size isn't available, we are happy to customize for you. Kosha is one of the few brands that offer thermals, Kosha Base Layers and accessories for toddlers and children. Shop Kosha online for your kids’ travel-wear and winter-wear.

Our designs are crafted with care and filled with special technical features to enhance your comfort and the garment's performance during adventure or leisure travel. Our line of sweatshirts and bamboo fiber pullovers are loved in places of light winter-wear like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gujarat. Kosha is a preferred choice for Indians travelling overseas as we have vibrant colours and sleek designs. Prevent your fingers from freezing with screen-friendly gloves. From accessories like stoles, beanies, mufflers suitable for special occasions to Sweatshirts to wear at the airport and Hoodies for the AC in office; we have something for everyone.

TECHNICAL CLOTHING: Our collection is technical in nature - designed without compromise on quality with features that enhance comfort and performance during travel. Our garments have an optimum weight to warmth ratio. One of our hero products is the Kosha Base Layer, which is our thermals. These are made of Merino Wool and Bamboo Fiber and are 100% eco-friendly - made from a soft and new age nano tech fiber, unlike old school itchy wool.

We offer: Jackets for Skiing with an in-built ski pass pocket on the sleeve and powder skirt to keep the snow out. Ski pants with in-built gaiters. Advanced socks that have cushion on the pressure points of the feet and arch support, ideal for walking tours and treks. Clothing that is multi-functional like jackets with underarm vent zips. Puffer Jackets that get packed in a pouch, hence it is out of your check-in bag, giving you more room to pack other essentials. Stylish Trench Coats for Business Travel. Classic Pullovers in cotton and wool. Rain pants and Rain Jackets with seam sealing. Shell Layer or jackets made with technical fabrics that have a waterproof as well as breathability rating.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Kosha designs and collections keep the winter layering system and the traveller’s comfort at the heart of their products. Kit yourself from head to toe at one place and travel hassle free. Usually, all layers purchased from any other travel-wear company would amount to INR 50,000+. Kosha offers a bundle of all layers for INR 20,000. This also makes Kosha the right choice for those planning to immigrate to Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia or shift base to colder regions. Options include men’s sweaters, women’s winter accessories, bamboo sweaters, thermals, technical socks, snow proof pants, waterproof jackets, touch enabled gloves, beanies, mufflers, and much more. Learn more about special layering needs for Mount Everest, Chadar Trek, Switzerland and more at Kosha Journals. Shop your layering needs online at

Behind the scenes:

Kosha is a 3 year old lifestyle clothing brand with a legacy of over 70 years. In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, many Indians were displaced. Kosha Founder Yuktie Jhangiani’s family was one of them. Her Grandfather came to India from Karachi and started a business in customised Men’s clothing. As a third generation entrepreneur Yuktie revamped her family business Prrem’s to Kosha in June 2017, having incorporated loyal customers’ and community feedback to introduce non-itchy thermals, super warm yet light jackets and more, making it more relevant to the times. You can read more about our legacy here.

Kosha is made possible by a young and wonderful team of travellers who bring their own self discovery stories to the table. Some of us climb the highest peaks with ease, some of us take pride in exploring World cultures and some of us have made it our mission to be part of music from around the world. Piece by piece we have built together a company that brings our unique styles together into a traveller's dream. Our individual travel stories make Kosha not just a travel-wear and gear destination, but a community of explorers.