Plain Viscose Stole Green


Lime Green stole specially designed for elegance. Helps spruce up your winter wear. A multi-functional accessory, wear it as a muffler to keep your neck warm or wrap it round like a shawl. Style it the way you like. It will keep you covered on your trip to the Alps.

Style Tip-

- Pair it with your all denim look for evening out

Travel Tip-

- If you're travelling to Paris, pair it with a black dress and coat to fit right in - If you're visit a destination with lots of beaches, tie the stole around your head like a bandana for a 90's look and to keep the sweat off your face

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Size Chart


  • Stole for women
  • Lime Green
  • Length 83 inches Width 27.5 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and comfortable


25°C to 15°C
100 Gram


  • Dry cleaning.
  • Machine wash on the gentle cycle.
  • Handwash using Ezee or Genteel liquid detergent.

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