Why You Need Winter Hats and Scarves as Accessories for Winter Season

Why You Need Winter Hats and Scarves as Accessories for Winter Season


When winter comes close, you need essential winter gear. Apart from your tops and bottoms, accessories also play a role. So you must buy some accessories for winter.

Through this post, I’ll take you through the value of hats and scarves in winter. You will need them at some point if you’re experiencing a peak winter climate.

So let’s get going!

Reasons for Keeping the Head Warm With Accessories for Winter

beanies as your accessories for winter

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You must keep your head as warm as possible during the winter months. It’s essential like the rest of your body. So let’s start from the top.

The head is one of the essential parts of your body. If you don’t protect it, you’ll see cold winds and a breeze blowing through the ears. You might also see snow or rain hitting your head while you’re out and about.

Nobody likes to fall ill at any stage. So why take a risk, right? So here’s an elaboration on why you should protect your head in winter:

A drop in the temperature increases the risk of seasonal infection. Cold, flu and fever are common health concerns that bother people this season.

Hence you should take extra care of yourselves. You need to boost immunity and stay in the pink of health throughout the cold season.

So for starters, you must cover your head at all times.

​Next up, why is it so important in winter? To begin with, you reduce the risk of falling ill when you step out of the house. Experts say that covering your head during winter preserves heat.

It makes you feel warmer and more comfortable. When your scalp is exposed to the cold, you lose more body heat. It puts you at a greater risk of cold and flu. Keeping your scalp warm is as essential as keeping your body warm.

Covering your head can also keep your hair healthy and frizz-free. The cold and harsh weather strips away all the moisture from your hair. Hence it becomes frizzy and dry.

When you brush your hair, it might lead to split ends. It also dries your scalp, increasing the risk of getting dandruff.

And don’t worry about the variety in store for you. You have many options to choose from. So staying warm can be a breeze.

Accessories for Winter: Types of Winter Hats

beret as your accessories for winter


As I’ve said, you have a few options to choose from. So here are some of the winter hats you could consider. Please add them to your list of accessories for winter.

Beanie Hat

A beanie has always been a part of accessories for winter. They’re among the best types of winter hats. It also adds cuteness to your outfits in winter. So you must add this piece to your list of accessories for winter.

Wool beanies are especially perfect for harsh winter climates. Wool is an excellent insulating fabric.

It can combat strong winds and cold chills throughout the day. In turn, it keeps you warm on every winter outing.

Ushanka Hat

The Ushanka is another exciting variety for your winter headgear. This piece will add some variety to your wardrobe.

This winter cap will keep your head warm and cozy with a snug fit. This hat has ear flaps to give your ears extra protection against the cold.

Trapper Hat

The trapper hat is one of the best types of winter hats. This winter essential will easily protect your ears, forehead, and hair from the cold. It’s an informal alternative yo an Ushanlka winter hat.

It also has some variations in the style. One of them is a faux fur trapper. The faux fur trapper is a good choice for many reasons.

It’s durable and also of good quality. It indicates that this piece will last you many winters. Also, its thick crown and ear flaps keep you cozy and warm.

And finally, there isn’t real fur involved. But it doesn’t compromise on quality for these kinds of accessories for winter. And it’s also an animal-friendly option. You should look out for these hats in a striking black hue. They’re perfect for matching any winter outfit.

Watch Cap

These winter caps are essentially shorter-style beanies. But their warmth and comfy feeling are commendable.

The best winter hats also feature an adjuster to provide an excellent fit.


Berets are another lovely addition to your accessories for winter. They also bring along a style element. Berets are an excellent choice if you’re looking for show-stopping hats in winter.

There’s a range of designs for men and women to explore. Berets have always been the epitome of chic looks. But the best ones are also extra warm due to their wool felt material.

Faux Fur Bucket Hat

A faux fur bucket is an excellent alternative for your winter hat collection. This fluffy option will always be trendy due to its elegant bucket shape. You will also find this winter hat in many standout colours and patterns.

No matter which one you choose to wear, expect coziness and compliments.

Washing Winter Hats from Your Winter Accessories List

trapper cap


Winter headgear will keep your head safe against the cold weather and chills. But you must do your bit by taking care of the hats. There are some basic things you need to keep in mind. Here is the list:

  • Should You Wash a Winter Hat Before Wearing?

Make it a practice to wash a winter hat before wearing it. They’re made in dirty factories. After that, it lands up in a store from where you buy a few. You must keep them clean because you’re going to store them somewhere at your place.

You remove any harmful germs that might lurk on the fabric by washing them. By cleaning it, you’ll remove extra dye before it can be transferred to your skin or other clothing. You also get rid of bacteria that could cause sickness.

It also drives away chemicals that could irritate your skin.

And, of course, any dust that may have accumulated also goes away.

Many people don’t wash new clothes before wearing them. If you’re part of this group, it’s time to cultivate a new habit.

Try your winter hat, remove the tag, and put it in the washer immediately. But remember, you should always wash new clothing separately from your other laundry.

  • Can You Wash a Winter Hat in the Washer?

Winter hats made from wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, or a cotton blend are machine washable. But ensure to check the care tag for specific cleaning instructions. It will prevent any mistakes while you wash these accessories for winter.

Reasons to Try Scarves as Your Accessories for Winter

woman wearing a winter scarf


Let’s move ahead from winter headgear. There’s also neckwear that is essential. And when you talk of neckwear, scarves come to mind. They’re an essential that you must add to your winter accessories list

  • 1. Neck Scarves Keep You Warm

Neck scarves are the perfect accessory to keep your body warm in the winter months. You get them in many winter fabrics, including wool, cashmere, silk, linen, and cotton. You should ensure that you’re scarves are thick enough but not too thick.

It helps with providing insulation if they’re thick scarves. Another aspect you should consider is the climate.

If you live in colder climates, look for a woollen or cashmere scarf. If you’re in milder weather, cotton will do the trick. But ensure that the material is appropriate for the weather.

  • 2. They Add Style

Neck scarves are also pretty stylish when you need them to be. A simple wrap around your shoulders can enhance the look of your outfit.

You can pair it with many items from your wardrobe. It will work whether you wear a suit, dress, or a casual coat.

There are many different ways to wear a scarf. So you will always find a style that suits you.

Another benefit of investing in scarves is the variety in colour and patterns. With so many colours and patterns available, you’ll find one that compliments your outfit.

Patterned scarves add interest to the look. At the same time, a solid colour can be used to tie things together.

No matter your style, neck scarves are a great way to look fashionable. They’re easy to put on and take off in winter too. It’s because they’re small and easy to carry around.

  • 3. They Protect Your Neck

Here comes the crucial aspect of this winter essential. Neck scarves aren’t only fashionable and protect your neck from the cold. It keeps your neck warm by trapping body heat close to your skin.

It can also shield the neck from the wind and cold air. Choosing a scarf made from natural fabric like wool also wicks away moisture.

It helps in keeping your neck dry. These factors help prevent you from getting a sore throat or other cold-weather illnesses.

Accessories for Winter: Types of Scarves

infinity scarves as your accessories for winter


Scarves are the ultimate winter accessory. Not only do they keep you snug when the temperature drops, but they also come in a range of hues and prints that you can match with any outfit.

But did you know that there are multiple types of scarves to serve different purposes?

From classic scarves to ones with pockets to keep your hands warm, we’ve rounded up five types of scarves to help you pick the most suitable one this winter.

1. Regular Scarf

The regular scarf is a classic winter staple for a reason. You can wear it either draped loosely around your neck or tied up tight. It depends on the weather you’re in.

You’ll get all the warmth and comfort you need. It has a snug fit and will keep your neck protected from the cold. That’s all you need for winter wear basics. So please add this piece to your winter accessories list.

2. Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves can keep your neck warm without any dangly ends getting in the way. They tend to sit a little higher. So you can also use them to cover your mouth and nose.

3. Snood

Snoods are wrap-around scarves that function like infinity scarves. You keep them wrapped around your neck while shielding your head from the cold. You can wear it like a hood.

These scarves are often made from a thicker wool. They also stop the heat from escaping through your head.

While snoods and infinity scarves may look similar, they serve different purposes.

4. Scarves With Pockets

When you’re outside in winter, you might want a place to keep your hands warm too. If you’re out to buy scarves, buy the ones with pockets. Pockets in your scarf are an absolute lifesaver. You should add this piece to your winter accessories list.

If you’re someone who feels cold, try popping a hand warmer into those pockets. It’ll allow you to stay extra toasty.

5. Shawl

Shawls are longer versions of the winter scarf. This piece would be a great addition to your winter accessories list.

A big shawl or pashmina can function like a scarf. You can cover your shoulders and wrap the shawl around your arms. It covers the most amount of surface area, thus providing enough warmth.

Do you want to wear it as a scarf? Then, roll it up slightly to keep your neck free of the cool air.

How to Wash Winter Scarves

winter wear scarf


When you want to wash your scarves, take care of a few things. You must consider the wash-care instructions when you buy these accessories for winter.

If your scarf is silk, rayon, or a fabric blend, read the label to see if it can be submerged in water. The same rule applies to wool, cashmere, angora or fabrics blended with these natural fibres.

Knit scarves made of acrylic, cotton, and polyester are usually machine washable. You can put them in the dryer too. But as always, read the label on your scarf to ensure this.

To wash your winter scarf, do the following:

Read the care label to look for water temperature and other guidance.

Place the scarf in a mesh laundry bag to prevent it from getting tangled with other items. It’s essential if your scarf has fringes.

Pre-treat any visible stains before washing your scarf.

Wash them using the mentioned water temperature and cycle settings on the label.

Finally, dry it in the mesh bag using the dryer. Or else, lay it flat on a towel or dry rack.


So hats and scarves should be a part of your winter accessories list. These accessories for winter work wonders for your head and neck’s safety. After all, it’s not just the upper and lower body that needs protection. These extremities need cover too.

I hope you found this post useful to some extent. Now go get hold of some winter hats and scarves for this upcoming winter season.


This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias



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