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Are you travelling on a winter vacation and don’t know how to go about your wardrobe? Here’s a lowdown on the types of sweaters you can consider to suit your style. If there was any doubt that Summer was long gone, one step outside is a quick reminder that Fall is here and in full effect. Those holiday Christmas parties will be coming up faster than you think, and who doesn’t love receiving a sweater to match the festive weather?

Whether it is brought out for settling down comfortably at home, going for an informal ride, or for protection against cold weather, a fine wool sweater is, without doubt, an ideal choice for a gentleman’s winter wardrobe.

Even the thickest sweater is only just thick enough in old manor houses in England or sleepy old towns in the Lake District. In Italy, really warm sweaters are enthusiastically welcomed, especially in the northern part of the country. It can get really cold in winter in these areas, so the people of Milan wrap themselves up in thick sweaters and scarves. Across Europe, a basic light sweater is a perfect layering choice in winters. In India too, if you are touring the north or hill stations in the south during winter months, a light lambs’ wool sweater will keep you snug and warm.

Types of Sweaters

The Cricket Sweater is an all-time favourite across the world. With its strikingly lush wool, detailed knit design, a classic off-white shade, it is a simple solution to most of your winter wear needs.

The Irish Aran Sweater is one of the oldest known forms of the sweater. The textured detail is highly significant. (Diazepam) The cable pattern stands for safety and good luck, the diamond pattern signifies success and prosperity. Overall, there are a dozen different patterns identifiable as traditional Aran designs.

The British Army Sweater influenced this civilian model. Knitted in a strong rib pattern, and with characteristic suede trimming at shoulders and elbows, this “action man” sweater is a popular classic knit for outdoor activities. It is traditionally green but is also available in beige, brown, or dark blue.

Is it just me, or is it a bit chilly today? The best time of the year is almost upon us! See you at Kosha soon!
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April 22, 2014
April 22, 2014



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