How to choose the right Winter Gloves?

Gloves or mittens are the ones we look for when there is a dropped temperature out there in winter. The coverage of the hand makes a huge difference for the whole body. It is quite crucial to choose the correct gloves to avoid bad experiences of cracked skin, redness, or rashes. 

Types of winter gloves

Merino wool gloves: These liner gloves lock the body heat and keep the hands stay warm in cold temperatures. Look for the knit pattern at the back of the palm to give an extra edge to the glove. Touch-enabled merino wool gloves will allow touching the phone screen while wearing gloves.

Waterproof gloves: These gloves are more useful for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. It will keep moisture from getting in from the outside. A good pair of waterproof gloves will keep your hands from going numb in freezing weather and stop the cold air from entering the hands when it starts raining or snowing. Look for a glove with a nylon ripstop outer shell with soft Bemberg lining and a flocking patch at the back of the thumb to wipe the sweat off your face with great ease. Gloves with single-hand draw-cord allow fastening at the cuff and granite grip palms offer extra durability to navigate through the snow, and an elasticated wrist cuff prevents loss of heat.

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Power stretch gloves: These gloves are lightweight and dry very quickly. It can be used as a liner glove or as a layer under the outer glove. It provides extra comfort for hillwalking in moderate conditions. These gloves have low bulk cuff construction with lycra edging and designed with colored embroidery.

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Waterproof Finger mittens: Waterproof mittens usually are of nylon fabric with fleece finish inside. These gloves are water repellent, windproof, and have pre-curved fingers to maintain dexterity. Mittens having the synthetic leather patch on the palm, index finger, and thumb provide a better grip while hiking. Waterproof finger mittens are all-weather gloves and best suited for long-distance hikers who test their physical and mental limitations for months on hikes. Snow repellent, water repellent properties of these gloves provide comfort in all terrains of hiking.

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Required features in gloves:
1. The dexterity of the glove depends on the level of flexibility with which the glove is more workable.
2. Durability or long lastness of the glove depends on the material of the glove. Choose a more durable material like merino wool for long lastness.
3. Water repellent material used in making gloves can keep the hand dry and breathable.
4. Touch screen enabled gloves to make you use your phone even in chilly weather.
5. Warm lined gloves keep the hand toasty with insulating material.

Size and fitting of gloves:

The perfect fit of the gloves can be checked by making a fist and the fit should not be too tight or restrictive. Choose the correct size of yours for liner gloves and one size more for outer layer gloves. In this way, you will be able to do your activities with good blood circulation and great comfort.

Tip to avoid freezing of fingers:
1. Don’t forget to wiggle the fingers of the hand more frequently to increase blood circulation.
2. Handwarmer pockets are another great way to warm the cold fingers. 

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