How to wash Merino Wool socks?

Kosha's collection of Technical Socks are special Merino Wool socks with body mapped meshing, arch support, skin friendly ribs and toe-heel cushioning.

Do not panic! Washing Merino Wool socks is easier than you think, just follow our simple guide!

As you might be aware Merino Wool is super soft and can keep you extremely warm. Well, not only that, but Merino Wool is also odour-resistant! This means your socks won’t smell bad after you wear them while taking a walk or even trekking! Therefore, you can wear them multiple times before washing themNo, it isn’t a lie, it’s true! You can go on adventures, walks, expeditions, and much more without the need to worry that your socks might get musty. On the contrary, they will most likely not smell at all! This also means you don’t need to take many pairs of socks on your trip. If you are going on an 8-day trip, 2 pairs would be enough! Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wash!

After the socks have served you well for about 7 to 8 days, we recommend you give it a wash. “But how am I supposed to do that without damaging their properties?” you ask. To make them as good as new, follow these steps:

Kosha’s Quick tips:
1. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners as the chemical compositions can damage the innate properties of the fabric.
2. Avoid boiling hot water and harsh dryer cycles as this may stretch or shrink your socks.
3. If using the washing machine, don’t forget to use the gentle spin option. Preferably use the washing machine if it has a woolens option.
4. In the absence of machines, hand wash with Ezee or Genteel or any mild liquid detergent at room temperature to lukewarm water. Do not wring it too aggressively.
5. We recommend air drying your socks while on hikes or on travels if washing with water is not an option. Merino Wool, being inherently moisture wicking and odour resistant, can feel fresh longer with some sun or air.
6. Do not tumble dry / wring dry / squeeze while damp too much. These can result in shrinkage or losing its shape.

What makes Kosha’s Technical Socks different from any other Merino Wool Socks?

No more fatigue: Reinforced cushioned toe, arch, and heel for greater comfort.
No more fear: Arch support provided to avoid slippage.
No more blisters: Soft rib that doesn’t hurt the skin.
No more bad smell: Enhanced breathability due to body-mapped meshing and innate moisture-wicking properties.

Surely by now, you are wondering why we call them “Technical socks” if they are just fabricated from Merino Wool!

Well, Kosha’s Technical socks are made of 90% Merino Wool and 10% Elastane. These fibers ensure extreme comfort. Kosha provides Merino Wool Technical Socks for Men and Women. Our Technical socks can be worn between 0°C to 15°C, keeping your feet warm without overheating due to their temperature regulating properties. In addition, this fine fabric is known for its softness and flexibility, due to the Elastane blended with Merino Wool. So you can say goodbye to those itchy socks!  Additionally, they won’t be too loose and go out of shape. On the contrary, they are exceptionally durable! Our Technical socks can be used daily or during expeditions. Kosha also sells regular Merino Wool Liner socks for boys and girls, we don’t want anyone to be cold. Get yourself and your loved ones matching socks at Kosha!

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This post was compiled & written by Team Kosha members : Suha Hamadi & Namrata Ganguly.



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