Merino wool thermals: What are they & where to buy

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Finally, you got the much-desired break from work, found the best deal for the dream winter destination, booked the flight and accommodation, researched the place, and then found (uh oh) the temperature is below 5℃ there now. But does that stop you from going? No way. In this post on merino wool thermals, you will find your best travel companion to take with you. 

A magical snowy destination is just what you need to relax and cool your mind and body. So that takes you to the next(and our favorite) stage – shopping. 

For someone who is not used to the language of winter wear, it is not easy to find comfortable clothes and still not feel cold. Google to the rescue again! 

With the help of Google, you get a number of options on how to layer your body during winter, starting from basic woolen thermal underwear and all the way to cozy jackets. It even suggests how to choose cool winter accessories like caps, gloves, or socks that can add to your style without compromising on the warmth. 

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But then how do you know which is the best option to go for in each category? There are recommendations available online on adding wool thermals to your travel wardrobe and one of the highest-rated options is merino wool thermals. 

Even though there are a lot of recommendations on this topic, there are very few channels for one to quench his or her curiosity. So, that brings us to our topic of discussion – merino wool thermals.

Merino Wool Thermals India: What are they & where to buy

What is a merino wool thermal clothing

In a line: Thermals made out of merino wool fabric

The language of winter layering generally involves three layers namely thermals, mid-layers, and outer layers. You can also add accessories to protect your extremities. 

Couple in the outdoors

Wear merino wool thermals cotton – layer on

The first and the foremost layer of clothing that is worn close to the body is the thermal layer. Base layer, winter underwear, long johns, etc are all names of the same thermals but as called in different parts of the world. The purpose of thermal clothing is to make sure that your body is warm and absorbs moisture. 

There are many instances where you layer up to protect against the cold but due to the sudden shift in the temperature or the type of activities you engage in, your body starts warming up and sweats. This causes your thermal wear to get wet and stick on to your body. 

This process is not just very uncomfortable but wearing wet clothes closer to your body can also lead to serious health conditions like hypothermia. That is why it is advised to use merino wool fabric for the thermals since they have the best moisture-wicking property.

Girl in a comfortable thermal wear merino clothing

Kosha thermal tee for women

Merino wool thermals are made of wool from the Merino sheep, usually found in herds across Australia and New Zealand. Collected through sustainable practices, these natural fibers are splendid in keeping your body warm and are very quick to dry. In addition to their ultra-soft and smooth texture, the merino wool fabric is a favorite of thermal designers due to its temperature regulating property.

What makes merino wool thermals the best in its league is the way they can be worn around anytime. Due to its lightweight, natural, and rapid absorption properties, merino wool fabric when used in thermals becomes the perfect combination of warmth and comfort. 

From a light outing to your favorite cafe to a fully adrenaline-induced snow skating, merino wool thermals can act as the perfect companion to keep you warm, dry, and fresh. Depending on the temperature variation, you can add more layers in the form of hoodies or shell jackets but nothing can compensate for the magic of 100% merino wool thermal wear in keeping you comfortable. 

Best merino wool brand in India – Kosha

Kosha is one of the first Indian brands to offer technical winter & travel apparel ranging from kidswear to plus sizes for men and women. Kosha started in 2017 with a vision to cater to travelers across the globe by providing the least harm to the ecosystem. 

Men's merino wool top

Kosha thermal tee for men

With a wide range of products that are based on the scientific layering system, Kosha specializes in delivering products through sustainable practices and eco-conscious packaging. With the ultimate comfort and satisfaction of customers at the base of Kosha’s value, all the products are designed for eco-friendly travelers. 

Kosha offers winter clothing for base layers, mid-layers, outer layers, and accessories. With the concept of circularity and sustainability kept at each stage of production, Kosha tries to combine comfort, style, and adventure in its products. 

With the advancements made in the textile industry, Kosha has made sure to stay true to its roots but at the same time not let go of research and advancements. The unique textile blend of merino wool fabric and bamboo used for the design of thermal wear is one such example. 

Kosha’s merino thermal is lightweight, quick-dry, temperature regulating, and odor-free – everything you would want in a thermal. But what makes it even more special is its capability to be doubled up as outerwear or T-shirt when required. 

merino wool accessories

Kosha Socks for women

The efficient combination of merino wool fabric and bamboo has made it possible for the usually bland thermals to be remodeled in such a way that they can be worn as a T-shirt as well. 

When you are going for a hike or cycling in those early winter mornings, you could always take off your jacket as the temperature warms up and use your Kosha merino wool thermal as outerwear. 

Kosha’s merino wool trousers trap and hold body heat, keeping you comfortable and agile in the coldest of temperatures. 

The fact that it comes in so many attractive colors unlike the traditional plain merino wool thermals, makes it even more interesting.

During its brief journey, Kosha products have been a favorite of many adventurers and have made their presence known in Poland, Finland, Germany, London, UK, US, Canada, Russia, and even the Himalayas and the Alps. 

Some of the best sellers from Kosha’s merino wool thermal collection can be found here.

What is the difference between wool and merino wool?

Wool can be derived from any animal, merino wool is derived from Merino sheep

Comparison of wool and thermal wool

Comparison of wool and thermal wool

Wool is a natural fabric that is made up of fibers derived from the outer hair of sheep, goats, rabbits, camels, or even llamas. 

For centuries wool has been identified as one of the best sources of insulation when it comes to protection from cold and also one of the best selling commodities in trading. Due to its inherent insulating properties, wool has become a permanent fixture in the winter clothing section. 

Merino wool is a category of wool that is obtained from the Merino sheep which is a group of sheep found in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Australia. What makes the wool from these sheep special is the finesse and the size of the fibers in the wool. All fabrics are made of a number of fibers. 

The lesser the diameter of the fiber, the smoother, the flexible, and softer would be the fabric. The structure of merino wool fabric is such that there are a lot of empty spaces between the fibers. These fibers are what helps in trapping the heat from escaping. Since there are layers of fibers that form the fabric, the heat trapped in the pockets makes your body warm and comfortable. 

Another important feature of merino wool that differentiates it from the other wool is its quick adaptability to temperature. Unlike the regular wool(non-Merino) that offers heavy insulation but fails to keep you dry when the heat rises, merino wool can adjust to the temperature and keeps you fresh and dry. 

This makes the merino wool thermal a perfect companion for nature lovers and adventurers who like to explore and immerse in experiences without having to worry about the climate conditions. 

At Kosha, the Kosha base layer with the merino wool fabric and the bamboo blend has been an instant success among the outdoor lovers that they come back for more of such products. 

Many have agreed that the temperature-regulating capability and the baby soft texture of the merino wool thermal are what make it a perfect addition to their winter travel attire. The same merino wool thermal can act as a base layer for an outing and when you want to go inside a quaint cafe at the roadside, you can take off the jacket, and the thermal will act as a T-shirt. 

Another interesting fact about merino wool is that the obtaining of merino wool or merino wool fabric is perfectly ethical. Merino sheep have more wool as compared to other regular sheep or animals which are used for regular wool and fur. 

Since the shearing of merino wool is absolutely necessary for the survival of the sheep rather than a torture mechanism to earn profit by the farmer, shearing of merino wool is considered one of the most ethical wool-gathering practices.

Is Merino wool thermal itchy? 

In a line: No, they are not

The texture and properties of any fabric are defined by the properties of the yarns and fibers. Every fabric is made up of a number of interwoven yarns which are acquired by processing the raw fiber derived from the source. 

In the case of merino wool thermals, the fabric is thermal made up of a number of merino wool threads of yarns, which is again made out of merino wool that is sheared from the merino sheep. 

The merino fibers are thin and long and only have a thickness of diameter less than 24 microns. This makes them extremely fine and flexible. 

Girl in winter attire

Kosha thermal set for women

The softness of fiber is defined by its thickness and since merino wool is one of the finest fibers available, it is very soft and smooth. When rubbed against the skin or body, merino wool thermals do not cause irritation. Unlike other synthetic or cotton thermals that can cause itchiness, merino wool thermals do not.

Another cause that can cause itchiness in regular thermal wear is its lack of efficient moisture-wicking properties. Since the base layer is worn close to the body, any amount of sweating can wet the fabric and let it cling to the body. The germs and odor in the sweat combined with the texture of the fabric can cause itchiness and makes your skin uncomfortable. 

With merino wool thermals, this does not happen because merino wool fabric is very rapid in absorbing moisture. This makes sure your skin is dry and not itchy.

Wool, although slightly less warm than acrylic – it breathes well making you comfortable all day long. Base layers or acrylic wool caps run the risk of overheating instead of being nice and pleasant. 

How to wash Merino Wool fabric 

One question that commonly confuses many of us is the wash care instructions for thermals and winter wear. When the clothes are made of unique fabric like merino wool fabric, it can be even more baffling.

Merino wool clothes

 Kosha Sweaters for men and women

One thing that you need to keep in mind while handling woolen clothes, in general, is that they are made to work during winter, that is when one sweats much less than in another season. So, by their inherent property, they are designed to be worn a number of times without getting washed or dried. 

When washed a number of times in a week, wool has the ability to lose its natural moisture-wicking properties and as the times the washing increases, it can gradually become worn out. 

Merino wool thermals being one of the finest thermals made of one of the finest natural fibers are blessed with excellent moisture wicking and rapid dry formulae. They need not be washed more than twice a season, else they can be grimy. 

It is natural to feel the need to wash your thermals especially if you are someone who is involved in an adventure or sports activity that can lead to sweating. 

But what you would need to keep in mind is that all high-quality merino wool thermals like Kosha base layer will feel fresh as new by simply hanging them out overnight and airing them. Merino wool thermals are naturally odor-resistant so you won’t have to worry about it smelling foul. 

Now coming to the detailed step-by-step instruction on house to wash merino wool fabric. It is a fairly simple and uncomplicated procedure.

Step 1: Turn the fabric inside out

Make sure you have turned the fabric inside out before washing. This is to ensure that the wash care does not dim the vibrant colors or prints on the fabric. It also helps in reducing the aging effect of the merino wool fabric.

Step 2: Use cold or warm water

Hot water is a big no-no for washing merino wool fabric. If you are using a washing machine to wash the fabric, set it to cold or warm water. If you are doing a hand wash, try light cold water to dip the fabric.

Step 3:Use mild detergents

Merino wool fabric does not respond well to invasive and pungent detergents. Use mild detergents to wash the fabric. Remember the goal is to just freshen the fabric. Do not use bleaches with detergents while washing merino wool fabric. 

Step 4: Air dry

Merino wool fabrics or any wool fabric, in general, dry easily naturally. When you tumble dry merino wool fabric, the garments get caught up in the machine mechanisms and can cause the fabric to shrink and eventually wear and tear. If you are drying the fabric using a dryer, make sure you are using low heat.

Bonus Tips:

  • Avoid squeezing merino wool thermals when washing, this will strengthen the fabric.
  • Ziplock bags can do wonders to your merino wool thermal if you store them in them.
  • Wrapping your merino wool thermals with an acid-free tissue after washing and keeping it in a bag in your travel bag can help maintain the quality of the product for a longer time.
  • A few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in your packing bag can go a long way in not just keeping the merino wool thermals fresh but also in keeping the bugs away.

Where to buy Merino wool thermals in India

Even though there are a number of brands that provide winter wear options, there are very few brands that are dedicated to providing high-quality merino wool thermals. 

Girl and boy wearing merino wool clothing

Kosha’s jacket for both men and women

The unique blend of merino wool fabric and bamboo fabric designed technically to provide greater assistance in winter sports and adventure traveling is what attracts many eco-conscious travelers to Kosha. Kosha manufactures merino base layer clothing, accessories like premium woolen caps, gloves, wool socks to outerwear such as winter jackets.  

If you are intrigued about a sustainable winter clothing line that supports immersive adventures, you can check our products out from the below listing! 

We have affordable women’s and men’s merino wool merchandise with a variety of size options available from XXS to 8 XL. 


What are merino wool thermals?

Merino wool thermals are made from the fleece of merino sheep, which is known for being soft, lightweight, and breathable. They are a popular choice for base layers in cold weather because they wick away moisture and regulate body temperature.

What is the difference between merino wool and other types of wool?

Merino wool is the finest type of wool, with a micron count of 17 to 24. This means that the fibers are very soft and smooth, making them less itchy than other types of wool. Merino wool is also more breathable and moisture-wicking than other types of wool.

How do I care for merino wool thermals?

Merino wool thermals are easy to care for. You can machine wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. Be sure to air-dry them or tumble dry them on low heat.

Where can I buy merino wool thermals?

Merino wool thermals are available at many outdoor stores, sporting goods stores, and online retailers.

What is the best thickness of merino wool thermals for me?

The best thickness of merino wool thermals for you will depend on the climate you live in and the activities you will be doing. For cold weather, you will need thicker thermals. For warmer weather, you can choose thinner thermals.


Now that you have read about the merino wool thermals and merino wool fabric, does that make your winter travel plan a bit easier? Whatever your next travel plan or winter destination is, merino wool thermals are essential, especially if you have plans to partake in outdoor winter activities. 

Whether it be layering with some cool jackets or under a hoodie, merino wool thermals guarantee warmth, protection, and absolute comfort. So add some space in your winter wardrobe collection for the bundle of warmth with Kosha’s merino wool thermals. 

For any queries related to wearing thermals, base layers, or winter wear in general, visit Kosha’s store and get a free consultation! While you’re at it, check out Kosha’s website for the wide range of thermals and jackets available at Kosha.



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