The 5 Best Types of Winter Scarf for Women to Wear in Winter

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  • Aug 8, 2022
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The 5 Best Types of Winter Scarf for Women to Wear in Winter


Ladies, do you have a scarf for women in your winter wardrobe? If not, it’s time to consider buying one this season.

Scarves are one of the most common winter essentials you can find. They have the features to last throughout the winter. They will keep you warm and safe as the chills come by in winter.

You can also wear it as a fashion statement. Your outfits can look even better with a simple wrap around your neck.

I’ll take you through the essentials of a winter scarf for women in this post. So, prepare to make notes if you’d like to wear scarves this winter.

The Suitable Fabrics for a Winter Scarf for Women

grey scarf for women

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Winter scarves come in thick materials most often. They must provide warmth and comfort as priorities.

A scarf for women could also look pretty trendy in that regard. Ladies might gravitate towards exciting patterns, colours, and designs. These elements are highlighted later on in the post.

It adds some personality along with elegance to your winter look. Hence, suitable fabrics can give you the best results. Now, let’s move to some worthy options in the world of materials.

Cashmere is a soft, luxurious material used in your winter scarves. It’s lightweight and needs good attention for maintenance.

It can blend with wool and give you an excellent result.

As for winter scarves, you can never keep wool far away. A woolen scarf for women is warm, durable, and strong. Also, you don’t need to worry about its maintenance.

The steps you need to follow are pretty easy to grasp. These features also help it last a long time.

Alpaca is another fabric that comes from the wool of alpaca. It’s a silky, warm fabric that is perfect for the winter climate.

Silk is another high-quality fabric that keeps you warm during winter. It’s a natural fibre that’s very breathable. Silk is also a soft and lightweight material.


So, these were some of the many fabrics for your winter scarves. Which fabric would you like to wear this season?

Maintaining a Woolen Scarf for Women

As mentioned, a woolen scarf for women is easy to care for. Knowing that wool is so valuable in winter, you must take good care of it.

We’ll now look at how you can care for and maintain your woolen scarf for women.

First up, don’t worry about constant washing. The wool fibres have the ability to absorb liquids with ease.

So this means that the water won’t soak into your scarf immediately. But the drops may stay there for a while.

And remember, wool doesn’t get dirty quickly. It has properties that won’t let foul odour stick around on your clothes.

You can do one simple thing to get the cleaning done quickly. You could hang the woollen scarf outside in the freezing cold air. It will allow your scarf to look fresh after washing.

Ironing can also be one of the simple and classic methods to clean your woolen scarf for women. You will need some water to follow this procedure.

First, you should lay the scarf flat on the ironing board. Then, hover the iron over it while pushing the steam button. The heat will get the fibre back in shape and good to go.

If you press the iron too much, it can flatten the scarf’s textures.

Once you steam, the wool will become hot and wet. So, you must let it dry. For this, use a flat surface again. It needs time to cool down.

Try tapping your hands on the scarf’s sides to quicken the process. It will get the fabric back in shape.


So, these are some steps to take good care of your winter scarf for women.

The Benefits of Wearing a Scarf for Women in Winter

winter scarf for women


As mentioned, winter weather is ideal for scarves. They aren’t tough to put on or take off, either. What makes them so valuable during the cold times of the year?

Let’s find out through some of these points. They will briefly highlight the function and use of winter scarves for women.

1. Your Neck Stays Warm

It’s one of the accessories that help to keep your body parts warm. When we speak of scarves, it’s most often the neck that’s warm.

You must always choose a thick scarf for women to provide good insulation. But, the thickness shouldn’t exceed your comfort level.

It can keep your neck warm by trapping your body heat close to your skin.

The chilly breeze and air will not affect your neck with scarves on. If you want the best impact, choose a scarf made of natural fibres. Wool is an excellent example of this feature.

A woolen scarf for women can wick moisture away and keep your body dry. And so, if it’s cold out there, look out for woolen or cashmere scarves.

2. They Can Look Stylish

Your winter wear shouldn’t allow you to compromise on the style element. Scarves are here to protect you but also stun people.

They can make most winter outfits look stylish. As for styling tips, you have quite a few options. We’ll have a look at them later on.

You will always find a scarf for women that compliments your outfit. You must look for solid-coloured or patterned scarves during winter. The former will give you a well-rounded look.

At the same time, the latter will add some uniqueness and variety to your outfit.

But don’t underestimate the style quotient of a winter scarf. They have been a massive part of winter fashion over the years.

And as mentioned, they’re easy to pull off and carry along for trips or events.

3. You Can Avoid Winter Colds

One of the most common concerns in winter could be a winter cold. Now, the weather is such that you must have the right gear. So, scarves will help you out in that regard. Along with the neck, you can cover your head and ears too.

It prevents any cold air from passing through the ears and causing illnesses.


These are some benefits of wearing a scarf during winter. It shows how functional and fashionable a winter scarf can be.

Make the Most of a Scarf for Women

patterned scarf for women


As mentioned earlier, scarves can look good on your winter outfits, But how do you make the best use of them?

Let’s try and figure it out. These are some basics worth following to enhance your winter look this season.

1 Colour Co-Ordination Looks Good

Colour is a crucial element of any outfit. It applies to winter wear and scarves as well.

You must have a good sense of colour combinations. It will help in selecting the best-looking scarves for your winter season.

It would be great if you have an understanding of the types of colours. Try going through the colour theory when you get time. Your outfits might benefit from that knowledge.

2. Accessories Can Accompany Each Other

As for winter, accessories always play a crucial role. A scarf for women is one such accessory. But you can wear it along with other winter essentials as well.

Are you moving about in extreme conditions? If yes, how about combining hats, scarves, and gloves? They’re three accessories that will protect three different body parts.

So you will receive the warmth. It can also be an excellent combination to wear wherever you go.

3. Complement the Look

You can wear them in a variety of ways and can add a touch of luxury and warmth to an outfit. When choosing the right scarf, you must consider the weather and the outfits.

How to Tie a Scarf

woman in a scard


Next, let’s see how to tie a scarf and make it look stunning. You have some simple methods worth trying. And, in some, you must put in some effort. But, the effort is with it for your winter look.

  • Do Some Draping

This method is pretty simple to carry out. It looks best with overcoats to add a tinge of colour to the monochrome frame with equal lengths on both sides. If you aren’t sure of how to tie your scarf, try this out.

It has immense potential to look stylish, so don’t worry about that aspect.

  • Once Around

As the name suggests, wrap it once around your neck, and you’re set. As for the length, the ends can be equal or uneven. If they’re uneven, it will reflect some candidness.

It protects your neck during cold winter days. It’s also a perfect mix of warmth and style. Try this style on long scarves for the best impact.

  • Over Hand

Here’s another type of knot that’s effective during winter. For this, tie a knot instead of going for a wrap. Try an uneven drape around your shoulder.

Then take the long end and cross it over. Later, you can take it through the opening in the middle.

Now, you tighten the knot by pulling both ends. But, do it as per your comfort. It can look ultra-smart for your outfit. So, it’s worth trying.

  • Parisian Knot

This type of knot can add some class to your look. Now, how do you achieve this knot? Let’s figure that out.

First, fold your muffler into halves. Then, drape it over your shoulder.

Now, bring the loose end through the open space at the other end.

Once you do that, pull it and place it around the neck. It might seem complicated to you. But it’s pretty effective for a stunning look this winter.

  • Fake Knot

This one looks like a knot but isn’t really. If you want to try this look, follow these steps.

First, drape your muffler over your shoulder in an uneven manner. Then, take the long end, and form a loop. Now, take the loose end through that loop.

Also, you can take the smaller end through the loop and pull both ends. The fake knot is an effective way to rock your winter scarf for women.

So, these were some attractive styles to tie your simple scarf for women. See the variety a scarf brings with it.

Types of Scarves

woman in a shawl


Now, let’s move to variety in its true sense. There are many types of scarves on the market. You must be aware of them to see what you prefer.

So, let’s get into it right away.

1. Cowl Scarves Are Cool

A cowl-neck scarf is worn around the neck during winter. They are also incredible with comfort.

They have a deeper drape than usual.

These scarves are built for the winter. So, you will find them in winter-appropriate fabrics. Of course, wool would be one of the types. So, ladies, you can get a cowl woolen scarf for women this winter.

It’s ultra-easy to wear. You don’t need to wrap it around the neck.

You only need to pass it through your head and bring it onto your neck.

2. Try Out Infinity Scarves

Here’s an interesting name for a winter scarf. And it does

It’s like like a cowl scarf. But this one has a bigger hole to pass through. And so, it must take two rounds around your neck before it finds the sweet spot.

You might ask the question “Why is it called ‘Infinity’?”

Well, those two rounds can be considered as the two circles in the infinity sign. So, the name’s pretty literal.

As it’s made for winter, you might find leather varieties for this scarf for women. A woolen scarf for women can also work for this type of scarf. These are a few among the other available winter fabrics available.

Infinity scarves come in many different knit styles and techniques. So, the more the merrier for your winter looks.

These are so cool and quite popular in women’s scarf fashion, particularly as one of the must-haves.

3. Stoles for a Statement

Here’s a traditional type of winter scarf. It’s quite fashionable for winter wear. As for the make, it has a pretty narrow width. Hence, it might look like a strap. They’re also very soft to touch. It could be because, most often, these scarves are made with fur.

You can place them around one or both the shoulders. It’s not so long and capable of reaching your knees. But, your neck will receive the warmth it needs.

This shawl might look pretty luxurious as you wear it. And so, you will find those fabrics used to make them too. Apart from fur, silk and pashmina could be the types of materials for stoles.

4. Mufflers Are Mind-Blowing

Here’s another traditional winter scarf. It’s not as expensive as stoles. It is also reflected in the fabrics used to make them.

You can get these in woolen, cotton, etc.

Wearing a muffler is slightly different from all other types of scarves.

This scarf for women is slightly different from the rest. It’s because you can wear mufflers around your neck and shoulders. And, if you wish, you could even go for the head or waist.

5. Shawls for Style

It’s the largest winter scarf you can add to your wardrobe. They come in different materials as well.

And, they can be fashionable options for many occasions during winter.

Due to its length, you could call it a blanket scarf too. To wear this stylish and trendy piece, use different methods to style them. You can wrap it around the head, neck, or shoulders. But you can also try wearing it as a cape. It will cover your entire back.


Now you might have found some alternatives if you want to find that perfect winter scarf. If you find a woolen scarf for women in these varieties, please buy it. Wool is the best option you can choose for any winter wear.

Tips to Buy a Winter Scarf for Women

With so much variety, it can get confusing when choosing what to buy. So, here are some tips to help you out in that process.

Along with the basics, these points could also result in you wearing the correct scarf for winter.

  • Neutral Shade is an Excellent Choice

You might have one winter coat that pulls you through the entire season. But, you can experiment with your look by trying out scarves. A scarf for women is available in many exciting colours and patterns.

Neutral colours would always do an excellent job in winter. Colours such as black, brown, and grey would be nice on your outfit. You can also choose white or beige as alternatives to them.

Neutral colours are great because they blend well with most outfits.

  • Patterned Scarves are Always Stylish

Patterns and textures on your scarf for women are a fashionable choice. It’s preferred by Most designers as well. Yes, neutral colours would be great. But, you must try some bright colours too.

It adds some life to a possible plain look at times in winter. There is some variety in the patterns and textures available too. It can lead to a funky look as well.

  • The Length Matters

The length of your scarf will play a role, too. Long rectangular scarves are more versatile than their square counterpart. But, the latter is easier to tie.

So, you should select the ones you will find easy to pull off. You will also see varying lengths in the types of scarves available. And that can also help you decide what you should go ahead with.

  • Go as per Skin Tone

You must pay heed to this point. Your scarf for women should complement your outfit and skin tone. If

Knowing the best combination of scarves with your skin tone makes a difference. It lets you customize your look as per your choices. And, if you’ve made the right choices, it will stand you in good stead.

Lighter colours would look good on darker skin tones and vice-versa. But it doesn’t mean that you should shy away from experimenting.


I hope these tips help you choose the right scarf for women.


So, you must’ve got a clear idea of how a winter scarf for women works. They have all the attributes to make your winter warm and enjoyable. It works for all those chilly winter vacations too. So, don’t hesitate to pack a few to a hill station or elsewhere.

I hope this guide gives you a few ideas on buying winter scarves.


This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias



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