15+ Effective Winter Tips That You Must Know

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  • Apr 22, 2014

Winter is the best season to travel as it is the perfect time to calm and relax or play in the snow. Willing to know the effective winter travel tips?  No worries – this blog post will provide you with all the insider tips! 

Winter destinations have a way of testing the endurance of even the most seasoned travellers. I write this hoping to pass on what I have learnt from my own travels (Sikkim, Darjeeling to name a few), as well as from those of other travellers.

Don’t let winter travel make you blue. Become a smarter and stress free traveller for your next winter vacation by knowing all our winter travel tips and make your journey easy and happier.

15+ Effective Winter Travel Tips

Here are some winter tips to travel that one must check out.

Pre-travel preparation for your winter trip

Medical check up

Winter weather can be a frequent contributor to catching the cold and flu and it can ruin your travel planning and expectations. Get yourself a medical check-up before making a long trip. Worst-case scenarios include being stuck in a country with medical expenses beyond your means, or worse, unavailability of medical aid. 

Do all you can to avoid such a situation. Always make sure to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer constantly to avoid the spreading of germs.

Ensure your itinerary and all bookings are done

It is wise to make bookings for accommodation well in advance; being stranded without accommodation on a cold winter’s night figures on the list of any tourist’s worst nightmare. 

Do your own bit of research regarding the destination so that you are not left at the mercy of a tour guide.

Spend some extra time and effort to contact your travel advisor and book your vacation in advance as soon as possible. In addition, you’ll be able to get the tickets for the lowest price and can travel directly to the destination instead of stopping and connecting the journey. 

Take Travel Insurance

When planning on a journey, especially a long trip overseas you should consider having travel insurance cover. 

With the cover, you are safe from any expenses that may arise while travelling. Insurance gives you the payback in case of an emergency cancellation of the trip. It also covers medical expenses and holiday disasters like delayed baggage, loss of gadgets and personal possessions.

Winter Packing List – Documents

Your documents, including tickets, passport, visas, driver’s license should be kept in a waterproof pouch, one that you will have strapped on to your person at all times.


All that you will have while away from home will be held in the suitcase(s) that you are travelling with. 

Winter Packing Tips – Medical Aid & Cosmetics 

Medication, including that for altitude and motion sickness, should be easily accessible to you. I have heard acustraps work for motion sickness, so give them a try. Be informed regarding any health risks your destination may present. 

Winter destinations, in particular, demand rigorous moisturising of your skin; this means packing a moisturising lotion as well as a lip balm. A box of plasters and antiseptic cream will serve you well, as will a mosquito repellent.

Even though most hotels provide toiletries like soap, napkins, towels, shampoo, and toothpaste, these as well as others are best to come prepared with. 

Winter Packing Tips – Wardrobe & Winter Clothing 

Be prepared in the wardrobe department. Most popular winter destinations will have an abundance of winter wear but it is best you go prepared. 

And by prepared, I mean thermals, underwear, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarfs, mufflers, shoes and socks. 

You do not want to be caught out in the cold. Items like a clothesline and multi-purpose travel wash, if you are looking to save on laundry, are a good idea. Also, this would mean planning your wardrobe well, as clothes take longer to dry in low temperatures.


 A trench coat is the most essential thing to carry while travelling on a cold weather winter vacation. It gives you warmth and makes you look more stylish. Add an orange colour trench coat to the list to pop colour to your winter wear.

Kosha jackets.

Puffer Jackets are a true lifesaver, you can carry the Kosha’s puffer jacket in a pouch.  If you’re travelling light, make sure to pack a puffer in a pouch because they scrunch up very compactly. 

If you have room in your luggage and are headed to a colder destination, a parka is a great option. 

Puffer and Parka jackets are great for adventurous travel or to participate in winter sports. These jackets are rain, wind and snow resistant. Additionally, the underarm vents in the jackets increase breathability.

Opt for a Ski Jacket, to explore all the snowy hills. You can enjoy walking along the snowy trail comfortably with the Ski Jacket.

You can check out warm jackets for men here.

You can check out warm jackets for women here.

Sweater & pullovers

Sweaters can be worn all year round, but for a winter trip, they are especially great for layering and lounging. 

Kosha Sweaters.

You can pair a sweater with denim or cover your pullover with a trench coat or any other jacket. You can change the look as you like and dress it up or down!

Try to pack a few neutral colours like grey and black, as well as some fun colours like mustard yellow, pink.

Kosha has a large collection of sweaters with different variations like Turtleneck, Cardigans and Full sleeve or sleeveless sweaters. These are made from soft Merino wool that’s naturally odour resistant, moisture wicking & skin friendly, it is ideal for winters. 

Don’t forget to check out Kosha’s Commuter Collection of hoodies that equip you to travel hassle-free with 6 zipper pockets of varying sizes to keep your gadgets or accessories accessible easily for you.

It can double up as a mid-layer on top of a base layer or below a shell layer for 12°C and below. They can also be used as stylish Sweatshirts with hoods or worn with a thermal shirt to lounge in or work out. 

You can check out neat sweaters for men here | For women here

You can check out comfy sweatshirts for men here | For women here

You can check out stylish pullovers for men here | For women here.


Thermal layers are perfect for slipping under your sweater or hoodies for added warmth! 

Kosha Baselayers.

Base Layer Thermals are the basic layer to start any winter clothing. Unique features of it are temperature regulating, moisture wicking and anti-odour properties. 

Don’t forget to carry it as it also doubles up as a T-shirt.

You can check out merino wool thermals for men here.

You can check out merino wool thermals for women here

Snow pants

Thermal pants are a lifesaver on any winter trip because they’re comfortable and warmer than normal leggings. It keeps your lower body dry and warm. 

Kosha Snow Pants.

Wear it as a basic layer and layer it with Waterproof pants or Snow pants while you are on winter adventure sports.

You can check out merino wool thermal bottoms for men here | For women here

You can check out ski pants for men here | For women here.

Warm accessories 

Beanies keep your head warm and add a stylish touch to any winter outfit! Opt for a cream or beige beanie, and pair it with a soft scarf.

Add a touch of style essence to your outfit by draping the muffler around your neck which in turn protects you from air breeze.

Kosha Accessories.

Depending on where you’re going a pair of light gloves might be a good thing to carry. Wool based gloves protect your fingers from freezing cold and capture the moments of your adventure with its touch screen enabled feature. 

By using touch screen winter gloves, it is easy to manoeuvre the camera gear through the snow and winter photoshoot.

I recommend bringing a few pairs of merino wool socks, they keep your feet warm and comfortable in boots all day long!

You can check out merino wool accessories for men here.

You can check out merino wool accessories for women here.

Winter boots and warm socks

There are tons of styles of boots, be sure to carry high-quality winter boots that are waterproofed and keep your feet dry in sleet and snow. 


If you have space in your suitcase, consider bringing flat, non-slippery and footwear with good grip to travel in hilly terrain.

You can check out winter socks for men here.

You can check out winter socks for women here.

Food For Winter

On long commutes, food may not always be accessible, so packing biscuits or food bars will save you from a grumbling stomach and a lousy mood.

Essential Tools 

A Swiss army knife has come to my rescue on numerous occasions, as has something as simple as a needle and thread. Experienced travellers recommend carrying your own padlock for the room you will be staying in, even if the hotel provides its own.

Cellphone & Connectivity

Many need to stay connected back home and this can be tricky if you’re in another country.

In such cases, do your bit of research regarding call and internet rates. Investigate Wi-Fi options; be it in your hotel room, at an Internet cafe, in a coffee shop, from pay services or from a MiFi account. 

Check out for international Wi-Fi spots; searching by your destination makes it really easy to figure out what companies offer Wi-Fi services where you are headed.

Consider an international text message package from your carrier if this will be important on your trip.

To avoid instant charges, which could lighten your wallet by quite a bit, you should do the following: Turn off 3G (or 4G), turn off cellular data and turn off data roaming.

Reset all your usage statistics, to track how many minutes, how much data, and how many texts you have used during your trip.

Technology & Electronics 

Download a web mapping application. Unfortunately, technology is not always reliable, so carry and get familiar with good ol’ fashioned paper maps. 

Google Goggles is a boon for independent travellers. You simply click a picture of the place and it will give you its history, location and other specifics.

Befriending locals will not only add to the experience but will also allow you to make the most of your trip by benefiting from their knowledge of the area.

How many times has your phone died on you when you’ve needed it the most? Be sure to carry a charger and a camera, spare batteries for that, and while capturing it all on film, also allow yourself to soak in the experience, for the mind’s eye never fails.

Be prepared for a change of plan

Before you depart, search a little about the route on the Google map. It’s very important that you’re ready for anything on the road that could slightly change your plans, including construction, road closings and traffic hurdles. 

Also, check for the timings of the destination spots you are up to. Some destination timings might be changed on festive holidays. 

Be prepared for all such situations and be ready for a change of plan. Have a list of tourist spots to choose from, in case of any change in your plan.

Eat and drink smartly

Always keep the body hydrated and eat every few hours to stay warm. Choose food like bread, oatmeal, dried fruits that contain carbs, good fat, and boost energy all day. 

Eat a fuller meal more than your routine before going to bed which boosts metabolism and keeps you warm. Drink tons of water and carry thermal bottles containing hot cider, chocolate, or soup to sip here and there. 

Practice Wellness

Many experienced travellers take supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and probiotics that provide a boost to the immune system. 

Also, take the essential medicines for fever and cold. You can even take it one step further by getting your flu shot before your trip.

Take Breaks

During winter vacations, sometimes we get so excited to explore all the places that we forget to take care of ourselves. Plan ahead and take some time to rest and stay hydrated and stretch your legs as often as possible.

Exercise before bed

Warm-up your body and increase the blood flow by simple exercises like jumping jacks, squats or burpees. 


One pro travel tip is to do crunches when you feel very cold inside your body.  

Physical activity and proper hydration will help you stay alert. Exercise just enough to get you warmed, but not enough to sweat.

Learn new skills

Travelling helps us to know more about ourselves. Explore the places and be sportive to try new things. Winter is the best season to learn new skills like skiing, ziplining, snowboarding, trekking, hiking and many more. 

These sports will let you know what all are your interests and what you are scared of. Don’t forget to include the gear of the adventure sport you are going to try in your packaging list.

Travel Light

Try to carry just the essential things and be sure of what to carry. Prepare a packaging list to know what exactly needs to be carried.

Travelling light makes your travel comfortable and flexible. No matter how far you are travelling or how long you are going, a lighter suitcase translates to easier mobility.

All the stuff you carry needs to get to the airport, from the airport to your accommodations, back to the airport, and back home. Packing a lighter saves you from all kinds of hassles.

Winter Tips At A Glance:

  1. The early bird avoids soaring flight costs.
  2. Be seasonally savvy.
  3. Beware of hidden extras.
  4. Pack in the activities, not the clothes.
  5. There is no substitute for local knowledge.
  6. Choose your priority – local or luxury.
  7. Ensure you’re insured.
  8. Stay warm and hydrated.
  9. Tiny naps are better to overcome winter stress.
  10. Be fit to be alert.
  11. Less luggage means more comfort.


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April 22, 2014



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