April 2021 – Long Weekend Getaways!

If you can see the clear blue skies, feel the slightly warm fragrant breeze, and hear the chirping of birds wherever you go, you can confirm its April. April is a beauty bathing in all its colors. It’s also the month wherein most of us finally feel settled into the year and wants a break at the same time(we have all been there :D). This year we have a long weekend at the beginning of the month itself.

April 2nd is Good Friday followed by the weekend.

So here are our recommended destinations for this month.

Option 1: Dalhousie
This serene hill station in Himachal Pradesh is a beauty, with its lush mountains, rivers, and lush greenery. The town named after the British general Lord Dalhousie with its Churches and mall road still reminds you of a forgotten colonial era. For the ones who like to immerse themselves in the midst of nature, this is a wonderful choice. Like any other hill stations, Dalhousie has got a lot to offer for adventure seekers in the form of hiking and trekking. A good 5-hour trek to the Bakrota Hills could be an experience to remember with the tall pine trees and dense forests.

Dalhousie Lake

How to reach Dalhousie? Nearest Airport: Gaggal Airport | Local Transport: Pathankot is the nearest railway station and a road trip to Dalhousie might be the perfect experience
Expected Temperature Range in April: Minimum average 7 °C – Maximum average 18°C
Recommended travel wear: The temperature can get quite cold, especially if you go for a trek, so be prepared with your best thermal wear.

Option 2: Sikkim
Sikkim is one of those places that are so picturesque that you can snap a picture anywhere from Sikkim and it could be your next wallpaper. With its snow-capped mountains, diverse flora and fauna, and postcard-worthy meadows, Sikkim is one of the most sought after tourist locations in India. Even though Sikkim is the least populous state in the country, it is also one of the fastest-growing state and the first state to produce fully organic agriculture. With a prominent Buddhist population Sikkim has something to offer for everyone, let it be a pilgrimage, trekking, hiking, paragliding, camping, biking, or even sightseeing.

The Sikkim Sky

How to reach Sikkim?Nearest Airport: Pakyong Airport | Local Transport: Sikkim does not have an operational railway system but is fully connected via roadways.
Expected Temperature Range in April: Minimum average 10 °C – Maximum average 19°C
Recommended travel wear: Sikkim is a mixture of diversity. So prepared for anything with your favorite on the go collection.

Do you think we missed your favorite destination for the weekend? Let us know in the comments. Wait for more weekend edition next month!!!

This article was written by Kosha Team Member : Reshma Rajendran

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