Jayesh scaling Mt. Elbrus!

Mt. Elbrus is recognised as the highest mountain in the continent of Europe. It scales up to 18,510 ft in height from the sea level. This summit consists of 2 dormant volcanoes. Elbrus stands 12 miles north of the main range of the Greater Caucasus and 40 miles south-southwest of the Russian town of Kislovodsk. Its permanent icecap contributes to about 22 glaciers, which ultimately sustain the Baksan, Kuban, and Malka Rivers.

The climb of Mt. Elbrus is a challenging one, yet it does not discourage the spirited minds of the climbers who set their mind to scale the highest peak in the whole of Europe. One of such courageous adventurers and adrenaline enthusiasts is Jayesh Morvankar. Here’s the statement by Jayesh on how Kosha gear helped him scale the Mt. Elbrus while keeping him comfy and sound –

“Great stuff Kosha! I used the ski pants, windproof jacket, technical socks, liner socks as well as my down jacket for my climb to Mt. Elbrus. The gear kept me warm, snug and comfortable throughout my climb Europe’s highest mountain through its -20°C and 50kph icy cold winds. Honestly, I did not even use the down jacket as the Windproof and the ski pants did the job well. Will strongly recommend their gear, not only to travellers but also hikers, sportsperson, mountaineers, climbers and skiers.” 

Did you know Kosha is one of the few winter-wear brands that firmly say NO to using down feathers as insulation in our jackets? Instead, we use special Polyfil and technical fabrics to not only keep you warm & dry but make our jackets lightweight & compact. 

Tester: Jayesh | Location tested: Mt. Elbrus | Temperatures: -20°C to 0°C

Kosha Designs Tested: Kosha Hardshell Jacket, Kosha Hardshell Pants, Technical & Liner Socks

The biting cold atmosphere at Mt. Elbrus tests the mental and physical strength of the willing adventurers. Not everyone is cut out for this treacherous climb. Some even return halfway from the climb, after getting overwhelmed from the cold and the wind. Only those with the strongest of will hold the ability to complete the climb and when they do so, they don’t forget the experience ever in their whole lifetime. Jayesh also states –

“The snow pants, especially, fitted well with my climbing boots, gaiters, and crampons. With only one extra layer of sports tights beneath the pants, it was warm and comfortable. Not interfering with my movement while on the mountain.”

Kosha’s products thrive in sub-zero climates, making them your perfect travel companions to such merciless climates. These products are designed without compromise on quality, with features that enhance comfort and performance during travel. Shell Layer or jackets made with technical fabrics that have a waterproof as well as breathability rating. Avoid your fingers from freezing with screen-friendly gloves. From accessories like stoles, beanies, mufflers suitable for special occasions to Sweatshirts to wear at the airport and Hoodies for the AC in office; we have something for everyone! From cool beanies to liner socks, Kosha has it all to fulfil your needs! Speaking of socks, Jayesh adds-

“The technical socks served very well through my cycling tour in Iceland when we faced icy winds and cold traps. The socks were comfortable in my cycling and did not slip offering warmth and support. Used the technical sock with their liner for climbing Elbrus and am going to stick to this reliable combination for my next mountain. Would recommend Kosha to introduce their technical socks in brighter colours for cycling. The longer version of technical socks with ankle, shin and calf support would do good for mountaineering and trekking in extreme weather. I also used the loafer socks sold by them for my running with minimal shoes. Must say they are a perfect match.”

Do you have what it takes to scale this perilous monster of a mountain and survive to tell the tale? Why not wrap yourself with the best Kosha gear to protect yourself from the harsh climate and give it a try on your next holiday vacation? Challenge yourself to this gnarly adventure and have something amazing to boast about for the rest of your life! 

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