5 Best Winter Leggings for women

Winter leggings for women

Winter is here and therefore it’s time to add some oomph to your wardrobe and fashion. Make way for your favourite and stylish winter bottoms. And leggings can be very fashionable and comfortable. Reward yourself for braving the winter chill this year by investing in some comfy, cosy winter leggings for women. These are not only fashionable but will also keep you warm.

5 Best winter leggings for women

As you are gearing up for the winter, take note of what kind of leggings you want to opt for. There are several kinds of leggings, merino wool, fleece-lined, velvet feel and organic products that will not only keep you warm but also are friendly to mother nature. 

Kosha has a wide range of winter wear essentials for women. Read below and select the best winter leggings for you.

We are the best makers of winter wear in India, with a legacy of over 25 years. Every garment is thoughtfully designed, tested and graded for warmth. We help buyers make a decision on the layers you need based on the temperature and weather of the place. Reach out to us for a free consultation on our helpline / whatsapp +919820999006 and our winter wear expert will be happy to help you.

Comfortable Woolen Thermal Bottom

Comfortable Woolen Thermal Bottom

What are the best materials for winter leggings?

Comfort and cosy are what we need especially during winter. Leggings come very handily when you want to wear something stylish and warm. 

Choosing the right one for you can be tricky, enter warm leggings designed in weighty fabrics like wool and fleece. Once you slip into a pair, you’ll question ever reaching for your jeans during the cold-weather months. 

Here we have cherry-picked some of the warm and stylish leggings for you from Kosha. We guarantee you that they’re all versatile, certain to keep your legs toasty, and most importantly comfortable. 

Kosha has a wide array of winter leggings collections both for women and girls. You can choose according to your needs. If you are travelling to the colder region or staying in a colder region Kosha has a great collection of thermals. If you are a snow lover then Kosha has waterproof pants. Are you feeling intrigued? Want to know more, read on.

#1 Charcoal Merino Wool Bamboo Thermal Leggings

Merino Wool & Bamboo Thermal Bottom

Merino Wool & Bamboo Winter Leggings

Your winter wardrobe is incomplete if you do not have Charcoal Merino Wool Bamboo Thermal Leggings. It’s a must-have, Kosha’s invented thermal leggings made of Merino Wool and Bamboo crafted into a stretchable fabric. 

These winter leggings are made for winter workouts which will keep you warm and are skin-friendly. Its slim fit style is a perfect base layer to the waterproof pants for snow-clad areas. 

You can wear these leggings during your Chadar Trek or a place like Iceland. This legging is suitable for up to -20oC to 15oC. Please note this is an indicative temperature. Depending upon your resistance to cold, the weather and acclimatization you should make your choice. 

Keep yourself warm with the right leggings as your base layer. Keeping the temperature in mind we have designed our product in such a way that air trapped between layers helps retain body heat. 

Each product has gone through multiple testing both indoor and outdoor and so you can rest assured about the quality. This thermal legging is made up of 

47.5% Bamboo + 47.5% Merino Wool + 5% Elastane has inbuilt moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and colour properties allowing it to be worn for 3-5 days at a time without washing. 

Merino Wool is a delicate fibre hence you have to be very careful while you wash it. Use a gentle detergent and avoid over washing simply air dry to keep the quality of the fabric intact. Don’t stick to black you can shop it in many different colors. 

Check out the leggings here

#2 Organic Cotton Bamboo Joggers 

Organic Cotton Joggers

Organic Cotton Joggers

The stylish jogger is good urban activewear. It’s best for every traveller. Its special features include a ribbed hem and cuff with a thumb hole, ribbed ankle cuffs for a smart and sleek fit, skin-friendly and super-soft fabric, breathable with moisture-wicking properties. 

Multiple pockets help in keeping your essentials like a mask, sanitiser, phone and wallet easily accessible with the nifty zipper pockets.  

Made of pure cotton it has an adjustable waistband with drawstrings. This jogger is suitable for temperate region hikes. It can double up as a mid-layer on top of a base layer or below a shell layer for 12°C and below. 

Give your outdoor wear an effortlessly chic style in varied colours and pair it up with your favourite shoes and accessories. Designed ideally for commuter collection, good for travel, airport looks or road trips. 

Layer it over base layers to enjoy that extra bit of warmth. It is the new version of leggings with added comfort.

Check this jogger here

#3 Fleece lined leggings

Get yourself cosy and snuggly fleece-lined leggings this winter. A cold-weather staple and an alternative to jeans and trousers which can even be worn under your favourite knitted dresses. This is a popular choice all over the world.  

Get an athleisure-leaning look with sporty sneakers and a funky jacket all you need as a winter arsenal. Style in a high waist or low waist winter leggings. Available in different sizes even for maternity depending on brands. 

Each brand has its features that fit within your budget. With soft-touch, double-lined and moisture-wicking properties, it helps to keep you warm. 

You can choose any colour according to your need and fashion desire. Invest in leggings that match your needs. You can wear this as tights or as a base layer. 

Usually, the material used to make these fleece-lined leggings are spandex and polyester to make sure they suit your skin. Plus they are trendy!

Check out these leggings here

#4 Velvet Fleece Lined Tights

High fashion and extra comfy with warmth, these velvet elastic leggings are perfect as your winter wear. With a fleece velvet lining, these warm winter leggings are a bit thicker than others on this list. 

You can wear these leggings in the coldest temperatures. Available in one size that fits all, this legging is not a pinch in the pocket. Present in various colours you can buy them in pairs. This legging is suitable in the Boston cold. Pair it with an oversized jacket or coat and there you are all set to winter on fire.

Check out the leggings here

#5 Coldgear leggings 

Are you someone who loves to run and sweat it out, then these dual layers of leggings are a perfect fit? It is made up of a heat-trapping interior and rapid drying exterior which are great for running in cold temperatures. 

Moisture-wicking technology with anti-chafe seams this legging provides ultimate comfort. day movement. This is just like your second skin which offers compression and is great for muscle recovery. 

A very good option for layering evening colder regions. This legging is available in various sizes and colours according to the brand. Affordable price and is a good investment. Keep in mind that they are ankle length and not full length. 

Check out the leggings here

Which are the best winter leggings for women? Kosha!

Raise the temperature of the season with amazingly stylish, warm and comfortable winter leggings. Buy from your favourite brand or Kosha, make sure it meets your needs. Kosha has a wide variety of merino wool leggings that are a perfect fit for adventure or travelling during the winter season. 

Winter leggings for women

Winter leggings for women

Each product of Kosha is environment-friendly and is designed keeping in mind the temperature, weather and resilience of the person. Kosha’s products are tested and can be worn as low as 5 degrees Celsius. 

Kosha’s invented thermal leggings made of Merino Wool and Bamboo crafted into a stretchable fabric. These winter leggings are made for winter workouts which will keep you warm and are skin-friendly. Its slim fit style is a perfect base layer to the waterproof pants for snow-clad areas. You can wear these leggings during your Chadar Trek or a place like Iceland. This legging is suitable for up to -20oC to 15oC.

All winter garments are lightweight and easy to carry without taking much space on your bag. Kosha has different options for women and girls serving the required needs. Highly affordable winter gears make it easy to own one. 

Kosha also keeps in mind the fashion aspect hence along with being skin-friendly it is also very fashionable. We assure the best quality after being tested in different environments. Kosha keeps reinventing different ways to beat the cold with a variety of winter garments. 

Come fall in love with Kosha’s amazing winter garments collection and own them. Make your travel super stylish with Kosha’s fashionable yet comfortable and warm winter wear.

What are you waiting for, check out Kosha’s website today and start adding to your cart?

This post was written by Kosha Team Member – “The Girl in the Box”

November 24, 2021



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